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The Vampire Diaries -- The Lifting Of The Veil

Updated on May 11, 2013

Original Airing: May 9, 2013

In this episode I started wondering why Damon has never been shown on screen being Silas. Stefan said he was fooled by Silas pretending to be Damon, but that happened off-screen. And if you think about Silas’ story about how he’s spent all these years trying to reunite with the love of his life, it’s very similar to Damon spending a 150 years trying to reunite with Katherine. In this episode Silas revealed that the scarred face was also fake, so why the big deal about what he looks like, unless he looks like one of the characters. There’s also the fact Damon was able to choke Silas’ and Silas’ wasn’t able to over power him, and this was after he’d juiced up on blood to make him extra stronger. What if Damon is Silas’ doppelganger?

While Elena was determined to kill Katherine, Bonnie linked herself with Katherine as she linked the site of the three sacrifices and prepared to use Silas’ headstone to lift the veil. She planned to only lift the veil temporarily in the triangular area that the three sacrifices formed to find out how to kill Silas. Enter Elena who tries to kill Katherine, but nearly ends up killing Bonnie. Stefan stops her and finally gets through to her. She goes to Jeremy’s grave to give into her grief and is greeted by none other than Kol, who wants revenge. Jeremy shows up to try and save Elena, but he isn’t able to kill him. However, Stefan snaps Kol’s neck and saves Elena’s life, then leaves her alone with Jeremy to say goodbye to him.

Damon is also reunited with someone he loves… Ric. He comes to Damon after Elena stakes him for not wanting to go along with killing Katherine, even after she tries to rev him up by reminding him all the decades Katherine strung him along. He says even though he hates Katherine if Elena does it it’ll cause her to turn off her emotions, again. So she sticks a wooden stake in his gut and takes off to go after Katherine.

Ric pulls the stake out and it was the Ric before Plec destroyed Damon and Alaric to make him turn on Damon for Elena and to pimp her beloved Stefan/Klaus lame bromance. At first, Damon thinks Ric is Silas, but when Ric shows he knows where the booze is hidden, Damon knows it’s Ric. They have a great reunion.

After Bonnie unlinks herself with Katherine she’s inundated with Silas pretending to be Caroline and Stefan alternately. Then Silas reveals the scarred face isn’t his real face. Then Gran shows up and Bonnie has a happy reunion with her grandmother, who tells Bonnie she has the power to take care of Silas, herself. When Damon comes upon Ric, he isn’t buying it’s really Ric and realizes he’s Silas. He wraps a chain around Silas’ neck, then Bonnie uses her mind to turn Silas into stone. Damon laments that they never did get to see what Silas really looks like as his face is hidden in his rock form. Damon then suggests that he and Stefan dump Silas in the ocean like they’d planned to do with Klaus.

Bonnie has one more magic spell she plans to do. She intends to make Jeremy be able to stay in this world. Her Gran tries desperately to stop her, but she won’t listen. As she’s doing the spell she collapses. Later, she finds herself standing with Gran and wonders what happened. Gran points to Bonnie laying on the floor and reveals that Bonnie killed herself trying to bring Jeremy back for good.

In the same way earlier in the season Stefan pushed Damon to be Elena’s savior, Damon did the same and pushed Stefan to be Elena’s savior. While Ric was pushing Damon to go for Elena and even gave him the cure to claim her. Meanwhile Lexie returns and she’s now anti-Elena and pro-Caroline. She says Elena slapping Stefan is proof she doesn’t love him and seems to be encouraging Stefan to go for Caroline. Yeah, and what about Elena shoving a stake in Damon’s gut. Is that supposed to be proof of her everlasting love for him? The fact is she hurt Damon more than she did Stefan. And when Damon and Stefan were burning her in the sun, she threatened to kill Damon, not Stefan. Shut-up, Lexie, you inane twit!

The episode left you with more questions than answers. Like is Bonnie really dead and will she stay dead? I wouldn’t mind Bonnie going off into the afterlife with Jeremy and her Gran, but how the heck are these people going to function without their resident witch around to get them out of the corner the writer’s write the characters in and need a magic spell to get themselves out of the corner? I actually would like the characters to have to fend for themselves. It might add some risk to the situations instead of knowing Bonnie will wave her magic wand and the troubles will vanish.

I actually didn’t feel anything over Bonnie dying. It’s because the writers have made death have no consequence anymore. Damon kills Matt and he’s fine because he has the resurrecto ring on. All the dead characters are back because the veil has been lifted. Death really has no consequence on the show anymore and it makes you meh about it, because it may not be permanent or be reversed by the end of the next show.

Of course, the big question is with Bonnie dead, how is the veil going to be put back in place and get rid of these obnoxious ghosts? It’s why I wonder if they’ll find a way to reverse Bonnie being dead. However, she got written into such a corner, there really is no where left to go with the character, so killing her off would be a good decision, if she gets to go off with Jeremy and her Gran.

I really wish they’d end this Damon/Elena crap. Damon has lost so much of what made Damon Damon now he’s Elena’s pathetic little lap dog who’ll do anything for her.

Speaking of Elena, she’s supposed to make another big decision between which Salvatore brother she wants. Who cares? I think it would be hilarious if she picked Stefan only Stefan rejects her. I mean, after all she’s done with Damon, would Stefan really want to take her back. Damon is so desperate for her he’d gladly take Stefan’s sloppy seconds and consider himself lucky.

Most people seem to think she’ll choose Damon, but if she does wouldn’t that put a final end to the triangle. Now she’s apparently unsired, if she picks Damon, then there’d be no hope for Stefan and Elena, so the foul triangle would finally be over with Damon being the loser for getting picked.

The other speculation is Stefan will get the cure and that will revitalize this godawful triangle. I’m sorry, but Stefan becoming human is no story. Damon becoming human would be, as he completely changed becoming a vampire How could Damon try to go back to being human after the things he’s done to cope with being a vampire? Stefan as a vampire is the same as Stefan as a human. As I said, no story.

Maybe if Damon takes the cure, because of the sire bond, Elena would also be cured. Enough of Elena the vampire. The story got old and boring a long time ago. Turn him back into being a human. Enough already.


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