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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- Crying Wolf

Updated on August 15, 2011

Werewolves Truly Are Dumb Animals

Last time, the wolves were warned to get out of dodge, but Tyler had to open his trap about Mason wanting the moonstone, and the wolf pack was able to put one plus one together and get two. So they decided to stay in town, even though they'd received a warning from an original vamp to scat. They want to be the ones to break the Curse of the Sun and the Moon. And to do that, they need the doppelganger, which Tyler reveals is Elena.

Our erstwhile lovers, Stefan and Elena decide to go up to Elena's parents' cabin in the woods, not realizing they've got a pack of wolves nipping at their heels. While playing doctor with each other, they discover a secret room, which contains the journals of Jonathan Gilbert.

Meanwhile, Damon has a nasty encounter with a pencil courtesy of Elijah. Elijah wasn't trying to kill him, just teach the young vampire a lesson in respect when dealing with an elder. Damon goes home with a sore throat, only to discover his troubles are only just beginning. He hears a noise when Alaric's leaving, and goes to investigate. He finds Alaric dead on the floor [but he's got the ring on, so he's okay] and his home invaded by the wolf pack.

They want the moonstone, and they decide to torture Damon for it. They put some nasty dog collar torture device around Damon's neck and play "Walk the dog" with him while he's tied to the chair. Damon's a tough nut, though, and he aint gonna crack. And he doesn't have to, as Elijah pops in and does his double heart-ripping move on the wolfs and there's a bunch of dead wolves on the floor.

Elijah points out he has saved Damon's life three times now, but if he ceases being a use in keeping Elena safe, he'll kill him, himself. And it was at this point I really started to wonder. What I wondered was has Elijah intervened in any situation where Damon wasn't in some danger? In short, was Damon really the only one Elijah was keeping from harm?

During the pencil-impaling scene I couldn't help but notice how much Damon and Elijah look alike, down to them being the same height. So I started wondering about all those times Elijah saved Damon, and if he'd saved anyone else supposedly on Elena's protect list, when Damon wasn't involved. Then I remembered how Elijah was watching Damon and Rose meet Slater and then threw his coin missiles through the window.

Just how did he know how to find Damon, Rose and Slater. If he already knew about Slater, couldn't he have just compelled Slater to set Damon and Rose up with false info before they met. And if he followed Damon and Rose from Mystic Falls, then he already knew where his doppelganger was, so why the false info with Slater?

Next time he showed up with Damon was when Elena was acting like an idiot trying to offer herself up to Klaus. He could have just as well have killed Damon with the other vamps, but I suppose the excuse for why he didn't was because Damon would stop her from trying to martyr herself until Elijah wanted her to.

But this last time is the weirdest time. Both Damon and Elena were in danger, but the one Elijah saved was Damon. And how would he even know Damon was in danger? If he knew Damon was in danger, why didn't he know Elena and Stefan were up at the lake? And should saving Elena been a bigger priority than saving Damon? I know the deal Elena struck with Elijah was to protect her loved ones, but if the wolfies get her first, she'll be no use to Elijah and his plans for Klaus. It just makes it seem like there's some connection between Elijah and Damon we don't know of.

Meanwhile, Tyler and the other wolfies are up at the lake trying to get their paws on the elusive doppelganger. Stefan sways Tyler on to their side by telling him what the wolfies neglected to tell him; they plan to murder Elena to break the Sun and Moon curse. Of course, Stefan and Elena beat their wolf rivals and all is swell in Stefan and Elena Land, except Stefan now knows what Elena's deal with Elijah entails. That's what comes from being so complacent and allowing this chick to call all the shots. But isn't Elena pretty hypocritical yapping about no secrets, when she's keeping a big secret from her boyfriend?

Tyler and Jules leave town, paving the way for Matt and Caroline, temporarily, as before going Tyler told Matt there's nothing going on between him and Caroline.


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