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The Vampire Diaries -- The Nova Scotia Adventure Begins

Updated on February 25, 2013

Original Airing: February 7, 2013

It was back to a not-very interesting episode, as most of it entailed flashbacks of Shane and his dead wife, Caitlin. No offense, but Shane is another of those blah characters who I wouldn’t mind seeing buying the farm, pronto. Along with the ever-annoying and useless April Young.

The gang, featuring Damon, Elena, Stefan, Rebekah, Jeremy and Bonnie were following the psychotic Professor Shane into the woods of Nova Scotia to look for the cure. He claimed that he fell down a magical well and some of his blood enabled him to see his dead wife and she was the one who told him everything he must do to resurrect her and their son. He then paid it forward by getting Pastor Young to slaughter The Council members and to manipulate Hayley to manipulate Tyler and Klaus so they’d slaughter another 12 individuals to make the magic happened. Ghost Caitlin also sicced her psycho husband on Bonnie, because she’s a descendant of the original witch and was needed to help free Silas.

Shane spent the episode taunting Damon about that if Elena becomes human she won’t love him anymore and only thinks she loved him because of the sire bond. Damon, in turn, tied the little creep up and had some fun torturing him. The good old Prof seemed to want Damon to go away, probably because Damon would have stopped this toad’s nefarious plans. Unfortunately, Elena arrived and untied the miserable scum bag, so what followed can be left at her doorstep. Damon had the right idea keeping this freak tied up.

After he was set loose, the scum bag basically kidnapped Bonnie and Jeremy and took Silas’ headstone and forced them to continue on to his magic well. Thanks, Elena.

Things also reached a boiling point between Damon and Elena when she asked him to take the cure with her and he refused. He said he used to miss being a human, but now thinks being a human must be the most miserable thing to be. Then he gave Psycho Shane what he wanted by storming off, but he didn’t get far. One of the One of Five hunters named Vaughn captured him.

Meanwhile, Elena, Stefan and Rebekah made a pact to find the cure together since they all wanted to take it and be human, again.

Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler and Klaus were taunting each other until Vampire Barbie showed up and Klaus grabbed her and bit her. Yep, the great sick romance continued to an even sicker level as he tried to murder her, again. When Tyler left Caroline in front of Klaus to die, he saved her at the last moment. I suppose the shippers for this sick romance thought it was so romantic. Me, it just made this horrific pairing even more sick. It’s one thing for him to try to have this dingbat murdered before he got bitten by the love bug, but for him to do it after he supposedly wuvs her so much is just sick.


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