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The Vampire Diaries -- The Brotherhood Of The Five

Updated on November 1, 2012

A Cure For Vampirism

It really does sound like the Borg. I saw plenty of people going on about what a great episode it was, but I thought the episode was incredibly boring. Too much Originals. Too much Klaus. Too much DE. They're obviously writing the show to cater to a certain portion of the audience, and I'm not a member of that portion.

We got more Rebekah pursuing Matt. She bought him a new car and refuses to see he has zero interest in her. When she was sitting down with April and saw she's interested in Matt, she warned her she has dibs on Matt. It would be so nice if there was one relationship on this show that they were pushing that wasn't dipped in ugliness. I have no desire to see this twit get with Matt after she nearly killed him.

I'm sure the Bonnie/Damon contingent is happy. They had plenty of scenes with Bonnie looking down on Damon. That's the type of scenes they always see as being romantic. You might call this a real shipper episode. DEs got their moments [he broke her brother's neck and she had his brother break his neck] , Bamons got their moments [he tried to murder her and murdered her mother, while she gets her jollies setting him on fire and trying to give him an aneurysm], Matt/Rebekah's got their moments [she plotted to kill him until he put his coat around his shoulders and nearly killed him to kill Elena.] and so did Stefan/Rebekah fans. Ugly and unromantic pairings one and all.

I don't want much. Just one pairing that's actually romantic. One pairing where one or both of the people didn't stalk them or try to murder them and their family members. So far, the only ones that fit that description are Bonnie and Jeremy, Hayley and Tyler and April and Matt [if he's allowed to actually be let off the Elena chain, finally].

Klaus sent Stefan to get Rebekah to come to his house. Stefan did it by promising he'd put a good word in with Matt for her. Just what good word is it even possible to put in for her, considering what she's done? Then Klaus told the story of the vampire hunters known as The Brotherhood of the Five. The maps on their bodies leads to a cure to vampirism. When they tried to exterminate the Originals the Originals exterminated them. Now Klaus knows there's a new breed of them and if they follow the map on their bodies, it will lead them to a cure for vampirism.

Rebekah realizes Klaus wants to cure Elena so he can make more hybrids, again, and refuses to help. Klaus sics Stefan on her to learn where she buried the sword. Apparently, they also need a mystical sword, as well. [Me rolling my eyes.] He waxes nostalgically about how if he were human he could have a life with Elena and she tells him where the sword is. Klaus comes out and stakes her, getting from her what he needs. He tells Stefan to hide her body well and tell no one about the cure. He also gets Stefan to compel Jeremy into forgetting that he drew the map on Connor's body. That poor kid has to be the most compelled person on this show.

Isn't it nice that Plec found a way to reunite her favorite bromance. Yes, her beloved Stefan and Klaus are working together. She must be in hog heaven.

Turns out the map is incomplete and Connor needs to kill more vampires for the full map to reveal itself. I have to say the most interesting character on this show, this season is Connor. It was fascinating watching him go all Mike Tyson on a hybrid and bite his ear. The ear must have had something in it, because after the hybrid leaves, Connor has something in his mouth and it enables him to free himself. When the hybrid returns, Connor basically decapitates him and takes off. After Connor killed the hybrid more of the map appeared on his body. Sorry, Klaus, you just lost your map.

Bonnie goes to see the professor that's taken over her grandmother's classes. He seems to be an expert in witchcraft. He tells Bonnie he can teach her a different kind of magic. One thing he doesn't tell her is that he's the one who sent Connor to Mystic Falls. So I guess the Prof is the new bigger and badder evil that's more evil than Klaus. But let's be honest. Mary Poppins could out-evil Klaus.

Damon and Elena went along with Bonnie and Damon takes Elena to a frat party called the Murder House to teach her to feed. Elena gets a bit carried away and she and Damon are dancing as the blood lust overtakes them when Elena feels Bonnie's judgmental glare on her and snaps back into herself. She tells Damon she doesn't want to be like him and returns to Stefan's loving arms.

So, as we leave things, Bonnie's new mentor isn't one of the good guys. Shades of season two's Luka and his father. Jeremy's been compelled again. Rebekah's been staked again, but at least it'll keep us from having to put up with anymore of the pathetic Matt/Rebekah scenes. And Plec's dream bromance, Stefan and Klaus, is back together.


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