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The Vampire Diaries -- The Difference Between Season Two And Three Is Stunning

Updated on April 8, 2012

And not in a good way

I was video capturing scenes from season two and you can immediately notice the difference in a lot of the characters; characters I absolutely loathe this season were likable last season.

There were a few unlikable Elena moments season two, but overall she was still likable. A big difference is while a great portion was sacrificed up to saving her, not every story was made to be all about her. She also actually seemed to care about someone other than Stefan. This season she's just such a totally selfish manipulative user bitch. When she caught Jeremy smoking pot, she tried to pawn the responsibility off on Alaric to talk to him, and when he wouldn't do it, she just shrugged and forgot all about it. She couldn't two seconds away from obsessing over Stefan to be concerned about her brother. Wasn't the point of killing of Jenna to make Elena the adult and primary caregiver to Jeremy? If so, that story was completely wasted. The only times Elena paid attention to Jeremy was if he could help her in some way with Stefan or if he was in imminent danger of death. Manipulated Alaric to go into the woods hunting for werewolves on the night of a full moon not caring she could get him killed guessed it...Stefan. And that was just the first two episodes; she got worse as the season progressed.

I actually found Caroline likable last season; she was sympathetic but that was before she became the cold perfect plastic vampire Barbie doll we've been treated to this season. She can beat up vampires older than her if she's mad. Damon and Stefan got easily knocked out by a ghost, but she can hold off three and not be knocked out. Watching her play Lady Bountiful to Abby when she was a cold beyotch to her boyfriend when he went through the same thing and got no support from her was hard to take. She's the vampire version of Elena; a perfect little Mary Sue.

In season two Klaus was actually a believable villain, but in this season he's the innocent 910 year old idiot savant who needed 60 year old vamp Stefan to teach him how to be evil. He's crushing on the teen he planned to use as a sacrifice during his blood ritual. He's a crybaby coward who cowered inside instead of facing his father, Mikael, like a man. And now he's an artist sitting by the fireplace sketching bad pictures of horses.

Last season Damon and Alaric had a great friendship. Even though he was grieving for Jenna, when he learned Damon's life was in danger, he rushed over to help his friend. This season Damon gets kidnapped and not only doesn't her give a crap he's sitting around cleaning his nails while Damon is being tortured. Everything that comes out of his mouth is something to put Damon down. Damon has Stefan for that, he doesn't need that from a supposed friend, as well. It's gotten to the point I dread Damon/Alaric scenes. Here's hoping Alaric crawls in a bottle of booze and never crawls back out, again.

The difference between last season and this season is Kevin Williamson was there full-time and this season he's been off doing other projects leaving Julie Plec is sole charge of the show and she's done a great job of running the show and a lot of the characters into the ground.

Maybe in the case of Elena, Plec saw that Katherine was more popular than her star heroine Elena and thought making Elena more like Katherine would increase Elena's popularity, but Plec doesn't seem to understand why Katherine is popular. Katherine is the first to admit what she is and be proud of it; she doesn't treat people like crap and act like she's the most caring and loving person in the world. It's just makes the character of Elena come off as an insufferable hypocrite. Which doesn't help when the show is determined to shove her into every story and make her the center of it.

It's a terrible thing to say, but Tyler and Jeremy who got shipped off to make way for The Original Show actually got lucky. The less airtime they got allowed for their characters not to be hacked and ruined like so many of the others have been this season.

While it's nice Kevin Williamson has got outside projects, it seems like the show really needs him there 24/7 to keep an eye of Julie Plec and halt her when she wants to throw out established story and character traits for whatever plot twist pops into her head.


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