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The Vampire Diaries -- The Mysterious Coffin Opens

Updated on February 4, 2012

I called it! Ester was in the coffin!

Well, one thing got put to rest in 3.13. Some fan seemed to have made up the name Charlotte as the name of the Original Petrova and a lot of people took it as the gospel. It was Charlotte Petrova this and Charlotte Petrova that. Well, guess what, her name wasn't Charlotte, it was Tatia. The show runners even said that the character's name wasn't Charlotte, but fans turned a blind ear to it. Guess they can't anymore since they made it official. Once again, the Original Petrova wasn't named Charlotte, her name was Tatia.

What was the moment Stefan stopped being the Faux Ripper? When Elena told him she kissed Damon. When was the moment when Stefan decided he wanted Elena back? When he learned Damon might have an actual shot with Elena. The minute he found out, Stefan moved his tail back home to make sure nothing more than that could happen between Damon and Elena. I don't really get that Stefan really wants Elena back. He hasn't gone over to Elena telling her that he's done doing bad things and he's going to get back to being her Stefan again. No, he's punching Damon and copping an attitude with Damon. This whole dropping of the big bad Stefan act isn't about Elena, it's all about Damon. He didn't come home to Elena, he came home to Damon. It's all about making Damon feel guilty and bad for what he did and making sure Damon doesn't get what he wants.

There's apparently someone going around targeting members of The Council. Their weapons of choice are Alaric's vampire slayer paraphernalia and Elena's fingerprints are all over them. You had to know Julie Plec would find someway to shove Elena into a story that has absolutely nothing to do with her, didn't you? Well, I hoped she wouldn't, but then I live and hope this Elena crap will end. Guess I'm a hopeless optimist.

The latest victim of The Council Killer is Bill Forbes. Can't say I really cared. Because Meredith had given Bill Damon's blood to save his life, Bill becomes a vampire. Vapid Vampire Barbie Caroline can't seem to get why he chooses to die opposed to becoming a full-fledged vampire. The dude loathes vampires. Do you really think he'd want to become one? Anyway, we get treated to pretty much a whole hour of Caroline's vapid whining. Of course, since Elena is Caroline's besty she gets her share of the story and dispensing pearls of wisdom about choice. Elena's the queen of not practicing what she preaches. Stefan chose a path she didn't approve of so she tried to force him on the path she wanted him on by holding him prisoner, starving him and torturing him. With Jeremy, she had him compelled to do what she thought was best for him. So much for being a respecter of free choice.

Matt drops by to give Caroline a supportive hug then takes Elena home. She finds the power out and blood all over the place. Alaric is the latest victim. And I didn't care if Alaric lived or died, either. His character has reeked since they turned him into Elena's butt monkey. They also ruined the Damon/Alaric friendship in the process of taking him to his current butt monkey status. By the way, when is Alaric going to go out and find a place of his own. Elena is 18, she doesn't need him living there. If Matt can live alone, so can Princess E. Get your own place, Alaric, especially now you're dating and bringing your dates home to the home your ex-dead girlfriend lived.

Anyway, Princess E declares that since she's a doppelganger she's supernatural, so she can really kill Alaric and bring him back, or the non-fatal wound could cause Alaric to bleed to death and really die. So if you want to know how to really kill someone wearing a protecto ring, don't try to fatally kill them; just give them a wound so they'll bleed to death. Of course, the question is was Alaric attacked by a human or a supernatural being?

There's a big ? of whose side Elijah really is on when Klaus seems to get him on Team Klaus by promising to reunite the family if they deal with Stefan and get back the last coffin. Elijah also meets Damon in the woods and Damon reveals he is the one who unstaked him and asks how they're going to kill Klaus.

The rest of Damon and Elijah's conversation is held off-camera as Damon heads home to tell Stefan to get dressed, because they're going to a dinner party at Klaus' house. Stefan's all snarky about Damon being stupid to unstake Elijah and still feeling all betrayed about Damon kissing Elena. Damon confronts it head on by saying if he hadn't cut his deal with Klaus, it wouldn't have happened. Again, we have Stefan more upset about Damon kissing Elena than Elena kissing Damon.

Anyway, Stefan goes with Damon to Klaus' house to have dinner with Klaus and Elijah, while Bonnie and Abby work together to pop the cork on the mysterious fourth coffin. Favorite line of the dinner with the boys was when Damon threw in Stefan's face, "Hey, Stef, remember when you killed Dad?" Anyway, Klaus imparts the news that he and Elijah were in love with the original Petrova who was named Tatia. Seems Mommy Ester made the boys put brotherhood before love by killing Tatia. Since the blood all the siblings drank at the dinner was actually Tatia's and not Mikael's, that means Ester must have first turned Tatia into a vampire then used her blood to turn the rest of the family.

Okay, I'm going to take a pause here. This is why I hate the Orignals back story because it's so full of holes it could be Swiss cheese. The curse Ester put on Klaus was he had to have a werewolf and vampire and the blood of the Petrova doppelganger, so one would assume Ester used Tatia's blood, but she couldn't have if Tatia had been turned into a vampire before Ester made her family vampires and discovered Klaus wasn't Mikael's son and put the curse on him. Remember, Katherine's blood wouldn't work because she made herself a vampire. They should have just kept it simple that Mikael used his own blood to turn the children, not make it Tatia so she can be a vampire and show up in town.

The deal Damon struck with Elijah was Klaus would haul ass out of town and never return for the coffin. Klaus says he won't leave without Elena because he can't make more hybrids without her. Then he starts telling Damon and Stefan they're the worst thing to happen to Elena; actually I think she's the worst thing to happen to them. Klaus thinks they should both get out of her life and let her get together with Matt, so she can produce a kid so he can have a new source to make hybrids.

Taking another pause out to say I really don't buy Klaus was in love with Tatia. Elijah yes. You could tell the way he acted when he first saw Katerina, but Klaus just viewed her as someone to use to break his curse. There's no hint in Klaus to ever indicate he was in love with Tatia and seeing Elena or Katherine reminds him of that fact. I mean, the guy murdered Katherine's entire family because she ran and didn't allow him to kill her. And then he spent days torturing Katherine in his apartment. He also had no problem about killing Elena. If someone looked like someone you supposedly loved, could you really do all that to them?

Damon decides to leave the room for awhile. Klaus warns Stefan he's going to end up losing Damon if he isn't careful. He also bites one of the compelled party girls he has standing by and asks if Stefan would like a bite. Apparently, Stefan is no longer addicted to blood and he's kicked the habit, without benefit of withdrawal or anything. But then, the show never wrote Stefan like he had this blood addiction all season, which is supposed to be the excuse for his Ripper antics, since he's an addict that can't control himself.

Things take a nasty turn when Damon comes back into the room. Elijah puts Damon in a choke hold while Klaus holds Stefan's hand to the fire vowing to burn Stefan alive unless Damon gives him the last coffin. Damon agrees and Elijah goes with him. However, they come back and it's revealed Elijah has unstaked his siblings. Damon and Stefan leave as the sibs go on the attack.

Stefan tells Damon he still loves Elena and Damon says he loves her, too. Stefan suggests if Damon let him die, he could have Elena all to himself. He also thanks Damon for saving him, but Damon says to save the thanks until he's saved Stefan as much as Stefan has saved him. Damon also gets a incoming call from Elena, but doesn't take it.

Damon and Stefan go to the secret Lockwood cave and find Bonnie and Abby knocked out and the coffin open. Just as the sibs are about to finish Klaus off, who enters but Ester, who tells Klaus she forgives him for what he did to her. Me rolling my eyes in disgust. Please, let her be lying.

Anyway we're left with a lot of unanswered questions: Is Ester a vampire? Did Klaus turn her into a vampire? She obviously wasn't staked like the rest of the family, but had been sealed in the coffin by magic. Could the Bennett bwitches have sealed her in the coffin? And is it possible she's a hybrid herself? A witchpire?


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      rorshak sobchak 6 years ago

      I really enjoy watching The Vampire Diaries so I enjoyed reading your Hub.