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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- Episode 2.5

Updated on June 26, 2011

Best Episode Since The Return

I rate a really good episode on me wanting to rewatch it again. And this was so good I wanted to rewatch it again.

I'm The Nice Brother, Oh, Puh-Leeze!

Stefan is at his most insufferable when he declares to someone he's the good brother, or in this case, the nice brother. I really do think he enjoys the fact he gets treated better than Damon by everyone. Of course, Mr. Nice got a little not-so-nice when Mason refused to smoke the peace pipe and made a threat against Damon. In fact, Mr. Perfect threatened The Beast Within. Let's just say, "Game on!"

I Still Like Damon and Caroline As A Couple

I know it's wrong. He was horrible to her. But I still like them together. They had a few good scenes. in this episode. It was cute when they were both eavesdropping. Guess Caroline isn't drinking bunny blood, since later in the episode Stefan whines that Damon can hear everything because he's drinking people's blood and he wants to drink people blood, too. Damon also lectured Caroline for being a pain to her mother. And when Liz finally learned the truth about Caroline, it was Damon who spoke up for Caroline to Liz. He even seemed to come and check on her and found out she was sleeping. That's a lot better from a couple of episodes ago when she sent him flying down the school hall to deliver Katherine's message to him and he was trying to stake her.

The Friendship Wasn't Fake

I know Damon started out just using Liz for his own purposes, but it seems he also began to think of her as a real friend through their adventures together. When she told him about her problems with Caroline, he spoke up for Liz to Caroline. And when Liz was torturing him, he said you're my friend. And because of that friendship, he decided to spare Liz and just let the vervain wear off her and to compel her to forget everything.

Mason, however, is not Damon's friend. The guy laced his drink with vervain and set him up to be die. Mason is living on borrowed time. Say goodnight, Mason.

Why Did She Mention Damon's Name First?

Seems Mason is the latest man Miss Katherine is playing with. She using the dude to get the moonstone. That's why he's after it. He's also unaware that his girlfriend is the one the caused his wolf gene to be activated. She pulled the same trick on Mason that Damon did on Tyler at the carnival. Compelled some guy to keep picking a fight with Mason until Mason pushed him, causing his death. Lucky for Tyler, Mason intervened with the guy Damon got to do the same to Tyler or he'd be baying at the moon with Uncle Mason as we speak.

Anyway the interesting thing in the scene was Miss Stefan Stefan Stefan told Mason she told him to stay away from DAMON and Stefan. Interesting she mentioned Damon's name, first, when she's supposedly all about Stefan.

Anyway, this was a very good episode. My second favorite of the rewatch, so far.


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