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The Vampire Diaries -- Smells Like Teen Spirit

Updated on October 22, 2011

Well, something smells, all right

We have another of my not-so favorite episodes this season. At least we got a break from Klaus this episode. Although, I'll give the show kudos, they actually wrote the Damon/Elena/Stefan mess like a real triangle for once. To be honest I would have probably enjoyed the episode more if there would have been a lot less Elena. This show's fascination with this character is completely out of hand.

Let's start with the good, first. Vicky finally revealed just what she's after. A witch from the other side made a deal with her. Vicky can stay as a ghost, but she needs Matt to help her. They perform a ceremony and Matt can suddenly feel Vicky when she touches him. Of course, Vicky left a little something out to get Matt to help her. The deal she made with the other side witch, I'm guess she's the original witch that put the curse on Klaus, is that the balance of things must be restored. Here's where the story hits the skids. Vicky has to kill the precious doppelganger so no more hybrids can be made. We just went through this nonsense last week when Klaus was going to kill her, only to realize in a Homer Simpson D'oh moment that she was the key to making hybrids. So even before Vicky tries to take out The Creature That's Eating The Vampire Diaries Alive, you know she won't succeed.

In another Matt/Bonnie moment, Matt runs to Bonnie for help to reverse the spell. Part of the spell requires Matt to say goodbye to Vicky so she'll go back where she belongs. Thus, Supernatural Matt should come to an end, something which Matt will be grateful for. He was already regretting dipping his toes in the supernatural waters. I have to say I like Matt and Bonnie together. But since the only couple this show thinks is important is Stefan and Elena, I won't hold my breath.

Proving that point was what they did to the Tyler/Caroline pairing. I don't care for the pairing and see no chemistry, but the handwriting is on the wall, and it isn't pretty. Tyler is on a high. He loves being a hybrid. It doesn't hurt that Rebekah just fed him lunch in the form of a blood bag. Of course, it really hits the fan when Damon reveals that Tyler has been sired by Klaus, which means his loyalty is with Klaus. I was wondering how Klaus intended to make an army of obedient slaves. It seems this is how. They'll all be sired by Klaus and they'll be loyal to him. The irony in this little twist is a lot of fans were complaining because Damon wasn't bonded to Katherine because she sired him and Caroline was bonded to Damon because he sired her. Guess about now they're wishing they'd kept their mouths shut. They've got their sired supernatural relationship that they wanted; only I'd bet many don't want it now.

Speaking of Damon and Katherine. Katherine has been avoiding Damon's calls. Seems she's still ticked off that Damon went running back to Mystic Falls to go swear eternal devotion to the Creature That's Eating Vampire Diaries Alive. She reports to Damon she can't get Mikael to feed. She's tried rodents and humans, but she'll give it another shot. She finds another live human and opens his jugular and drips it on Mikael's lips. Mikael's stirs, begging her to get that away from him. He doesn't feed on human blood. Katherine should have asked just what Mikael feeds on before she releases his chains, because as he takes a chunk out of her neck he reveals he feeds on other vampires and she gets to be his lunch.

Now for the not-so good. The Elena and Stefan portion of the show, which takes up about 80% of the show. Elena doesn't want to be helpless anymore so she gets Alaric to give her vampire slayer lessons. I'm rolling my eyes as I write this. You know, ever since Alaric decided to crawl up Elena's butt and take up permanent residence there, I don't even like the character anymore. Damon didn't even do anything when he got on his back for putting the moves on Elena, which makes me wonder if Alaric was projecting his own motives on to Damon. The mentality for Alaric appointing himself Elena's protector is he wants to protect both Gilbert kids because all their family is dead, but here's the rub. He acts like Elena is the only one that exists. Jeremy is seeing dead people, but is he trying to help him? No, just little Miss Elena, who is now a legal adult. He moved out of the Gilbert House when Elena asked him to speak to Jeremy about smoking a dubie, but he moved back in so he can protect Elena from being poached by Damon. To his declaration he doesn't want to be friends with Damon, my answer is I don't want you to be friends with Damon, either. He doesn't need you. Stay firmly up Elena's butt following her around like a loyal puppy dog. Just rack up another character to be sacrificed on the altar of the Creature That's Eating Vampire Diaries Alive.

The Creature aka Elena has decided she wants to lock Stefan up like she did before when he fell off the wagon. She thinks it'll be that easy to bring back old Stefan. Apparently, she's wiped from her tiny little brain watching Klaus compel Stefan to turn off his emotions. That's the big problem and locking Stefan up isn't going to cure it.

She gets everyone to go along with her latest stupid plan. Damon gets to flirt with Rebekah to distract her from Stefan. Little Elena gets jealous when she sees it, but sticks to her plan where she gets drunk and jumps off a bleacher where Stefan catches her and her lap dog Alaric shoots him with vervain. After Stefan is loaded in the back of her SUV, Ghost Vicky shows up and sets it on fire. Does anyone think for one second Little Elena is going to be burned alive? Thanks to Bonnie and Matt, Vicky's otherworldly powers are deactivated and Elena and Stefan get out of the burning car just fine and dandy.

Another tedious scene that's been played over and over on a weekly basis is someone beating up or staking Damon, and it's getting beyond old. Damon got staked by Rebekah and knocked out by Ghost Mason. BTW Is there anyone Ian Somerhalder doesn't have chemistry with. Saw some chemistry between Damon and Rebekah when they were roasting a marshmallow together. But, of course, since she's been bitten by the Stefan bug, she barely notices Damon is alive.

Speaking of Rebekah, in a plot twist that doesn't seem to make much sense, Rebekah has decided she wants to take everything away from Caroline. She tries out for the cheerleading squad and impresses everyone and she brings some live food to Tyler in the form of a human and gets Tyler to feed.

In the aftermath of Little Elena's latest brush with death, she questions what was going on between Damon and Rebekah and he assures her he was just putting on an act. Then he insists on taking care of the little boo-boo she got on her forehead. I'm surprised Daddy Alaric didn't come rushing in and tell Damon to stay away from his precious baby angel. Instead, when she left he followed her out the door like the devoted lap dog that he's been turned into. But before she left, Elena wants to show Stefan what a big powerful he-woman she is and she uses one of the wrist stakes Daddy Alaric showed her how to use and stakes Stefan.

Thankfully, next week looks to be a lot better. From the promo, we get another chapter of Mason and Damon. Jeremy and Anna share a kiss. And maybe if we're very lucky we won't be subjected to another failed attempt on the precious doppelgangers life.

One last gripe. I wish people would stop saying that Jeremy was in love with Anna. When Anna died he was still very much in love with Vicky. Yes, Jeremy and Anna have great chemistry, but the show decided to kill her off. Revisionist history like they pulled in the Damon/Katherine scenes last week isn't going to change that fact.


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    • JonHar profile image

      JonHar 6 years ago from Riverside, CA

      Why do you watch the show if you hate it so much? lol