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The Vampire Diaries -- Run, Run As Fast As You Can

Updated on February 8, 2013

I don’t know. Maybe I needed a break from watching the show, or maybe the fact the last episode featured no Vampire Barbie, whose been the chief reason I haven’t enjoyed watching the show much, this season, but I’ve really enjoyed the last episode. Generally, I’m looking at the time wondering how long before it’s going to be off. That’s why some weeks I haven’t watched the episode I DVRed until the night a new episode was set to air.

This week’s episode featured one of those classic romantic moments where someone is brainwashed or hypnotized or compelled to kill someone and their love for someone is so strong it breaks the spell and they stop themselves in the nick of time. Only it didn’t quite work out that way, this time.

The episode opened where it left off with Jeremy, Damon and Klaus at the Bar Of Dead Corpses. To force Jeremy to murder all the about to be risen vampires he made, Klaus was using Matt as vampire bait. If Jeremy didn’t kill all the vampires, they would kill Matt. Lucky for Matt, Elena showed up and saved him from being eaten by a vampire. Then Matt pointed out how okay Elena was with Damon going along with Klaus’ plan to mass-kill a bunch of people and the old Elena would have been horrified.

The big question of the episode was in regards to Damon and Jeremy’s true feelings for each other. Jeremy said he knew Damon could care less if he lived or died and it was all about Elena and Jeremy has hinted a few times he wouldn’t be adverse to whacking Damon. This episode they both had the chance to kill each other, but strangely enough they didn’t. I’m sure everyone will say Damon’s actions were all about Elena, per usual. Ditto for Jeremy. It’s all about Elena, after all. Me, I’m not so sure.

When Damon and Jeremy returned to the Bar Of Dead Corpses they found all the newly minted vampires killed. Kol showed up revealing he’d slaughtered them. He also revealed he was terrified what would happen if Silas was resurrected, as that would mean the end as he would destroy the world. So to stop that from happening he was going to kill Jeremy. However, Damon jumped Kol and told Jeremy to run for it.

Jeremy texted Elena that Kol had Damon. Elena called Stefan up asking him to help, but she got no satisfaction, so she went over to Klaus. He called Kol and told him not to kill Jeremy or he’d stake him and put him back in his coffin. So Kol, after having fun making Damon stab himself in the leg [shades of AlaKlaus doing the same to Katherine], compelled Damon to kill Jeremy.

Meanwhile, Stef-Fun and Rebekah broke into Shane’s office to steal Silas’ headstone. Some unknown person showed up to retrieve it and he appeared to be compelled. To stop himself from telling Stef-Fun and Rebekah what he knew, first he bit off his tongue and then he killed himself. She also suggested she and Stef-Fun do some of Shane's herbs together.

In the meantime, Shane was cooling his heels in jail after Liz arrested him for The Council murders. Bonnie came to see him convinced of his innocence, only for him to tell her he did it. He also brought up how her Grams was being tortured in the hereafter because of what Bonnie did and if she helps him raise Silas they can bring her back. Bonnie gets so incensed she starts using her dark magic on Shane causing him horrible pain in his hand. Rudy tries to come in and can’t get her to stop. She’s finally able to control herself with Shane’s help and Shane then uses Bonnie to try and cut a deal with Rudy saying without his help Bonnie is a ticking time bomb.

Damon comes to the Mystic Grille looking for Jeremy and Elena notices something is off with him. When Jeremy sees the look in Damon’s eye when he looks at him, he runs. Elena and Damon realize Kol has compelled Damon to kill Jeremy. She tries to use the love he has for her to break the spell, but it isn’t strong enough to break it, and he heads off to track Jeremy down to kill him.

All everyone can talk about is does Elena really love Damon, but no one’s wondering if Damon really loves Elena. I honestly think if it had been Katherine who asked Damon to overcome the compelling spell he would have done it because his love for Katherine goes deeper than any spell. With Elena the feelings she inspires are murky at best and it isn’t pure love. And the love certainly isn’t deep enough to overcome being compelled.

Damon chases after Jeremy warning him Kol has compelled him to kill him. When he tracks Jeremy down he tells Jeremy to kill him so he can stop him. Jeremy shoots him, but not fatally. Damon comes to and finds Jeremy again, telling him he has to shoot him through the heart to stop him. We don’t know if Jeremy would have actually killed Damon, because Stefan arrives and snaps Damon’s neck, saving both Damon and Jeremy. So, for all he says he hates his brother’s guts, he saved his life, once again. Good think Vampire Barbie wasn’t around, since she loves to amp of Stefan’s animosity for his brother.

Stefan locks Damon in a cell in Casa Salvatore and also bleeds him dry. He also won’t let Elena see Damon because of the sire bond. And he tells Elena she’s seeing a Stefan that no longer loves her. Afterwards, he goes to Rebekah’s and knocks boots with her.

I’m sorry, but in no way, shape or form did the Stefan/Rebekah sex scene match the Damon/Rebekah one. Stefan is not a passionate character and neither are his love scenes. But Paul Wesley got what he wanted. For a few episodes he’s gotten a new love interest.

Back home, Jeremy tells Elena he doesn’t think he can go on killing innocent people. That’s when she comes up with the plan to get it down in one fell swoop. She says if Jeremy can kill Kol that’ll complete his hunter’s mark. Never mind what she’s planning is a lot worse than Damon and Klaus whacking a barroom full of people. We’re talking about possibly causing the deaths of over a thousand people.


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