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The Vampire Diaries -- The Man Katherine Won't Admit To Loving Is More Important Than Who She Claims To Love

Updated on April 5, 2013

Well, things aren’t looking good on the Damon and Katherine front. Is there even a Damon and Katherine front? Not in the world of Julie I violate every law of good writing Plec. She’s done everything she can think of to sandbag Damon and Katherine. Of course, shipper pleaser Plec forgot one thing. Katherine has said she loves many men and it doesn’t mean a hill of beans. And there’s a few areas the hack has forgotten to destroy to really smash any Damon and Katherine pairing to smithereens.

As I said, Katherine has said told a lot of men she loves them. She told Mason Lockwood she loved him and not only was she planning to use him as the werewolf sacrifice to get Klaus off her back, she’s the one who manipulated events so that Mason’s werewolf gene was activated, so he’d go looking for the moonstone. And she was doing all this while telling him she loved him.

She also told Stefan she loved him while compelling him into her mindless slave while she used him as nothing more than a convenient blood bag. She was also giving him no choice on whether to become a vampire or not. Meanwhile she never compelled Damon [Plec rewrote that to sell Stefan and Katherine as some great romance and Damon and Katherine as nothing.] And Katherine gave Damon a choice on whether he wanted to become a vampire or not. [Something Plec hasn’t managed to rewrite as of yet.] Yet, Stefan’s the one she loves.

And now it’s Elijah. She gave him the cure to prove she loves him when he doubted her sincerity. Meanwhile Katherine declared Damon didn’t know her, because he said the house she was living in wasn’t her. And Stefan knew what Katherine’s birthday and Damon didn’t have a clue. Yeah, Stefan who was compelled 99% of the time during his relationship with Katherine remembered her birthday some 150 years later when he didn’t even know what Katherine’s real name was and Damon did. Yeah, that sounds believable. Damon knew without having to be told Katherine liked to be chased and told Stefan that, and Katherine had to tell Elijah to chase her cause he didn’t get her, yet Damon doesn’t get Katherine. The one who doesn’t get Katherine is Plec, but then she doesn’t get or understand any of the characters, that’s why her writing for them sucks so badly.

I really believe this whole Elijah and Katherine nonsense is all because Daniel Gilles has been on the rag for three years yapping to anyone who’ll listen about how he wants to be romantically paired with Nina Dobrev on the show. For years he’s been pushing for Elena, but in the last year he seemed to realize even though he’s one of the three actors on the show Plec caters to and likes to please [Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan are the other two] her devotion to the triangle from hell will never see him paired with Elena, so then he started pushing for Katherine and he got her. Even though considering the story that passed between these two previously the pairing makes absolutely no sense.

Elijah was suddenly no longer enthralled by Elena and willing to do anything for her. Nay, he was willing to kill Elena if his beloved Katerina was harmed. In short utter BS. This is the guy that was hunting Katherine down for Klaus and imprisoned her in the tomb. And this is the woman who did everything she could to keep Elijah dead. But now they’re suddenly in love and supposedly Katherine even loved Elijah back in the day even though the one Katherine was into was Klaus, not Elijah.

But it’s really neither here nor there. As I said Katherine has told a lot of men she loved them. They tend to be men that are safe to love because she’s the one in control. They don’t inspire deep emotions and deep passions in her. They never make her feel out of control. They never make her think with her heart instead of her head. They never make her put their own needs over her own.

The only man that’s been able to do that is Damon. When she returned to MysticFalls she made a big deal of saying she was avoiding Damon and didn’t want to see them. Then what does she do? She seeks him out and tries to seduce him like she couldn’t stay away from him. Damon’s the only man that she loves that she’s gone out of her way to make him think she doesn’t love him. Nay, that he means nothing to her. He’s also the only man she’s put before her own best self needs. She could have let Damon’s plan to kill Klaus go on as planned, but if she did Damon would die, so she sabotaged it to save Damon’s life even though that meant ruining her best chance to finally be free of Klaus. She also did it in a way so Damon wouldn’t know of her sacrifice and so he wouldn’t realize he does mean something to her. She referred to what she did as her humanity slipping out, and it seems only Damon has the power to make that happen. Devoted puppy dogs like Elijah certainly don’t.

So Julie Plec can piss all over Damon and Katherine and try and twist the facts about their love story all she wants, but the fact that Damon is the only man Katherine goes out of her to make him think he means nothing to her speaks volumes. It trumps whomever Katherine is declaring her love for. It’s not who she’s claiming to love that matters, but the one she loves and claims she doesn’t love that’s the thing.

And the one thing that prevents Plec from destroying Damon and Katherine from Damon’s side of things is he doesn’t know Katherine really loves him. He doesn’t know it was Katherine that really saved his life when he was going to kill Klaus and not Stefan. Stefan was only able to save Damon because Katherine gave him blood and convinced him to do it. Damon not knowing that and believing Katherine never loved him colors the way he behaves towards Katherine. If Damon knew the truth and still acted this way then that would destroy Damon and Katherine from his side of things.

The fact is when Damon thought Katherine truly loved him, he chose Katherine over Elena. He was all ready to kill Elena if Stefan didn’t give him what he needed to get Katherine out of the tomb. And when Katherine told Damon she never loved him he went to Elena on the rebound. He was also willing to become a vampire for Katherine, but wouldn’t become human for Elena.

Damon and Katherine are the only true epic love story on the show. They’re also the only couple that doesn’t have gross and disgusting aspects that Julie Plec taints the couples she claims are the epic ones. Plec, of course, will never admit this truth, because Plec wouldn’t know an epic romance if it bit her on her untalented backside.

Plec may have managed to batter and bruise Damon and Katherine with the usual garbage she pulls, but the essence still remains. Until Katherine tells Damon she loves him and it means nothing to him the Damon and Katherine love story will remain intact no matter what garbage Plec tries to pull.


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