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The Vampire Diaries -- The Ties That Bind

Updated on January 21, 2012

Bonnie Meets Her Mother

It really is all about Elena. Or whomever is writing this whole thing, thinks so. Bonnie shows Elena where the coffins are [bad idea, really bad idea], because she needs Elena to help her find her Mommy. See, Bonnie couldn't go to Caroline and get Caroline's mother to give her a list of Abby Bennetts. No, only Elena could go to Caroline and get that kind of information. And even then it was Damon that came strutting through the door with the correct information. But the topper had to be that the reason Abby Bennett abandoned Bonnie: it was because of Elena. Really? Really! I try not to go on about this Elena rubbish, but she's even the reason Bonnie got abandoned, and let me guess? Bonnie won't mind a bit because it was for Elena. This just went from ridiculous to ludicrous.

Klaus, who generally isn't the brightest bulb in the package, happens to be one step ahead of the girls, as they head out on their road trip. He sends one of his hybrids to Abby Bennett's doorstep. We don't see what happens. Apparently, he compelled Abby's foster son [can't recall his name. If this is who they sandbagged Jeremy for so he could be Bonnie's new love interest, this is another ultimate fail.] to kill himself if Bonnie doesn't reveal where the coffins are.

Anyway, Abby tells how her friend, Miranda Gilbert, Elena's mother, got her to help get rid of Mikael when he came to kill the doppelganger. Think of all the problems that would have been avoided if he'd succeeded. Anyway, Abby drove Mikael out of town and she burned out her magic putting Mikael in that crypt. Afterwards, she decided to just not come back. Anyway, Abby claims being around Bonnie is making her magic come back. Are you sure it isn't Elena? You know how magical she is. And she wants to help Bonnie open the coffin like she did in Bonnie's dream.

Klaus hauls tail over to Castle of The Damned Witches. They don't burn the precious boy, but they do give him a killer migraine. It's nice seeing the bwitches torture someone who isn't Damon. But Klaus gets the upper hand with the bwitches. He tells Damon a home truth that about the bwitches; they're basically out for themselves. Damon knows this well in his dealings with the nasty hags. They uncloak the coffins for Klaus when he threatens to whack the rest of the precious Bennett line. Unfortunately, Damon knew Klaus was coming, so he prepared a few little surprises for him.

When Abby and Bonnie were having a face-off with Klaus' hybrid, Abby used her phone to tell Bonnie to text someone to warn them. So Damon knew Klaus was coming but he didn't bake a cake. He hid that all important coffin that can destroy The Klaus. When Klaus threatens to rip Damon's heart off, Damon's not intimidated. In short, you kill me, you'll never get that coffin back. Damon had one more trick up his sleeve for Klaus. Before Klaus arrived to take back his coffins, Damon unstaked Elijah. So once back in The House Of Klaus the lord of the manor is faced with his very angry brother who takes his anger out on one of Klaus' hybrids and rips his heart out.

Stefan follows Elena and Bonnie to Abby's house. Abby's Foster Son [whose name still eludes me] shoots Stefan and ties Elena up. Since Princess E had been taking her Buffy lessons, she's able to release herself and pull wooden bullets from Stefan's heart. Stefan gets all upset and starts to feel when Elena basically says she kissed Damon and she liked it. Stefan wouldn't be our Stefan if he didn't use the opportunity to put Damon down. So he tells Elena she's too good for Damon and she's even too good for him, as hard as that is to believe. Then he goes home and punches Damon.

Damon's all like, "Now you got that out of your system, can get to something important." As he holds up the killer dagger and Stefan wonders just what Damon has done. Oh, he's done something really good! Something far better than shoving blood down Elena's throat and threatening to murder her and making her relive her parents death and leaving her alone on the spot her parents died.

When Damon hears about Alaric's new girlfriend having a fight with the medical examiner who someone staked even though he's not a vampire, he goes to check out Dr. Fell. She vervains him and takes a hypo of his blood, which Damon goes and tells Alaric about. She uses Damon's blood to save Bill Forbes life. I'm sure Damon would be thrilled about that. Seems she likes using vampire blood to save people that would otherwise die. Wonder who her vampire sacrifice was before Damon. Of course, Alaric doesn't bother to ask her that.

Speaking of Psycho Dad, Tyler has summoned Bill to town to help him break his sire's bond with Klaus. He tells Caroline that Klaus told him to bite her and even though he refused, he did it anyway. Bill says Tyler changing into a wolf without pain will release him from the spell. Does anyone not really buy that this bond can be broke? I still find the whole Bill can't be compelled stuff is really bogus. Just how did he train his mind not to be compelled. Makes no sense.

I actually enjoyed this episode because Damon got to interact with people and didn't get stuck attached to Elena's hip. I thoroughly enjoyed all of Damon's interactions with everyone.

I am, however, wondering if Klaus may be on his way out by season's end. This new mystery may bring a new big bad ugly to town that will need to be dealt with. I mean, they were talking about dragging this Original thing out to next season, then they killed off two of the Originals off-camera so they wouldn't have to bring them on. Now they're going to introduce the last two and then it'll be over, finally. Come on, The Vampire Diaries, deep-six Klaus and make my day.



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