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The Vampire Diaries -- The End Of The Affair

Updated on September 30, 2011

Or How Stefan Met Klaus

We finally learned the secret of why Klaus wants Stefan. Somehow I thought it would be something more meaningful than what it was. Klaus resurrected a member of his family. Elena vervain necklace has been retconned into something super important and super icky. And the big hero of the night was Liz.

The evening started out with Damon getting a call from Katherine. She told him that Stefan was in Chicago. When Damon asked if she was love stalking Stefan, Katherine denied it. Damon looked a bit jealous when he asked her that. Anyway, he goes over to Elena's and crawls in bed with her while she's sleeping [shades of Katherine doing the same to Stefan in Memory Lane sans the fake love dreams, although Damon suggests Elena was dreaming of him naked...ick], he tells her he's going to Chicago and then opens her drawers and fondles one of her panties. Double ick! Sorry, writers, this D/E thing doesn't work, especially the way you've written it since season 2, so give it up. Let it die its natural death.

During the drive to Chicago, Damon gives Elena Stefan's diary from his Chicago days. He reads some excerpts from it. She doesn't like what she hears. And she doesn't like what she sees when Damon takes her to Stefan's old Chicago apartment. In a secret room Damon points out how Stefan wrote the names of all his victims on the walls. She, of course, shrugs this off, and asks just what Damon was doing during that time. That's right, try to trash Damon, so you can make it out he's worse than your beloved Stefan. Same thing the nit did in The Dinner Party when this Ripper Stefan stuff first came up. Turns out Damon was in Chicago, too, but he was avoiding Stefan like the plague.

Okay, reality check here. So this apartment has been just staying there waiting for Stefan to return to it for almost a hundred years and he hasn't been paying rent on it? No one bought the building? No one tried to rent an empty apartment? No one tore the building down? Yeah, right. It isn't the first stretch of reality we get served tonight, and it won't be the last.

Meanwhile, Klaus takes Stefan to one of his old Chicago haunts. Stefan has no memory of his time in Chicago, so Klaus tells him all about it. Stefan met a woman named Rebekah in the speak easy and they carried on a relationship. They even liked to feed on victims together. It turns out Rebekah was Klaus' sister. Through Rebekah Klaus met Stefan. Klaus says Stefan gave him lessons on being evil. I guess Stefan making the husband of the wife Stefan was feeding on and compelling drink her old blood was supposed to be a sample of Stefan's evilness. Watch Criminal Minds' episode for this week. Now that's an example of evil. Stefan's little blood thing was just gross.

Damon leaves Elena alone to hatch one of her hair-brained schemes to get to Stefan and make him see the light. While he's gone, Stefan and Klaus drop in to the apartment for a visit. Elena hides in Stefan's secret room, and Stefan hides her presence from Klaus when he spots her there. Meanwhile, Damon drops into the bar. Seems Gloria knows him as well as Stefan and Klaus. She says she likes him better, but won't give him any info. After going out to buy a dress Elena can dress up for Stefan in...ick...he returns to the apartment. Damon says he's sorry for leaving her alone, and he'll play punching bag for Klaus so she can have her alone time with Stefan. She doesn't even react when he talks about Klaus ripping his heart out. Can you feel the D/E love tonight...NOT!

Damon lures Stefan out into the alley and tells him Elena must be kept away from Klaus, because she's the key to everything. She's the reason Klaus can't make his hybrids. Here we go, again. It's all about Elena. And it's going to get even deeper in the world revolves around Elena doo doo before this hour is over. Damon tells Stefan if he wants Elena to stop chasing him to do it, himself. And there she is standing in the dress Damon bought her that looks more like something that Katherine would wear.

Speaking of the clothes Damon bought for Katherine, I found that more romantic and touching than him buying a dress for Elena that she could use to seduce his brother away from Klaus in. Damon bought clothes to Katherine since he didn't want to see her sitting around in dirty clothes is touching and romantic, while the whole buying a woman a dress to wear to seduce your brother is really kind of ick, especially when you're supposed to be in love with said woman.

Anyway, while Stefan is telling Elena to go away and that it can never be the same between them, Damon is playing punching bag for Klaus. You know, it really bugs me that they don't even let Damon put up a token fight. He just sits there and lets him choke him and almost pound a stake in his heart. Thankfully, Gloria stops Klaus from staking Damon, claiming she doesn't want stuff like that going on in her place. Miracles of miracles, a witch that actually likes Damon better than Stefan. Never thought I'd see the day. A witch that saves Damon instead of trying to kill him or cause him pain. So far, Gloria's the only witch that I like. The Emilys and Bonnies and Grams can all be burned at the stake and I'd cheer it on.

As Damon drives a sad and heartbroken Elena home, Klaus tells Stefan they thought of each other as brothers, but their fun came to an end when the cops raided the speak easy armed with wooden bullets. Apparently, Rebekah and Klaus have been running from someone played by Sebastian Roche. Klaus compels Stefan to forget ever meeting him or Rebekah. When Rebekah refused to go with Klaus, not wanting to leave Stefan, Klaus staked her and put her in a coffin with the rest of the family he killed.

Gloria explained to Klaus to find out why he can't make hybrids they need to contact the original witch that put the curse on him. Unfortunately, they need Rebekah to do it. So Klaus takes Stefan to the warehouse holding the coffins of his family, and pulls the dagger out. When she awakens she tells him that it's the necklace she always wore that Gloria needs, only it's missing. Turns out when Klaus and Rebekah escaped the speak easy, it fell off. It turns out the vervain necklace that Stefan gave Elena that she cherishes so much actually belonged to Rebekah. Ick! Only now it's apparently no longer a vervain necklace, but a magical necklace. Just like the Sun and Moon curse is no longer real but a made up curse. That means they'll be another reason why everyone will be out to get Elena and why everyone will have to give up their lives to save her. Double ick!

Meanwhile back in Mystic Falls, Caroline's reunion with her daddy isn't going well. He thinks if he can make her associate pain with blood he can cure her of her blood lust. So he takes away her protecto-ring and keeps burning her in the sun. Thankfully, Tyler goes to Liz and Liz knows just where her ex has their daughter. She gets the drop on him and rescues Caroline.

Back home, Caroline is reeling from the fact her father did this to her, as she thought he was the one who understood her. Liz tries to explain they were raised to despise vampires, and it was Caroline who made her see how wrong they were.

Damon receives another call from Katherine once he's back home. He tries to figure out where she is. Of course, she's in Chicago stalking her beloved Stefan. She did the same back in Chicago in the 1920's. Of course, the big question is did Katherine have anything to do with the raid on the speak easy? If so, and since she was stalking Stefan, she was putting Stefan's life in danger, as he could have easily been killed by one of the wooden bullets.

After the raid was over, it looked like she was about to snatch Rebekah's magical necklace, but Stefan arrived and she hid. So was she there to check that her beloved Stefan was alive or was she after the necklace. Or was she actually love stalking Damon? He was in Chicago at the same time. Did she make sure Damon wasn't at the speak easy before tipping off the cops to raid the place? If she's still obsessed with Stefan and following him around, why is she calling up Damon. The first time could have been an attempt to get him to rescue Stefan from Klaus, but once he was back home she surely knew that failed, so why call up Damon, again. Or is this supposed to be evidence that she loves them both as she claimed in the finale? Of course, which one does she love best or most? That's appears to be a question one could ask Stefan about Elena and Rebekah.

After Rebekah is resurrected, Klaus de-compels Stefan to remember everything from their Chicago days. Apparently, after Klaus compelled Stefan to forget Rebekah, he saw her necklace laying on the floor and picked it up and kept it all those years, before giving it to Elena. So even when he was made to forget Rebekah some part of him still remembered. Stefan actually had a real relationship with Rebekah unlike the nonsense they've tried to sell with Stefan's non-relationship with Katherine where she fed on him and compelled him to be her little puppet and that's supposed to be some great love relationship.

It was a good episode. I don't think it was the greatest episode ever as many are proclaiming. The D/E scenes bordered on the icky. Damon was great in all his scenes with the exception of the Elena scenes. It's bizarre. Damon and Katherine have great chemistry and Damon and Elena don't, even though the same actress plays both Katherine and Elena. I think it's that Damon's character works better with Katherine and doesn't work at all with Elena. Also thought Rebekah was a great new character. Think she's a far better and more interesting character than Klaus is. And really writers, all of season 2 was about Elena being in jeopardy. Do we really need to go there again this season?


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