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The Vampire Diaries Rewatch -- The House Guest

Updated on August 17, 2011

Fun with Damon and Katherine

Apparently, after discovering Katherine in the shower, Damon told her to get out. She didn't listen, and she found some of Elena's clothes, and the first thing she does is try to fool Damon into thinking she's Elena. He isn't buying it, and puts her in a choke hold, until she makes him doubt his instincts and he wonders if he's actually choking Elena. Enter Stefan who thinks Katherine just tricked him into boffing her all night long and he tries to strangle her for it, only he's strangling Elena. Damon didn't know he was kissing Katherine when he thought he was kissing Elena, but he'd never kissed Elena. However, Stefan has been lovers with Elena for awhile now, and he actually thought he couldn't tell he was boffing Katherine or Elena? Geez!

Elena, in spoiled brat mode, nearly stomped her foot, demanding Katherine be gone. Kat's response is having a bite with Aunt Jenna at the Mystic Grille. Something tells me she meant literally taking a bite out of Aunt Jenna for lunch. That has Elena and Stefan taking off in a huff. Which left Damon to the pleasure of Katherine's company, which was fine by Kat, since Damon seemed to be the one she wanted to spend time with, considering she stuck to him like glue and wouldn't leave him alone.

Some of the fun activities our two volatile vampires engaged in were Burn The Corpse. Damon burned up Elijah's corpse, but not really. He wanted that dagger, but Katherine told him you can't destroy Elijah's body. So he threatened to blow torch Katherine instead, wanting to know if she knew he would die if he used the dagger. After Damon lowered the blow torch, she admitted she did know, and didn't care who had to pay the price as long as she got out of the tomb. She gave this cold little explanation while giving Damon's chest a rub.

Next up with Slap Your Hands. Damon and Katherine got in a hand slapping contest over the Jonathan Gilbert journals. Dude must be spinning in his grave knowing a vampire was actually reading his diaries. The hand slapping ends with Damon knocking Katherine down on the piano bench, climbing on top of her and putting her in a choke hold. This seems to turn Katherine on, as she smiles and says she's glad he didn't die. Damon jumps away from her like a scalded cat.

Next up is Katherine sticking to Damon like glue while they both read the diaries. Katherine drapes herself over Damon's shoulder to read the same one he's reading. Then she complains she's hungry and Damon tells her to go feed herself. But when Damon hears Katherine screaming his name, he rushes to her side so fast he nearly knocks himself out. He finds Katherine staked and the knife magically rising from Elijah's chest. So he grabs his blow torch and torches whomever is trying to resurrect Elijah.

Damon ends up charcoal-broiling Luka, who his brother astral projected over there to bring Elijah back to life. Losing Luka totally unhinges Martin as he vows to kill Elena in repayment. Something Stefan figures out.

Back at the Salvatore's, Damon brings Katherine a blood bag to recover from her recent staking, then jams a wooden stake in her gut for trying to get him killed by using that dagger. Of course, he waited an awfully long time to do it, so one has to wonder if he really did it because he showed his real feelings for Katherine when she was in danger. Whatever the case, she's not going to let Damon get away with it. She tells him [and I really think she lied just like when she said she didn't love him] she made a deal to save Stefan's life and to let Damon die. That strikes a deathly blow right to his heart, as he just walks away from her, while she doesn't look all that happy that she succeeded in hurting Damon, again.

When Stefan puts the 911 out to Damon, Katherine insists coming with him. She has a plan. Her plan involves pretending to be Elena and taking the bite right out of Martin's neck. Add that to Damon snapping Greta's neck in The Last Day, Damon and Katherine took out an entire family of witches.

Before Martin meets his maker, he causes havoc at the Mystic Grille. Matt gets injured and he sees Caroline vamp out as she saves him by giving him her blood. She finally tells him she's a vampire. He doesn't react well to the news. All he can think about is Vicky said she was attacked by a vampire and wonders if it was Caroline, before he storms out.

Martin also does something nice before kicking off. He gives Bonnie back her powers. He wants her to kill Klaus for him.

Back at the ranch, Katherine dresses up in her black lace finery and climbs on top of Damon in his bed, while Damon continues to read a diary. He figures out Katherine is the one who turned Emily in and got her burned at the stake. So before snapping Greta's neck, Damon and Katherine were tied for witch kills.

You know, Katherine really must have treated Human Damon like crap, because she really thinks Damon's going to give her sex after telling him she chose for Stefan to live and him to die. So one has to surmise she'd treat Damon like crap and then she'd come to him and he'd still welcome her in his bed and have sex with her. Well, honey, that was human Damon and you're dealing with a whole other breed of cat, this time. She should have taken the hint when Damon stuck a stake in her. Human Damon would never have done something like that. Still, she can't believe it when Damon shoves her off him and tells her to find some place else to sleep.

Over at the Gilbert House, Elena is getting an unwelcome visitor, herself. Her bio-mama Isobel, whose about to put a major crinkle in Elena's relationship with Aunt Jenna, by doing what Elena won't do. Tell Jenna the truth.


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