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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- Episode 2.1

Updated on May 31, 2011

Game On!

I always think it's fascinating after you've watched an entire season of the show to go back from the start with the ability of knowing where this is all going. I think it allows you to spot things that you might have missed the first-go-round.

Elena The Anti-Vampire Girlfriend

Elena didn't just suddenly decide she didn't want to be a vampire when Damon forced his blood upon her. She's always felt that way. She was appalled when Jeremy said he wanted to be a vampire. She couldn't understand why anyone would want to be that. And she was against giving Caroline vampire blood to save her life, in case she might croak and become a vampire.

That might not be a problem if you were dating a human, but since you're boyfriend is a vampire, that's a very big problem waiting down the road.

Stefan The Not-So Supportive Boyfriend

Stefan gave hints that Damon came before Elena and everyone else with his reaction to Damon snapping Jeremy's neck. First, he tried to say Damon knew Jeremy was wearing the ring, then he blamed it all on Katherine for why Damon did what he did. Not the best time to be trying to excuse your brother's actions while your girlfriend is cradling her brother's lifeless body. Of course, by season's end Stefan would give up everything to save his brother's life.

Forcing Blood Down A Gilbert's Throat

I wonder if Stefan ever told Elena that what Damon did to her he did to her father? Of course, Damon and Stefan's force-feeding of blood was for different reasons. Stefan did what he did to threaten John into leaving town while Damon did what he did to save Elena's life. Sure, Elena just wanted John to go away, but considering how anti-vamp she is, would she want even John threatened with becoming a vampire?

Katherine Sent A Message To Damon, Not Stefan

When Katherine goes to Caroline's room to kill her, she tells Caroline she wants to deliver a message to the Salvatore brothers that, "Games on!", but she actually picked someone that had a connection to Damon and not Stefan. Damon had fed Caroline his blood and if she became a vampire it would be Damon's fault. 

The thing is both Damon and Stefan fed someone their blood in this episode, so if she's really all about Stefan, then the person she should have killed and turned into a vampire was John, the person Stefan fed his blood to. Not only would it have really stuck it to Stefan, but it would have caused major problems between Elena and Stefan, which Katherine should have wanted to achieve, since Stefan is who she claims to want. The way Elena feels about someone becoming a vampire, finding out her boyfriend fed her father his blood to threaten him into leaving town and is the cause of him becoming a vampire would have caused major problems between them. Earlier, she had tried to kill John, so she could have just finished him off. 

Yet she threw that all away to aim her attack at Damon. So her message really was, "Game on, Damon!"

Did Katherine Lie To Damon

Katherine told Damon she never loved him and it was always Stefan, but was that a lie? I tend to believe it was for a lot of reasons. If she came to town to gather all the stuff Klaus wanted for his ritual, then she had to tell Damon she didn't love him, because he wanted them to start all over again, and that would get in the way of her plan to finally be free of Klaus. 

Back in episode 2.20, Katherine told Damon if he killed Klaus' werewolf Klaus would kill him and anyone he ever spoke to. Katherine spoke from personal experience. Klaus killed her entire family. If she had told Damon she loved him and they had started their relationship over, it would have painted a target on Damon's back and Klaus would have killed him.

There was also the fact Damon wouldn't have gone along with some of the things she needed to do to give Klaus what he wanted so he'd leave her alone. Namely the sacrifice of Elena. When Damon kissed her and revealed his feelings for Elena, she knew he'd never go along with it.

Katherine Made Him Do It

When Damon was waiting for Elena in her bedroom, he was still reeling from Katherine telling him she never loved him and it was always Stefan. Damon kissed Elena wanting her to say she felt something for him after what Katherine said to him, but when she said virtually the same thing Katherine said to him, he took it out on Jeremy.

All in all, it was an interesting rewatch. I think the writers were pretty clever. Initially I bought what Katherine said about never loving Damon and it wasn't until writing this up I realized she had two people to choose from to make a vampire and instead of picking the one who could have caused problems between Stefan and Elena, she picked the one who was connected to Damon instead.

I had this weird idea that maybe the reason Katherine tried to kill John was because he'd tried to kill Damon. Before Katherine went on the attack, John had even mentioned Damon. Now it's beginning to not seem so absurd, after all.


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