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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- Episode 2.6

Updated on July 5, 2011

Damon and Katherine's deadly phone game

Reach out, reach out and touch someone...I just killed your werewolf...Reach out, reach out and just say hi...I think the world would be a better place if you weren't in it.

I don't think the makers had that in mind when they did that commercial. It was another round of Damon and Katherine playing tit for tat with Mason and Jenna paying the price.

Dead Wolf Walking

I guess you could say Damon started the whole mess with Mason. He decided to kill Mason because Mason almost took a bite of Stefan out in the woods. Only problem was he didn't know exactly how to kill a wolf, so Mason survived the attack. Then Mason poisoned Damon with vervain and exposed Damon and Stefan as vampires and almost got them killed. But you know the old saying, "If you want something done, do it yourself," but Mason left it up to Liz to do his dirty work for him. He may have wanted to keep his hands clean so Katherine wouldn't figure out he was behind Damon and Stefan's deaths because she told him to stay away from Damon and Stefan. When Caroline saved her ex-lover and mentor from being staked, Damon wasn't going to let Mason get away with what he did. So, Mason was a dead wolf walking.

This Is How The Salem Witch Trials Began

Jeremy has decided he wants to stick to Damon like flypaper. He shows up and tells Damon what his sleuthing has uncovered. Tyler's got the werewolf gene and the moonstone. He tries to get the moonstone from Tyler, but learns Tyler gave it to Mason. Damon asks Elena to get Flypaper Jeremy off him, but she blames Damon for Jeremy following him around. She thinks he did something to Jeremy to make him do it. She goes to Stefan, and since they share the same brain, not to mention he's her Yes Man, Stefan also tells Damon to leave Jeremy alone.

Jealous Much?

Bonnie accidentally touches Mason and gloms on to the fact that Mason is getting it on with Katherine. She passes it on to Stefan, who can't wait to tell Damon. Damon doesn't want to believe it. The guy's a surfer dude, no way. Of course, telling Damon this before he goes all Grand Inquisitor on Mason was really not a good idea.

Most of Damon's questions are related to Mason and Katherine to the point where Mason accuses Damon of being jealous. Jeremy informs Damon he found the werewolf equivalent of Vervain, it's called Wolfbane. Damon takes great pleasure in shoving some of it down Mason's throat which results in projectile vomiting. At that point, Damon tells Jeremy he should leave if he doesn't want to see what he's going to do next. This request is accompanied by a choke hold by Damon who says he's playing with the big boys now. Jeremy finally scurries away as Damon moves to put an end to Mason and the questioning.

When Mason still clings to Katherine loving him and wanting to help end his curse, Damon tells him that he used to be Mason and that Katherine is going to end up ripping his heart out, just like she did to Damon, so why not let Damon do it, instead. At which point he does. Bye-bye, Mason.

When Stefan enters he's all judgey about Damon whacking Mason. Of course, maybe he should have kept his trap shut about Mason and Katherine. Stefan knew Damon already wanted to put a period on the end of Mason's life for poisoning him with vervain and setting him up to be staked by Liz. Telling Damon about Mason and Katherine was just adding fuel to the fire. So, Stefan, did you really think he wouldn't do it? Really? That's what I thought.

Alexander Graham Bell Never Intended Stuff Like This

Damon plays grave robber as he goes through Mason's stuff as he and Stefan get ready to dispose of Mason. He sends Carol Lockwood a text message that Mason's going back to Florida to go surfing some waves. Then he decides to redial the last number, figuring it's the number of none other than his ex-lover, Katherine. He's right, and he takes great pleasure in telling her he's got her moonstone and that he tossed Mason's heart across the room. She tells him he really shouldn't have, a sentiment Damon shares once they end their conversation and she tells him she's got a plan for every letter of the alphabet. I really shouldn't have done that.

The second Katherine clicks off with Damon, she calls up Jenna and tells her to the world would be a better place without her. Then asks to speak to Elena and tells her she's had Jenna under her spell for days and knows all about her and Stefan fake fighting. Elena rushes to save her aunt, but it's too late. Luckily, Jenna will be fine and didn't damage any major organs when she stabbed herself. But Elena's had enough and she breaks up with Stefan for real, this time. Damon tells Elena this is his fault for provoking Katherine.

Of course the big question is why did Katherine really do it? Was it really so Stefan and Elena would break-up and she could have that man of hers back? Or did she do it because she was ticked off at Damon? I tend to think it was more to do with Damon, since the timing is just too coincidental for it not to be about Damon. If that's the case, that's one less thing Katherine did to get Stefan back.

Don't Let A Girl Do A Man's Job

With Damon busy with Mason, Caroline decided to take on the compelling of her mother. Unfortunately, Caroline made the compelling all about herself and not about not remembering Damon and Stefan are vampires. Can you say, TROUBLE.


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