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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- Katerina

Updated on July 25, 2011

How Katerina Became Katherine

This episode was heads and tails above last week's episode. It opens with Katherine aka Katerina giving birth to a child and her father refusing to let her hold it before whisking it away. Have to say Katerina's daddy treated Katherine a lot like Damon's daddy treated him. The two fathers of Damon and katherine also resembled each other a bit in looks.

This episode kicks off Elena's belief that Elena knows best, which will carry us to nearly the end of the season. She lies to Stefan she's off to school, but instead gets Caroline to take her to see Katherine and to keep Stefan occupied so he doesn't figure out where she is.

Last week was the direct genuflection to Stefan the great. This week it was trashing Damon. Caroline was the messenger. First she went all eeeeeeeeeewwwwwww when Stefan suggested she was helping Elena go off with Damon. Guess Caroline forgot Mr. Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww spoke up for her with her mother, while her buddy Stefan was pouting in a corner because Damon's a better vampire than he is because Damon can drink blood and he can't. Then when Caroline told Stefan she told Tyler what she is, he warned her not to tell Damon about it.

I really think Rose's only purpose for being brought on the show was to be town crier. Last week it was all, "Hear ye, hear ye, Stefan is good." This week it was, "Hear ye, hear ye, Damon loves Elena." She said it twice in case we didn't hear it the first time.

While Elena was playing Q&A with Katherine in exchange for an old photo album and some blood, Damon and Rose went on a road trip. Damon wants to find Klaus. Elijah stood outside listening to the conversation they were having with a vamp named Slater then power-threw a bunch of coins at the window smashing the plate glass window. Damon had to carry Rose out to safety. Since Damon was looking out the window afterwards, he should have seen Elijah standing there before he whipped away. I even thought when Damon and Rose got back to Casa Salvatore that when Damon was staring into the fire he was wondering how Elijah could be alive after he staked him to the wall, but town crier Rose informed viewers he was really thinking of Elena when she announced Damon loves Elena.

The only Damon/Elena interaction in the episode was when Elena arrived at Casa Salvatore and acted that she'd catch something if Damon breathed on her. Damon and Rose decide to have sex with their emotions turned off. They actually have better chemistry together than Damon/Elena this season. But nothing can touch the chemistry between Damon and Katherine.

Katherine tells Elena her story, with brief pauses where Elena acts judgmental. Katherine was into Klaus for a time until she discovered he wanted to bleed her dry and use her to break his curse. She used Trevor to help her escape and stole the moonstone when she left. Trevor told her to go to a farmhouse where Rose was. Rose planned to turn Katherine over to Elijah, but Katherine stabbed herself, preferring to die instead of returning to Klaus, or so she said. I think she knew Rose would feed her her blood so she wouldn't die. Then she hung herself and quickly completely her transformation into being a snacking on the owner of the place Rose was staying in. Then she zipped off before telling Rose, "Better you than me." When Rose wailed about how Klaus was going to kill them for this.

Katherine tells Elena how Klaus retaliated for what she did by slaughtering her entire family and told her the only way for Elena to escape her fate was to become a vampire. She even opened her wrist so Elena could drink her blood, but Elena doesn't want to be a vampire, she only likes dating one.

And so the Elena in jeopardy and everyone must save her story kicked into high gear now she knows just what she's up against.


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