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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- Episode 2.2

Updated on June 4, 2011

Brave New World

There wasn't too much dealt with the aftermath of what Damon did to Jeremy. In fact, Damon didn't seem to have any regrets of nearly killing Jeremy. He was more interested in finding out the secret the Lockwoods were keeping about themselves. While Caroline was on the turbo track to being a vampire and controlling her blood lust.

I Want To Drink Your Blood

Caroline awoke after Katherine murdered her, and she was hungry. I thought the beginning of her transition was great. However, I didn't think it was believable that after a few words from mentor Stefan and she was a pro at handling the blood lust thing. Couldn't help wondering if it was done to show Elena was right in insisting Caroline not be put down. Let's be honest, Elena is never called on her stuff. Did Alaric or Jeremy say one sharp word to her about the cost they had to pay because she insisted on playing martyr and just going along with being Klaus' sacrificial lamb, which made everyone else have to find a way to save her and risk their lives to do it?

She was too busy with Damon to even know her brother was killed and brought back from the dead. And in the new season, she'll probably  be off looking for boyfriend Stefan, so she won't be around to help Jeremy deal with the fact he's got two dead girlfriends following him around. That may be why he seems to be looking to Damon as a big brother when he wants answers about anything, because Elena as a big sister kind of sucks.

Katherine Who?

Katherine telling Damon she'd never loved him and it was always Stefan was enough for Damon to tell Stefan that he could handle the Katherine mess as he wanted no part of it. He was more interested in finding out what the Lockwoods were hiding. Stefan pretty much laughed in his face that there was any big secret. It wasn't long before Stefan realized Damon was right when he saw Mason in action when Damon compelled someone to pick a fight with Tyler. 

Of course, Damon was wrong when he said he'd be letting Stefan deal with Katherine. Katherine insured he'd be dragged right back into the middle of the mess. When I suggested online Katherine picked Caroline because she was sending a message to Damon people scoffed. But who did Caroline deliver Katherine's message to? Damon. And who understood what the message meant? Damon. Stefan didn't have a clue what it meant. Even the message, "Game on," was eerily close to the name Damon. Put the word game on together and remove the e and you get "gamon" and then replace the g with a d and what do you get? Damon.

Damon's solution to the Caroline problem was to stake her, but Elena wouldn't allow it. Stefan actually agreed with Damon, but went along with what Elena wanted. And this is a major problem in their relationship. There's a lot of things she wants that he doesn't agree with and still he goes along with her and doesn't stand up to her. Like her plan to play martyr and resurrecting Elijah and having no reason to trust him other then she thought he could be trusted. Guess what? She was wrong.

The truly ironic thing is if Damon had staked Caroline, Damon wouldn't have gotten bitten by Tyler while rescuing her and Stefan wouldn't have sold his soul to the devil to save Damon. 

I Feel Sick, I Actually Liked Stefan and Elena As A Couple

They generally aren't my cup of tea. But I thought the ferris wheel scene was cute and I actually liked them together. But like I said, dude needs to start standing up to her. Right now, it's a very unequal relationship with her having all the power. No relationship can continue and flourish when there isn't an equal balance of power.

Weirdest Bonding Moment

Damon was pretty vile in this episode. What little progress he made, Katherine killed when she told him she never loved him. Instead of being sorry for what he did to Jeremy, he took his ring and threatened him and bullied him. As a result, Jeremy was waiting for him when he got home. He'd come to kill Damon. He'd put vervain in the alcohol and carved a wooden stake, but he warned Damon not to drink the alcohol. Damon continued in his same vile vain but when Jeremy was going to walk out the door he stopped him and confided in him that his father hated vampires, too, and even traded some remarks about how badly Jeremy carved a wooden stake.

The strange thing is Stefan is so wrapped up in Elena, he doesn't really have any friends, and two people who should loathe, despise and detest Damon are becoming his friends: Jeremy and Alaric. Maybe it's like me. Damon was pretty vile in this episode, but there's just something about him that makes me like him. Maybe it's the same for them. As rotten as Damon behaves to them, they just see something in him that makes them not hate him.


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