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The Vampire Diaries -- Some Wild Theories

Updated on December 28, 2012

The Vampire Diaries has some wild stories, but even these stories might be too wild for them to tell:

Did Damon Compel Elena To Love Stefan?

The SE jumped on Elena being sired to Damon like a dog on the bone, but this is one theory I doubt they'd be anxious to jump on. It all goes into what affect does what a vampire says while compelling you have on your behavior.

While I feel that the whole scene they filmed for the season 3 finale where Damon met Elena, first, then compelled her to forget was just a bogus piece of shipper fodder. It's interesting that right after Damon told Elena that she wanted a love that would consume her, she got involved with Stefan. Damon compelled Elena to forget she'd seen him, but not what he said to her.

When Katherine compelled Stefan she told him that things between them would continue on as before. She also talked about the fun he, her and Damon would be having. She didn't compel him, explicitly, with words to accept her having a relationship with both him and Damon, but she talked about it while she had him under, and that may have played a part in him accepting it.

Back to Elena. After her encounter with Damon, Stefan came into her life. Now, for Elena to find this all-consuming love, it would have to be with someone she'd never met before. I know the writers have had Elena say that Damon consumes her, but her relationship with Stefan is what has really consumed her. Before Stefan, she had relationships with her family and friends. Since Stefan came in her life, she's let all those relationships go and her entire life revolved around him.

Then Damon compelled her again and during it he said how Stefan deserved to be loved by her more than him. So, again, while Damon compelled Elena to forget something that happened with him, while he was doing it, did he also implant some other unknowing instructions in her behavior?

The interesting thing is when Elena died and recalled what Damon compelled her to do or not do, it seemed as if her feelings for Stefan cooled considerably. People are claiming it's because she's sired to Damon, but what if it's because the instructions Damon unknowingly imparted to Elena when he compelled her were removed?

Will Season 4 Turn Out To Be Elena's Dream?

I've been wondering if the show might be planning to pull a Dallas at the end of this season. In short, Elena will wake-up in the hospital after collapsing from her head injury to discover she dreamed the season 3 finale and all of season 4.

I just don't see this show having Elena remain a vampire for the last two seasons of this show. But the more this so-called vampire cure is talked about, the less it sounds like it'll actually be a cure. So how to make Elena not a vampire anymore? Say she dreamed this whole thing after she collapsed in 3.21.

Making everything after that just Elena's dream would have some benefits. If Matt Davis' show doesn't make it, Alaric would still be alive, but still an evil vampire slayer. Klaus would be desiccated in his coffin and Bonnie wouldn't have popped his essence into Tyler.

Other things making the season 3 finale/season 4 just Elena's dream, is Stefan wouldn't have let Elena die in the car because she told him to and the bogus flashback of DE meeting first would never have happened, which would be a good thing, as take in context of season one, that scene makes absolutely no sense.

However, the DE shipping group would certainly be very unhappy with this turn of events. It would mean all their prized memories had never happened. However, if the show is still intent on making SE this epic couple, erasing the season 3 finale and season 4 is about the only chance they have of accomplishing that.

It would be a way to explore Elena being a vampire and showing she just wasn't cut out to be one without really having her become a vampire. Which will serve to cause a big decision for Stefan and Elena, ultimately. How can they have a future when Elena doesn't want to become a vampire? My theory is the show will end with Elena ending up with Matt.

Yes, when Elena was a teenager what Matt had to offer wasn't what she wanted. But when you grow-up that could change and the guy that wasn't right for you then is right for you now. And while a big thing was made over Damon accepting Elena as she is and Stefan not; Matt also accepted Elena as she was, when he couldn't do the same for his ex-girlfriend, Caroline. More importantly when Stefan was trying to give Elena his animal blood and Damon gave Elena his vampire blood, the only blood that could give her what she needed was Matt's blood. In short, Matt was able to give Elena what she needed, while neither Salvatore brother could, and that may be the essential truth at the end of the series. Matt can give Elena what she truly needs while neither Salvatore brother can in the final analysis.

Is Caroline Jealous Of Elena?

When Caroline was human she felt jealous and insecure to Elena. She always felts she was always everyone's second choice while Elena was everyone's first choice. Then she became a vampire and became a superstar of the gang. But now Elena is a vampire, too, does she fear history is going to repeat itself and Elena will be top vampire on the block now?

Yes, Stefan mentored her when she became a vampire, but this manic over-the-top devotion to Stefan was nowhere in evidence in season 2. She was even trying to get Elena to admit she had feelings for Damon, last season, and this season she acted like a rabid dog with spittle shooting out of her mouth when she discovered Elena had feelings for Damon.

She keeps mouthing platitudes about being Elena's friend, but the only one she's being a friend to is Stefan. She even betrayed Elena by telling Stefan that she slept with Damon. She also betrayed boyfriend, Tyler, for Stefan, as well.

So the question is where this over-the-top Stefan devotion is coming from and why now that Elena's a vampire. Of course, maybe she was always Elena's frenemy. She did seem to relish it a little too much when she told Elena that Bonnie didn't want anything to do with her after her mother got turned into a vampire, and was then mentoring Bonnie's mother. It was almost like she was taking Bonnie away from Elena.

Maybe it comes down to the fact she can't stand the thought of Elena getting together with Damon because Damon dumped her while he [like everyone else] loves Elena.


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