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The Vampire Diaries -- The Reckoning

Updated on October 14, 2011

All Flash; No Substance

If you just go by what was on the surface, this was a great episode. Of course, if you don't get a case a short term memory and if you really think about what happened in the episode, then you'll know this was not a well-written episode in terms of consistency and character development or in overall writing.

One of the big problems in the writing this year is that their throwing out their own established folk lore for whatever plot twist that pops into their heads. Two of their established facts about vampire mythology was the vampire can compel you and you're unable to resist if you're not dosed with vervain; and the older the vampire is the strong he is. In the last two episodes both those facts have been thrown out the window for whatever plot twist they want to pull. Last episode Caroline the newbie vamp was easily able to beat up Damon who is 145 years older than her because she was mad. There was also Bill Forbes declaring you can train your mind not to be compelled. Maybe, but Stefan hasn't trained his mind to resist and he also seemed to be able to resist being compelled because his great love for Elena. Yeah, whatever. It's writing like this that erodes the foundation of a show and makes it come tumbling down. If you can't be true to the mythology you yourself created, then there's a very big problem.

Their established mythology wasn't the only thing they tossed out the window for some flash-in-the-pan moment. Damon's history with Katherine was he did anything for her because he loved her. He deserted the army to be with her because he loved her. He went out hunting with her and kissed her when her mouth was covered with blood from her victims. He was willing to give up anything and everything for her, yet the bogus BS the writers tried to sell to push this horrible Damon/Elena ill-conceived mess is trying to tell us Damon would only risk it all for Elena. Yeah, whatever.

Anyway, Damon and Katherine's road trip turned out to be pretty much a big nothing. It's only purpose seemed to be to show that Katherine means nothing to Damon and never did and Elena, the woman who can't accept him for who he is and who wants him to turn himself into her great love Stefan and who is appalled at the very thought of being attracted to him is all. Yeah, whatever.

Katherine kidnapped Jeremy. She reveals that to Damon and tells him Pearl knew of a vampire that was a vampire slayer and Anna knows who it is. Jeremy, who liked Damon even after he snapped his neck and all the other things Damon did, now hates his guts much like former best friend Alaric does. Julie Plec said people aren't supposed to like Damon, so I guess this is her way of driving that point home by having people that once liked Damon hate him and call him a dick, not to mention having Damon get beaten up by someone every week. Strangely enough using his gift to help take down Klaus isn't good enough for Jeremy, so Damon has to rough him up. Ghost Anna also doesn't want to help with the information, because she, like everyone else, hates Damon and wouldn't give him a glass of water if he was dying of thirst. But so her beloved Jeremy won't get hurt anymore she spills the beans.

Of course, the moment Damon learns his beloved Elena is in danger, he goes rushing back to Mystic Falls. He finds her in the hospital and he carries her off [not knowing if by taking her from the hospital he's possibly putting her life in danger. Generally, if you're in the hospital, it's because your sick and could die.] to the Salvatore house. In one of many WTF moments of this episode, Elena wonders where Damon was, even though she didn't give him a thought for the entire episode. Damon vows to never leave her, again, forgetting all about the fact she can't accept him for who he is and doesn't want him around if he doesn't act like Stefan used to act. He then gives her back her necklace again, claiming to have stolen back from Katherine. Of course, when that happened, since it didn't happen on screen, remains to be seen. And giving her back a necklace Klaus wants would seem to be just putting her life in further danger seems pretty dumb since Damon's all about keeping her safe. But, hey, it makes a good psuedo-romantic moment that D/E shippers will eat up with a spoon, so that's all that matters, isn't it? Of course, the moment Elena learns what Damon did to Jeremy she'll be all demanding he be a good boy and behave like old Stefan used to and he'll be back to being her trained lap dog, again, when he finally reclaimed his balls and was acting like the real Damon for about five minutes.

in other ridiculous plot developments. Klaus killed Tyler and turned him into a hybrid. He suddenly figured out that the original witch hated him so she lied about him needing to kill the doppelganger and it's the doppelgangers blood that a newly-minted hybrid needs to drink to become a successful hybrid. Of course, Tyler suffering with the werewolf curse and his suffering at changing at every full moon is now all gone, which takes a big part away from this character. And the whole werewolf/vampire thing was why the show was selling Tyler/Caroline as this Romeo and Juliet romance, and that was tossed out the window, as well. But they needed a way for Klaus to not want to kill Elena and for her to be important to Klaus, so there you have it. Just a little collateral damage to get themselves out of the writing corner they'd written themselves into to make everything all about Elena.

In the other big story of the night, Matt decided to drown himself, so Vicky could tell them how to deal with Klaus. This time Bonnie performed CPR on Matt and brought him back. And lo and behold Matt can now see ghosts, too. Wasn't the whole supposed cause of Jeremy seeing ghosts because Bonnie used magic to resurrect him when it was his time to die and that was a consequence of her actions. So now any person who flat lines and is resuscitated can now see ghosts, apparently.

In other news, Jeremy guides Katherine to where Michael the vampire vampire hunter is. He's wrapped in chains and his eyes pop open. Damon gets beaten up, this week, by Klaus, and tells him Michael is back. And Klaus runs away like a scared little boy. And Rebekah learns Elena has her necklace, but since Klaus no longer needs it, it remains to be seen if the magical witch necklace story will be dropped or continue.

Of course, the main attraction for the night was the epic love of Stefan and Elena. Klaus had a hard time compelling Stefan because of that great love bond, but he finally managed to do it and order him to drain Elena dry. Stefan claimed if he started drinking he couldn't stop, but apparently he did. Apparently, a light bulb lit up above Klaus' pointed little head as he watched Stefan draining Elena and realized he needed her blood to successfully make his hybrid army. And apparently after Stefan fed on her, there was even enough blood left in her to fill a blood bag so Klaus can make him some blood bags. And after losing all that blood Elena was fine and dandy to be carried away from the hospital by Damon and just needed to drink whiskey to combat any blood loss.

Also apparently, Klaus told Stefan to be Elena's protector as he was heading out of town with his tale tucked between his legs, as Stefan is back home and living with Damon and not caring his brother is declaring his eternal devotion to his girlfriend.

I know all the fans are gushing over how great this episode is, but writing-wise is was pretty putrid. If the writing continues in this vein, I really don't see this show lasting beyond next season.


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