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The Vampire Diaries -- The Biggest WTF Moments of Episode 3.05

Updated on October 17, 2011

Granted, the show isn't the most consistently written, but it's never been as bad as in The Reckoning. After watching it my brain felt like the egg that was cracked and fried in the infamous PSA, "This is a brain on drugs." What follows is a list of the mass inconsistencies served up on a platter for viewers to swallow without saying, "But this makes no sense." And put all together you see there wasn't just one or two but tons of them which violate all the tenets of good writing.

I promised Stefan I wouldn't kill you -- Klaus: Since when? Stefan killed Andie so Damon would stop following him and Klaus, because Klaus threatened to deal with Damon. In Chicago, Klaus was about to stake Damon until Gloria stopped him. And since Stefan had just betrayed him to the point he compelled him, Klaus sure wouldn't have made that promise to Stefan then. It was totally bogus writing that made no sense. Klaus made no such promise.

The Damon I knew -- Katherine: So according to Katherine, the Damon she knew, Human Damon, wouldn't risk his life to save someone else. This would be the Damon who died trying to save her. He's a vampire because he risked his life trying to save her. He even told his father, when he tried to stop him and told him he would be killed, then let them kill him. Of course, Damon's reply in return was just as bad when he declared he wouldn't do it for her. Again, Damon is a vampire because he did do it for her.

I Wanna Be Supernatural, Too -- Matt: Matt, the guy who broke-up with Caroline, because he wanted a normal life and couldn't deal with the supernatural suddenly wants to be supernatural.

If you have a near-death experience, you can see dead people: Yep, Matt drowned himself and Bonnie gave him CPR and now Matt can see Vicky and talk to her. And you thought Jeremy could do it because of Bonnie using her magic to bring him back to life when he was supposed to die. Not so. Anyone who has a near-death experience can see dead people. Yeah, right.

Our love is too strong for you to compel me -- Stefan: Klaus had a hard time compelling Stefan because Stefan's love was just too strong for Elena and he was able to resist. It's been established the only way for a human or vampire to resist being compelled is if they're taking vervain. Then last week they laid the ground work for this bogus epic love moment when Stefan's great love for Elena allowed him to resist the orders Klaus gave him when compelled when Bill Forbes claimed you could train your mind not to be compelled. Only Stefan had no such time to do that. Katherine's an older vampire and Klaus had no problem compelling her, and she had more reason to resist his orders, when it involved her own self-preservation. Totally bogus.

Once I start feeding on you, Elena, I won't be able to stop -- Stefan: In a bogus commercial break cliffhanger Stefan warned Elena if Klaus made feed on her he wouldn't be able to stop. Klaus did, but since after the break Miss Elena was in the hospital with enough blood in her to fill blood bags for Klaus to use to make his hybrids it seems Stefan was able to stop.

Doh! I suddenly know what the witch really meant! -- Klaus: Okay, this ranks up there with him telling Damon he promised Stefan he wouldn't kill him after trying to kill him several times. Apparently, as he got a front row seat to watch Stefan drain the doppelganger dry since he believed a dead doppelganger was the only way to make his hybrids, he suddenly realized the witch had lied and he needed to doppelganger's blood to finish the transformation of werewolves into hybrids.

I stole your necklace back -- Damon: Okay, when exactly was this supposed to happen. The only time he could have done it when he and Katherine were sharing their dangerous kiss while Damon was driving. But Katherine had the necklace after that. And there was no opportunity to steal it from Katherine without her knowing it after that.

Where were you -- Elena: Okay, exactly when is Elena supposed to have noticed Damon wasn't even around? She sure didn't give him a second thought when Stefan was around. And the whole nightmare at the school only went on for a few hours. Considering the last time she saw Damon she told him if he acted like his true self instead of Stefan 2.0 she couldn't have him around her. So this line was just as bogus as everything else that went before it.

I want you far enough away from Mystic Falls so you can't go back -- Katherine: But Damon had no problem getting back to Mystic Falls and on foot, no less, since apparently he left the car with Jeremy and Katherine. Guess they weren't as far away as Katherine claimed they were.

You're a dick -- Jeremy: Last time we saw Jeremy with Damon he actually liked Damon enough that he was trying to help him when he was sick, now he apparently hates his guts like everyone else in Mystic Falls. And even though Klaus murdered his Aunt Jenna, he didn't want to help find a way to get Klaus and Damon had to rough him up to get his cooperation. Yeah, right.

Elena's had a lot of blood drained from her and Damon carries her away from the hospital: Is this something you would do if you wanted to save their life? Actually, wouldn't you be putting their life in danger, instead? And after all that blood loss Elena was just fine once Damon gave her a shot of booze. Yeah, right.

When I'm writing a romance novel and I get an idea for a cool plot twist, I go back to make sure I can pull it off and have it be consistent with what came before. To not do that I would feel would be an insult to the intelligence of anyone reading it, not to mention it's just good writing to make sure what you write is consistent. The writers for this episode apparently didn't do that. Because they didn't I feel insulted they didn't care enough for the viewers to try and pass this inconsistent nonsense past all of us.


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    • Damon Salvatore profile image

      Damon Salvatore 6 years ago from India

      Need help in new website please help.

    • JonHar profile image

      JonHar 6 years ago from Riverside, CA

      The article is well written but you make I do not agree at all with your evaluation. For example, when Stefan started feeding on Elena, it is obvious that Klaus made him stop and when Katherine said the Damon she knew, I'm sure she was talking about after he became a vampire. Klaus actually did promise Stefan that he would not kill his brother if he left Mystic Falls with him and how do you not know that Elena did not think about Damon, she could have had Bonnie text him. We did not see everything that was said. I think the part about Matt is accurate though but I understand him becoming open to the supernatural part of their lives once he learned there would be a way for him to communicate with his sister.

      I hope I am not coming across too harsh in my comments lol I just thought I would point out some things that you may have not though of. I always find that hearing someone elses side of the coin gives me more ideas for future articles.

      I look forward to reading more of your articles. I voted up and voted interesting. :)