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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- Bad Moon Rising

Updated on June 18, 2011

Love Bites!

Knowing that Damon would get bitten by a wolf by season's end, you could see the show was foreshadowing that early on, starting in episode three.

Bonnie the B-witch

Bonnie was a lot more easier to tolerate in season one. In season two she was pretty hard to tolerate with her intolerance and pass-the-buck behavior. She was all on the feed Caroline blood train, but when it went horribly wrong, she forgot her part in the matter, to the point she gave Caroline a Damon-like hard time before agreeing to give Caroline some jewelry so she could walk in the day.

Elena the Hypocrite

Damon, Alaric and Elena go on a road trip to learn more about werewolves. To rub Damon's nose in it'll always be Stefan, she makes sure to give Stefan a big sloppy kiss in front of Damon. Then on the road, she lectures Damon about manipulating his friends, so she can get Damon to tell her if he knew Jeremy was wearing the ring when he snapped his neck. He admits he did it because Katherine ticked him off, to which she responds he's lost her for good. Not being the dumb Salvatore brother, he gets right off she just manipulated him, and calls her on her crap. But Princess Hypocrite thinks it's okay when she does it. Somehow it's different and okay. Damon walks off telling her she's just as big a user as Katherine, which Princess Hyp doesn't like. No one is supposed to call her on her crap, either.

Into The Woods

Stefan takes Caroline into the woods to teach her the joys on feeding on the local wildlife. They're joined by the rest of the teens who have come to party. Not a good idea when a fledgling vampire and moon-crazed werewolf are on the loose. Mason almost takes a chunk out of Stefan and Caroline takes a chunk out of Matt. Afterwards she causes a scene so Matt will break up with her.

Of course, Caroline's troubles aren't over, as Katherine finally returns after being MIA for the last two episodes. She needs someone to do her dirty work and she thinks Caroline fits the bill, perfectly.


I think the interesting thing is they made Damon snapping Jeremy's neck about being rejected by Katherine, not Elena. One has to wonder if that's also why Damon tried to kiss Elena. Not because of Elena, but because of Katherine?


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