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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- Klaus

Updated on September 7, 2011

The Same Girl; Two Different Sets Of Brothers

This is the episode we finally meet the much feared Klaus. I hate to say it, but I preferred Alaric as Klaus. He was infinitely more nasty and evil than the real Klaus.

Elena takes off with the resurrected Elijah, telling Stefan to trust her and not let Damon do anything stupid. You mean like resurrecting Elijah? Anyway the Teen Queen Brain Trust lets Elijah lead her on a magical mystery tour of the past. We learn via Elijah that Klaus had an eerily similar relationship to his father [who wasn't really his father] that Damon had with his father. Question is, is it possible Damon's father wasn't really his father, either? Other tidbits are the Sun and the Moon Curse is a fake Elijah and Klaus made up so the vamps and wolves would help them find the moonstone. The real curse is that Klaus' wolf side has been made dormant and he wants to set it free so can rule the world. [Insert Dr. Evil's evil maniacal mad man laugh] Klaus' not-daddy slaughtered his real father's family. And Elijah and Klaus' mother gave birth to seven children. So there are nine members of the Originals family.

In another of those Damon and Katherine parallels, Katherine explains to Elijah she likes to be chased, but he just doesn't get it; much like years later Damon would explain to Stefan that Katherine liked to be chase, but Stefan didn't get it. The message seems to be clear: Klaus = Damon and Elijah = Stefan. Since Katherine was into Klaus, does that mean despite what Katherine claims, Damon was the brother she was really into?

Speaking of Damon and Katherine, after Damon is told to basically go sit in the corner and be a good boy by Stefan and Elena, he decides to find out if Katherine is dead or not. When Damon first sees that Katherine's alive he drops his guard and reveals he thought she might be dead, but quickly puts his guard up. Damon apparently told Andie they were coming to rescue Katherine, but he quickly corrected Andie, by saying only if Katherine deserved to be saved. Of course, Damon realized pretty quickly that he couldn't save Katherine, as Klaus [like Elijah] has compelled Katherine not to leave Alaric's apartment. Damon gives Katherine a vial of vervain so Klaus won't have total control over her after making her tell him why she betrayed them, then Damon leaves saying Katherine owes him.

Meanwhile, when Klaus [still inhabiting Alaric's body] went after Jenna, Stefan had to vamp out in front of her, so Jenna finally knows about vampires. Of course, that's all she knows, as Elena doesn't really fill her in on anything more. This is a mistake that we all know ultimately costs Jenna her life. It's a lesson to one and all on the show to stop keeping secrets from your loved one, because what they don't know could get them killed.

When Damon gets home he's greeted my a smug Elena who has Elijah by her side. Elijah wants Damon and Stefan to apologize. Damon refuses and tells them all to go to hell. When Andie tells Damon she cares about him, that makes Damon flip out and take a chunk out of her neck, before compelling her to go away and never come back, so he doesn't end up killing her.

Flashback Klaus finally reclaims his body. Like I said at the beginning of this, I though Alaric was a better Klaus.


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