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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- Know Thy Enemy

Updated on August 17, 2011

Especially if it's family

This is the episode where Jenna sort of learns the truth. The truly hilarious thing is she's more upset about Isobel being Elena's bio-mom and Alaric's dead-but-not-dead wife more than she was when she learned Stefan's a vampire. That's why Matt is my second favorite character. He's the only one whose had a normal reaction to finding out vampires are real. He's definitely not a Twilight or True Blood fan, as he doesn't think vamps are the ginchiest.

Back to Jenna. She won't speak to Elena for not telling him about Isobel. Oh, honey, that's not even the half of it. You know, you'd think Miss Elena would have choked out the truth when Katherine compelled Jenna to stab herself with a butcher knife. But, oh no, she just let Jenna think she was clumsy. I'm sorry, but how does someone clumsily stab themselves in the gut. Anyway, Jenna packs her things to go stay on campus. It really doesn't matter if she's at the house or not, since she has no problem with Stefan staying over and freaking up her niece. She's even heard them on occasion. She's got to be the worst guardian to ever walk on two legs.

Enough of Jenna. Isobel has been compelled by Klaus to do his bidding, but no one knows it. Klaus wants to be man about town, but doesn't want to do it as himself, so he needs some sheep's clothing. Alaric gets elected. Isobel tells Alaric how much she really did love him before she screws him over. It's the last time Alaric will see her alive, and it seems Isobel was even planning then to kill herself once she was free of Klaus' spell. Klaus' witch Maadox puts the voodoo on Ric, which allows Klaus to possess his body.

Isobel also screws over her sisterhood of the vamp gal pal, Katherine. She tells Katherine she's cut a deal with Klaus so Katherine can go free. All they need is the moonstone and to hand over Elena. Lucky for Katherine she went snooping around Damon's bedroom and found the moonstone, so all Isobel and Katherine need to do is put the snatch and grab on Miss Doppelganger and Katherine will be partying like it's 1999 or so she thinks. Isobel leads Katherine into a trap where Maadox also puts the voodoo on her, knocking Miss Katherine out. She wakes up in Alaric's apartment being greeted by Not Alaric sounding like he's doing a Bela Lugosi impersonation.

Not to be left out of the screwing Isobel is doing, she sends her partner-in-crime, John Gilbert, flying down the stairs. Unfortunately, Alaric had returned the resurrecto ring, so he's not taking a permanent dirt nap, no matter how much he might deserve it.

Isobel's final act is to tell Elena she's sorry she didn't meet Human Isobel and got to know Vamp Isobel, instead. Then she rips off her necklace and spontaneously combusts in front of her bio daughter. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving, but Elena's the Queen of Death and aside from a moment of shock, she doesn't seem especially upset by it later in the episode.

In other MF news, Damon takes Bonnie and Jeremy to the site where 100 witches were burned. Emily the witch with a B, doesn't like Damon in the house, so she burns him in the sunshine. Can I say how much I hate that witch with a B. Aka the Stefan butt-kisser. If she were alive, I'd gladly set her on fire just to see her burn.

Anyway, Bonnie becomes a super-charged witch with a B, all ready to take on big bad Klaus.

Meanwhile, Liz and Matt have teamed up as Matt punks Caroline by asking her to spill her guts and compel him to forget. The catch. Matt's juiced up with vervain so the compelling won't work.


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