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The Vampire Diaries -- The Character Formerly Known As Damon Salvatore

Updated on November 17, 2013

The death of Damon Salvatore and his rebirth as Delena Gilbert

For a lot of seasons Damon Salvatore was the heart and soul of this show. His emotions and his feelings fueled a lot of the stories on the show. Unfortunately, that was then and this is now. Since he got picked by Elena he's an empty husk with no real emotions or genuine feelings. He an empty vessel who only thinks and feels in regards to how Elena feels. There's just nothing left of the character of Damon Salvatore and he's now Delena Gilbert. I always thought if the show ever put him with Elena the character would have to be hacked up to fit with her since their fundamentally different and don't belong together, but I never dreamed it would go as far as it's gone.

The first time I started to question if anything Damon did was genuine or if it was all related to Elena was when he desperately fought to save Jeremy's life when Katherine nearly succeeded in killing him, again. I initially thought maybe it was some character development and he was developing a friendship with Jeremy. Then I started wondering if it was just because of Elena and it became more evident as the season went on Damon Salvatore was dead and the DE monster Delena Gilbert had taken his place.

He's no longer a character in his own rights, he's just a shadow of Elena who feels only in regards to what Elena wants and Elena feels. That's why he didn't go after Jeremy for being alive and Bonnie being dead, because if he did anything to Jeremy that might upset Elena, so he hugged him instead like a good little Elena robot would do. He also tried to murder the woman he'd loved for over 150 years without any emotion or feeling about it because that was the only way he could get Bonnie back for his slave master, Elena.

Not only will this Elena bot never have any kind of story of his own that isn't about Elena's thoughts and feelings he doesn't even have any thoughts or feelings of his own. Ian Somerhalder complained about the character development he'd gotten in season two and wanted season one Damon. Well, let's hope he's enjoying his character having devolved to a piece of wood with Elena carved on the front.

A prime example of what I mean was he didn't even blink an eye when hearing his brother is out trying to kill Silas and hearing his confession of wanting Damon and Elena to find him. Yet he's all upset when Amara is about to die. Don't get the wrong impression though. He didn't give a crap if Amara died or not, just that she not die before Bonnie became the anchor so she'd be alive again and Elena could have what she wants. And that in a nutshell is what this once great character has devolved into. A big fat nothing.

If that isn't bad enough the show has gone from the Original Diaries to the Clone Diaries. Any hope of the show actually going back to the show it once was before the Original invasion is a pipe dream. It also seems the dream that Julie Plec has her piggy paws off this show is another pipe dream, as well. Even though Caroline Dries was supposedly named the new show runner, Plec is still claiming the title of EP and giving scoops on the show. From what she said it sounds like we're going to be treated to yet another Paul Wesley clone. Thrill me!

I'm sorry, but Paul Wesley is not a versatile actor. He can barely play the part of Stefan. Seeing him as Silas was a disaster. Many fans started commenting on his bad acting. But it appears the only reason he was given the Silas role was to appease him because he wanted to play another villain, cause you know how good he is at playing villains. Yeah, I'm being sarcastic. There was talk of this Augustine Vampire. Want to bet it'll be another clone for Paul Wesley to play? God, save us now.

Also word on the street is Katherine loves only one Salvatore brother. Since everyone loves Stefan, it'll probably be Stefan. Even though none of her actions have ever shown she loves Stefan and it has to be one of the most abusive relationships ever to be on this show. It's the height of a non-romantic relationship. But it wouldn't matter if it was Damon as Delena Gilbert doesn't have the feelings Damon Salvatore would have, he only experiences the feelings Elena Gilbert has. Besides, Plec was blah blah blahing about how maybe Stefan and Katherine are the clone soul mates that belong together and that there's another clone soul mate out there for Elena.

Anyway, when Bonnie saw that Amara could see her and realized she was talking to people on the other side, which was making her crazy, she offered to put Amara out of her misery and become the anchor. For some reason she didn't think she'd be suffering as the anchor the way Amara was.

So Delena Gilbert went to cut a deal with Oetsiyah. See, Silas still wanted his true wuv, even though she'd cut him open and sucked him dry. He figured if he killed her they could be in the dead hereafter together. Yeah, she tries to kill him; he kills her. Baby, can you feel the love tonight that's spawned the love of a million clones to follow them?

Anyway, when Delena tells Oetsiyah the plan to make Bonnie the anchor she's all for it. See if she can make Bonnie the anchor before Silas can whack Amara, why then good old Silas will be stuck in the afterlife with Oetsiyah, not Amara. And the stupid dick actually helps Oetsiyah accomplish her goal by killing Oetsiyah before going to off his beloved. Hope you enjoy an eternity of Oetsiyah making your life miserable, Silas. If he'd left Oetsiyah alone like he should have in the first place he could have rotted alone in the hereafter.

Plec was wetting her panties about how she was doing a scene with all three clones in it. Oetsiyah needed the blood of all three doppels to do her anchor spell. In the middle of it Silas arrived and disrupts the spell. He manages to fatally stab Oetsiyah, but she doesn't die right away and finishes the spell making Bonnie the anchor. Oetsiyah's dying words is the victory that she'd finally succeeded in separating destiny's clone couple and Silas would be with her not Amara.

Before she died she also called out Amara for being a deceitful hussy, but in true Elena fashion Amara mewed, "But all I did was fall in love." Yeah, and then helped your lover steal an immortality potion from the woman he conned into believing he was going to marry. Mew all you want, but you went right along with what he did to Oetsiyah so you're just as guilty. And considering you then tried to murder him to save yourself, you're just as rotten as he is, too.

Anyway, enter Stefan who decided he could stop suffering if he killed Silas, who kidnaps Amara and lures Silas out to him. The end result is Stefan kills Silas and Amara dies, as well. Delena arrives on the scene and begs Amara not to die like he really cares about her, but he's just upset that if she dies his mistress won't get to have her Bonnie back. In short, go ahead and die but not until I can give my mistress what she wants most.

But before dear Amara draws her last breath Bonnie is back to the land of the living celebrating she's cheated death just like her lover Jeremy has. Color me not thrilled. I didn't want her brought back. She knew way back in season two it was against the rules to bring someone back from the dead and last time the punishment was Jeremy seeing the dead because he was supposed to be dead. This time it was to take Jeremy's place and be dead. So now she's alive, but I kept yelling at the TV for her to just wait for the price she has to pay.

As the anchor she gets to feel every dead supernatural creature pass through her and feel their pain. Do I feel sorry for her? Heck no. Like I said she thought she could get away with cheating death. She's now stolen two people from death: herself and her boyfriend. Furthermore, she saw the way Amara suffered being the anchor. Did she think she wouldn't have to go through the same thing?

And finally it appears Paul Wesley is now going to emote his way through a post traumatic stress disorder for being imprisoned in the coffin underwater all summer. Will the pain never stop? Which was only made worse by Elena declaring to Stefan that while he was suffering she was like having the summer of her life. So, when she was with Stefan she never had the summer of her life? Oh, sweetie, come on and turn the screws just a little bit more.

Anyway, Bonnie is back and she can wave her magic fingers to solve the problems when the writers write themselves in a hole they can't get out without the use of magic. Stefan is going to be PTSDing all over the place. And there's the possibility of being subjected to another Paul Wesley clone in the form of this Augustine Vampire.

Oh, wait, I forgot something. Probably since I'm no more interested in this plot line than the writers are. Katherine dumped Nadia and refused to go off to Bulgaria with her. Nah, she'd rather stay with the Salvatore brother of her dreams as she rapidly ages and croaks.

Hey, Nadia, what about your boyfriend whose still in Matt's body. So now you found your mummy he can get bent? Like mother, like daughter.

Anyway, I'm getting pretty close to quitting this show, as it really doesn't have much hope of getting better. It'll just keep getting worse as it creeps along to either cancellation or the show runners decide to be merciful and put it out of its misery. And they may have no choice of pulling the plug on it as the three lead actors contracts end in season 6. If Ian Somerhalder signs on for a season 7 what respect I have for him as an actor will totally be gone.


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