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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- Episode 2.10

Updated on July 29, 2011

The Tomb Raiders

Elijah's fake message through Slater before he committed hari kari on himself drove most of this episode, as most of the gang was trying to find a way to break in the tomb and steal the moonstone back from the beast within, Katherine. The other action in the episode involved Elena trying to throw herself on a sword to martyr herself for all those she cares for.

Bonnie came up with a plan; a kind of rude plan. It involved blowing ashes in Katherine's face, grabbing the moonstone and then getting the heck out of Dodge ASAP. The ashes was that Katherine photo Stefan just can't part with. I think he's more in love with the photo than the original article. You want nothing to do with Katherine, yet you don't want to part with her photo. Damon didn't look to happy about burning that baby, either. Maybe they could have blown it up and took turns sleeping with it, since the original article doesn't seem to engender those types of feelings from them.

Jeremy, knowing that Bonnie gets a nose bleed every time she tries to do a spell, decides to steal some ash, zip in to the tomb and steal the stone from Katherine. Unfortunately, the immobilizing magic ash doesn't work long enough, cause Kat hid the stone, and before Jeremy can get out of Dodge, Katherine's eating him for lunch. Bonnie and Stefan arrive and Bonnie decides to try and break the seal on the tomb spell by sucking fellow witch, Luka, dry of his mojo. Didn't Dr. Evil do this to Austin Powers? After what she did to Luka, without even asking, you can really understand why Daddy Manwitch returned the favor. Take that, witchiepoo.

Even with the extra power boost, Bonnie passes out on the floor, unable to break the seal. Stefan, that majestic selfless creature that he is, zips into the tomb and throws Jeremy out, trapping himself inside the tomb with Miss Kat Scratch Fever. Stefan is now stuck with Kat, so this must be a dream come true, since she claims he's the one that she wants and her soul and her life's inspiration.

As for Jeremy, he gets a bandage to the neck, but no kiss on the lips from Miss Bonnie. Maybe if he'd actually succeeded at getting the moonstone and getting out without Stefan getting trapped, she might have been more accomodating.

Damon missed all the tomb antics because Rose, who is a D/E shipper, called him to tell him Elena was trying to play martyr. You know, some people can play martyr and come off looking good doing it and others can just be so annoying and irritating you just want to smack them. Elena's the type you just want to smack. Damon seemed to agree, as when he arrived he also threatened to break her arm and toss her over his shoulder.

It's weird, the only time I've actually seen any D/E chemistry thus far in our rewatch is when Elena was shrieking like a banshee and acting like a spoiled brat. Not her usual Elena-like behavior. Otherwise, D/E is kind of a dead battery. I don't think that's a good thing. I think I saw chemistry because that's as close as D/E comes to being D/K; only when D/K fight it's fun and when D/E fight it isn't.

D/E had another go-round outside the tomb when she wanted to go in to see Stefan. Damon wouldn't let her, and she stomped off. Stefan asked Damon to keep an eye on the suicidal banshee, while Damon vowed to find some way to get Stefan out of the tomb.

The other story was the Tyler/Caroline story and they just do nothing for me. Caroline is trying to help Tyler prepare for his first transformation. He doesn't want to do it, especially after reading Mason's diary and a home video Mason shot of his transformation. Matt drops by and just when things are going good between him and Caroline, out pops Teen Wolf. End of nice moment.

I'm in the minority, but I prefer Matt. Both as a character and in a pairing with Caroline. He's the only normal human on the show without any supernatural hocus pocus and I stand behind the only representation of my species.


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