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The Vampire Diaries -- Stefan Should Sparkle

Updated on October 20, 2012

Because he'd fit in perfectly with the Twilight vampires

I know The Vampire Diaries made fun of Twilight's glittery vampires, but the show has it's own glittery vampire in the form of Stefan "Free Pass" Salvatore. He could easily fit in as Edward's older brother. Can't you just see Stefan prancing in by Edward's side as the Cullen family prances into the school cafeteria like they're superstars? If ever a character was written like he sparkles in the sunshine it's Stefan.

Yes, it's time for another Stefan post. The great thing about the character is there will always be another post, since he'll do something new that needs calling out on. It sure isn't going to happen on the show where all the characters are written to be blinded by Glitterboy's shine.

While watching 4.02 I realized Stefan's being written like season three never happened. I knew he'd be free passed for anything he did during The Ripper arc; it's why I wasn't looking forward to the story. I figured everything would be blamed on Damon, because he sacrificed himself to Klaus to save Damon. I also thought there'd be some token redemption of him making up to everyone for what he did. What I never thought would happen was everything he did would be swept under a rug and everyone would act like it never happened.

As I watched Caroline and Tyler rush over to the Great Hero Stefan to fix up Tyler, I stared in shock as the realization hit me. They're acting like season three never happened and he's back to being the Patron Saint Of Mystic Falls. Even though he let their good friend Elena die, because he was too gutless to want to make her mad at him. The only thing he got for that was a wisecrack from Damon. The spineless punk didn't even get a punch in the face for doing it. No, he got free passed with the lamest excuse ever given. He was respecting Elena's choices.

Maybe if Stefan was someone who always respected everyone's choices this BS excuse might wash. But when Damon chose to die when he got bitten by a werewolf, Stefan sure didn't respect his wishes. He tossed him in a cell. And if we're honest, Stefan didn't really respect Elena's wishes when she decided to offer herself up as sacrifice for Klaus. He mouthed the words, but then he told Damon about her going off with Klaus, counting on Damon to take the heat for saving her, while he proudly wore the mantle of the boyfriend who respected her choices. It's just Elena's hard luck Damon wasn't around so Stefan could have used him to try and save the ninny while he once again stood back and respected her choices.

And I've seen Stefan apologists saying he didn't know that if he saved Matt first Elena would die. Yes, he did. He was in the exact same position in the very same spot the night Elena's parents died. Elena's father did the same thing Elena did, telling Stefan to save someone else, and when he came back to save him, the man was dead. So he knew very well the same thing most likely would happen again. And still he did it so Elena wouldn't be mad at him for not respecting her choices.

I should have known the way things were going to fly this season when no one called Glitterboy to task for not saving Elena. Not even Jeremy. Then he had the nerve to get all self-righteous prick with Matt telling Matt he had to earn the right to be saved. Really? You're the wuss, Stefan, that left his girlfriend to die, so she wouldn't be mad at you. No one forced you to do that. That was your choice. So why does Matt have to earn the right to be saved? When have you ever earned the right to be forgiven or anything else? Everything is always handed to you on a silver platter. So where do you get off telling someone being eaten up with guilt they have to earn the right to be alive.

It's not surprising the crap this pompous self-righteous dick pulled on Matt. It's the same game he's always pulling on Damon. Acting all morally superior while making Damon feel he's something he scraped off the pristine bottom of his shoe. But it's really the first time Stefan showed his true colors to a member of Elena's inner circle. That's right, Stefan, blame Matt for the fact you're a gutless wonder. Of course, Matt's so eaten up with guilt, he'll probably feel he deserved to be treated that way.

It's hilarious, even when a characters is basically saying what a lousy person Stefan is, it still comes off as him being all shining and glittery. He dropped by Bonnie's wanting to see what she could tell him about the new vampire slayer's bullets. She even said he's not the type of dude that drops by to check on someone; he's the type that only comes by if he wants something from you. Translation: he's a taker not a giver. Yet, Glitterboy encased her in his big manly glittery arms and she felt oh-so much better basking in his golden glow.

Of course the topper had to be Glitterboy confronting Elena and acting all self-righteous and betrayed because she lied to him. And this is the guy that shoved vampire blood down her throat and terrorized her into thinking he was going to kill her on the same spot her parents died, all to win his pissing contest with Klaus. Afterwards he gave some sniveling excuse that he knew was a big fat lie about how he lost her when he left town. When Klaus de-compelled him, he could have gone back to Elena, but he chose not to. He also wouldn't tell her about the deal he made with Klaus so she kept chasing him all over the place putting herself and everyone else in danger. And when he finally decided he wanted her back, it seemed more so Damon wouldn't get her. He never did one thing to try and make up for all the hell he put her through, and even gave her conditions she had to meet before he would deign to take her back.

And since no one would dare say this to Glitterboy's face, I can tell him why Elena didn't call him for help. It's because she knows he won't save her and Damon will. She can blah blah blah on about how Stefan respects her choices, but when she needs help, she calls Damon because he'll do what needs to be done to save her and Stefan would put her being mad at him before saving her life.

It's going to be a long season having to endure Glitterboy's crap. I mean, it's only two episodes in and he's already inspired my first anti-Stefan post of the season. And I'm sure many more will be following.


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