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The Vampire Diaries -- Senior Prom

Updated on April 22, 2013

Original Airing: April 18, 2013

I understand this episode tanked in the ratings. I’m not surprised. Maybe everyone else is as bored with Bad Vampire Elena as I am. I guess my problem is I don’t buy it. Even with your emotions turned off who you are should still be there. So the show is saying that with her emotions turned off she’s a jealous petty user who wants what everyone else has and she wants to make everyone miserable who cares anything about her and hurt them in any way she can find. That’s who Elena really is when she has her humanity turned off. She’s just a nasty piece of crap and always has been under the veneer of her humanity. Like I said I’m not buying it. You can’t behave this way with your emotions turned off if that wasn’t always inside of you, and aside her being a stone cold bitch to Damon on occasion, there was no evidence this kind of nasty stuff was inside of her. Plec just seems to want to make Elena a bigger badder bitch than Katherine ever was thinking fans will love her even more than Katherine. The thing with Katherine is she had a reason for being a stone cold bitch, while Elena is being a bitch just to be a bitch.

I would probably be thrilled if they killed Bonnie off, but I started thinking how crappy she’s being treated. Everyone is all about getting a cure for Elena and making her feel, again. No one is giving a crap about what Bonnie’s going through. The only one who cared was Jeremy and he’s dead.

I remember the people pushing for Elena to become a vampire declaring how things would change if she became a vampire. Well, nothing has changed. It’s the same old, same old. Elena is now just a vampire.

Elena saw Caroline and Bonnie out shopping for a prom dress and Caroline mentioned that Elena had helped her pick out her when they were runs, but she basically didn’t get in her face and just walked away. So she had no real reason to steal Caroline’s prom dress for herself. She just did it to make Caroline miserable. I suppose Plec thought this would lead to an uber romantic Caroline and Klaus moment when she asked Klaus to provide her with a replacement dress. I was personally disgusted by her not getting her own dress and wanting the dude hunting down her boyfriend to give her a dress to wear. To be honest, I thought the red dress looked better than what Caroline showed up in.

Meanwhile Elijah set forth a challenge for Rebekah. If she could live as a human for a whole day, he would let her have the cure. She went to the prom without a date and begged Matt to dance with her. Yep, Plec gave the people that actually ship the hideous Matt/Rebekah pairing something to supposedly coo over. Rebekah explained that she pants pathetically after Matt because he’s everything she wants to be as a human.

Meanwhile, Elena made the rounds to try and ruin the night for everyone. She told Matt he was basically a loser who had nothing to offer. Bonnie was a walking reminder of why she doesn’t want to feel anything. She told Damon he meant nothing to her and only said she loved her because of the sire bond. In turn, Stefan danced with Elena and tried to get her to feel something and she claimed she felt nothing, although I thought the scene was good and actually felt some real chemistry between Stefan and Elena.

Since this was a shipper night free-for-all, Plec gave the Caroline/Stefan fans their moment, too. Stefan talked about how he wanted to be over Elena and Caroline said one day Stefan would fall for someone else without knowing it or something like that.

I thought for a second Damon and Caroline might dance, but Damon’s too much of a lovesick puppy dog over Elena, so that wouldn’t happen. I really don’t care for who Damon becomes around Elena. He loses everything that makes him a great character. The sooner this DE crap ends the better.

We also got a scene about the uber fake and phony Katherine and Elijah, as he asked Klaus to stop hunting her so he could have his happy ending with her. Klaus said no, so lovesick puppy Elijah didn’t succeed in his mission. Every time I see this loser I shake my head in wonderment. For several seasons he’s been Elena’s devoted slave and now he couldn’t give a crap about her because Katherine yanked his chain and said she loved him. And no one addresses the fact the reason he wants her is because she’s a double for the Original Petrova who he loved.

Silas came to the prom, too. He donned Jeremy’s face and danced with Bonnie, until she released who he was and told him to get away from her. She went to Damon for help and told him about Silas. This convinces Elena she needs to kill Bonnie so Jeremy and Alaric don’t come back from the other side and try to make her feel. I actually smiled because this stupid ditz honestly thought she was a match for suped-up Bonnie. I was like, bring it on, bitch, you’re going to get yours.

After Bonnie and Matt were named prom queen and king, Elena went after Bonnie and got some of her own back as Bonnie put the little troll in her place. Then she bit the crap out of April Young because things didn’t go his precious little way and dumped her on Matt. Matt begged Rebekah to use her vampire blood to save April and she did, which broke the deal she had with Elijah, and would cost her the cure.

Okay, why is April Young still on this show. I was actually hopeful for a moment she was finally going to meet her maker. Can’t someone kill her and have it stick. She’s the worst new character they added to the show and she has no connection with anyone on the show. Get rid of her.

Silas also has some fun with the Salvatores by pretending to be Damon to stab Stefan and pretending to be Stefan to stab Damon. Damon was sitting in a corner sucking his thumb over the dance Stefan and Elena shared when faux Stefan came up to him and told him he and Elena had a real relationship, while all Damon had was a one night stand. I actually agreed with what Silas said. Sorry Damon, but Stefan and Elena had a long relationship; you really have nothing with her, but just one romp in the sack.

After putting the bite on April, the dumb newbie vampire still believing she’s the most super duper vampire of them all thought if she snuck up on Bonnie she could still take her out. Wrong, bimbo. Bonnie gave the little creep exactly what she had coming to the point Miss Super Duper started whining to Damon to save her. She knows no matter how she spits in this fools face he’ll come to her rescue.

Stefan and Damon got Bonnie to stop giving the little creep exactly what she had coming to her. Then they shot her up with vervain, I’m guessing and locked her in the Salvotore torture chamber. Damon said Elena did show some emotion when Bonnie was giving her what she so richly deserved. She showed fear. Maybe that means Damon will spend the next episode terrorizing the crap out of the nasty little creep. That would definitely be fun to watch.

Tyler came back to town to give Caroline a dance. Again, if she wuvs Tyler so much why doesn’t she go off with him. Why is she staying in town? No reason I can think of. Anyway, Klaus catches him leaving, but because he made his beloved Caroline happy he gives him five seconds before he starts hunting him down, again. You didn’t think Plec would leave Forwood off her shipper Christmas list. Santa was good to all her little shippers, this episode, giving them all a bone.

As it turned out Rebekah needn’t worry about Elijah refusing to give her the cure because she used her vampire blood to save a life. Klaus went to Silas and helped him get the cure from Elijah. Klaus had Silas pretend to be Rebekah and say how she made it through the evening as a human and he handed the cure over to her. Moments late Rebekah called Elijah warning him that Klaus was up to something, But it was too late. Silas had the cure back in his hand. Now all he needed was to lift the veil of the nether world and be reunited with his lost true love.

Klaus didn’t get off scot-free. Katherine left a little love note for him. She told him there was a witch in New Orleans starting an uprising against him and what she had to tell him would blow his mind and make him not care about chasing her any longer. Yep, it’s time for the Original spin-off eppy. Gee, I’m so beyond thrilled.

Finally, Bonnie tracks down Silas and wants to see his real face. He explains his vindictive betrayed lover did something to his face so no woman would ever want him. I’m liking this chick more and more. He shows his face to Bonnie, but I couldn’t see what it looks like. Maybe it’ll be like the time on All My Children when Erica Kane was disfigured but the audience never saw it.

I was curious what the DE would have to say about this episode on Twitter, but it seems they’re pretending it never happened. Instead they were going on about 3.19 when Elena treated Damon like a guinea pig to try and define what she felt for him because Stefan wouldn’t take her back unless she could tell him how she felt about Damon. Then she blamed Damon for nothing ever happening between them. I’m surprised they weren’t quoting the BS that Ghost Rose was shooting out of her mouth that bogus episode, too. It’s kind of like the way they ignored Elena having Stefan break Damon’s neck and telling him his love was a problem and was gushing because Damon said he loved her. Such is the life of a shipper. You ignore all the things that don’t fit into your ship and act like they never happened.

Who were you rooting for in the Elena vs. Bonnie scenes?

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