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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- Memory Lane

Updated on June 18, 2011

Fake Dreams and Necrophilia, Oh my!

The show opened with a flashback from the past with Stefan and Katherine on their date at the Founder's Ball. Only since it's later revealed it's just a fake dream Katherine put in Stefan's head as part of her master plan to seduce him, you have to wonder how real said flashback really was. Stefan wakes up to find Katherine cuddled up in bed next to him. Dude must really sleep like the dead, pun intended.

Next up, Stefan catches Katherine reading his diary. In a few episodes down the line in Masquerade, Katherine will claim she's been watching Stefan for the last 145 years and even saw him at a Bon Jovi concert, but when he asked her what he was wearing she couldn't answer. Maybe that's because she wasn't really there and she read about it in his diary.

She starts quizzing him about why he kept her picture all those years if he doesn't love her and he doesn't answer. Then he appears to be about to giving into his feeling for his vampire ex, but just as he moves in for a kiss, her jabs her with a needle full of vervain. Then he drags her down to the dungeon and ties her to a chair where he proceeds to torture her to make her tell him why she's really there.

She claims it because of Stefan, which we now know is one big fat lie. She came there to gather stuff for Klaus. Her version of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Only in her version it's the Vampire, the Moonstone, The Witch and The Werewolf. She also tries to convince Stefan he does really love her and she never compelled his love.

Okay, this was the scene I was most dreading, since I loathe Stefan/Katherine and I'm a Damon/Katherine fan. It was a weird scene. Not one I was expecting. I know she compelled Damon to leave, but I wasn't aware how the Stefan/Katherine kiss played out. It was weird. He kissed her and she pushed him away. My take was she didn't expect to feel anything for him and she did, which brings to mind the question why she's been all over him like white on rice if she didn't expect to feel anything for him. She even tries to tell them their are things he doesn't know about her.

Ever since Klaus revealed he had plans for Stefan, I've thought Katherine came to Mystic Falls to turn Stefan into a vampire. Why? I think he's got the wolf gene in him. When Stefan attacked Katherine in the present he even growled like a wolf. So maybe she actually fell in love with the guy she came to victimize, but it's a very strange type of love. I don't know if you'd even call it love, at all. When you compare her relationship with Damon to Stefan, you see just how shabby she treated the guy she claims is her one true love.

When she comes in her room, Damon's there and making fun of Stefan's declaration of love. She says he shouldn't eavesdrop. He pulls her into a kiss and she pushes him away. Then Damon asks if his love for her isn't enough and she compels him to leave. But since both Stefan and Damon kissed her you don't really know who she was putting her fingers to her lips over. It could be either of them.

Anyway, that was pretty much the only romantic S/K scene and it wasn't all that romantic. I figured the entire episode would be a love letter to S/K. It wasn't. The only other scene bordered on necrophilia, as Katherine visited dead Stefan corpse, to lay a big wet juicy kiss on his cold stiff lips and to vow that they would be together again one day and to declare her love to him.

She also revealed it was the werewolves that got the vampires out of Mystic Falls. She cut a deal with George Lockwood to help her and to make sure all 27 vampires she was with were burned alive in the church fire, so she could fake her death. She tells Stefan, as usual, Damon ruined everything, by trying to rescue her, when she didn't want to be rescued. Making Stefan realize he and Damon died for nothing.

Then things take a really nasty turn when Katherine threatens to kill Elena and everyone she loves unless Stefan breaks up with her. Playing with the guy's head and death threats aren't really the way to win a guy back. Neither is stabbing the guy in the leg as she leaves.

Afterwards, Stefan and Elena fake a break up. While Katherine waits outside the Mystic Grille for Damon to come out. She asks if he's jealous because she spent the day with Stefan. This is the first time she's seen him since she told him she never loved him and it was always Stefan. Pretty strange thing to ask the guy. Why would he be jealous after you told him he basically wasted the last 145 years loving someone who never loved him back.

No surprise Damon tells her, "Not of you. Not anymore."

The woman is still claiming to love Stefan, but it really doesn't come off as believable. She fed on him, she compelled him. She's playing with his head while he sleeps, she's physically assaulted him, and she's made death threats against his current girlfriend. Sorry, folks, but that doesn't sound like any kind of love, at all.


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