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The Vampire Diaries -- The Transition

Updated on October 14, 2012

Damon's transition was better...

I remember last year how excited I was over the new season of The Vampire Diaries. I was filled with such hope. I thought season two being all about Elena was just an anomaly. That since Stefan and Elena are supposed to be the stars of the show, season three would focus on Stefan as Ripper Stefan. I thought the season two finale was hinting at a Damon/Katherine/Elena triangle. I thought we'd see this whole hybrid threat that was supposed to put everyone in danger be realized as the gang had to find a way to get rid of them, when they were supposed to be invincible.

What did I get? I discovered the stars of the show were really Elena and Klaus and the Elena Show was no anomaly as every story became all about Elena. The hybrids were easier to kill than werewolves. Stefan's Ripper story took a back seat to Klaus and Stefan's Excellent Adventures. Katherine vanished after putting Damon before Stefan. The flashback episode billed as Damon's was really just another Stefan flashback in disguise. And the end to the triangle was the biggest lie of all.

This season I have no illusions about the show. It'll continue to be all about Elena and Klaus. We'll have to be subjected to every burp and fart of Elena's transformation into becoming a vampire until we'll want to stake her to be free of her. And this horrible triangle will never end. Is it any wonder that after taping The Vampire Diaries it took me several days later to finally watch it?

After how many people we've seen be turned into a vampire on this show, the old transition thing has gotten to be old hat. But because it's happening to Elena, Julie Plec is treating it like it's something new and special because it's happening to her beloved Elena. Per usual, the whole thing was overdone and over-the-top.

Proponents for Elena becoming a vampire who were salivating at the idea of it and just begging for it to happen claimed one added bonus is no one would need to be willing to sacrifice themselves to save her, anymore. Well, guess what? Bonnie nearly gave herself a cerebral hemorrhage judging by the copious amounts of blood that came squirting out of her nose as she tried to pull off the stunt John did the last time Stefan respected Elena's choices and she arrived at death's door. Only thing is she forgot the reason that worked was John had to die and trade his soul for Elena's. Instead, she thought she could pull a Matt and put herself at the edge of death, hop around in the nether world, grab Elena's special little soul and come back.

It didn't work that way. Bonnie's Gram showed up and put a stop to it and made her go back into her body. She also warned her not to mess around in the big bad black magic world again or there would be consequences. Unfortunately, she didn't listen and Gram popped up again and paid the price. What price one can only guess, since the woman was already dead, but her soul crumbled to dust. Maybe she got sent to the big bad dark place where vampires get sent to opposed to the big bright golden place all the hypocritical witches go to when they croak.

Anyway, the whole Klaus in Tyler's body story wrapped up quickly. Taus learned his precious Caroline had been taken by The Council and he rushed to save her. He also left Rebekah, who had also been taken, behind in the van, revealing who he was to her. And here was Rebekah mourning the worm's death before she got caught. Caroline was already to jump Taus' bones until he called her love and she used her limited brain cells to figure out he was Klaus. Klaus demanded Bonnie put him back in his scorched body or he'd rip Tyler's heart out.

We actually got to see a neat new skill Original Vampires can do or maybe it's a hybrid trick. Klaus made his nails grow long sharp and pointy, as he threatened to rip out Tyler's heart. Probably not a vampire trick. Plec has watered vampires down so much that the only difference between them and humans is they drink blood and have fangs.

Anyway, Klaus got his body back. The whole possessing Tyler's body went nowhere fast just like Alaric being turned into a Super Duper Vampire Hunter. Unfortunately, in Plec's Vampire Diaries' interesting stories always go nowhere and become the blink and you missed them variety. The only story that won't go away is the stupid lame triangle that just won't go away. Besides, Plec couldn't be without her precious JoMo as Klaus. She wouldn't know what to do with herself.

Rebekah and Klaus had a confrontation for him just leaving her behind like she meant nothing to him. Guess what, honey, you don't. She got him back by destroying all his precious Elena doppelganger blood so he can't make any new hybrids. No big deal. They were much ado about nothing anyway. And Klaus returned the favor by snapping Rebekah's neck and walking out the door. Well, Rebekah has something else in common with Damon now. Having their sibling snap their neck because of precious Elena.

I have to say the most interesting part of the episode was The Council trying to capture all the vampire vermin and exterminate them. Loved Carol and Liz getting it for being sympathizers. While all the fans were shooting spittle of outrage from their mouths over what Pastor Young was doing and wanting him to die, I could kind of relate to what he was doing. If I have mice or roaches in my house, I try to exterminate them. They're parasites on the human race and so are vampires. Thanks to Plec turning nearly everyone in Mystic Falls into a vampire last season, the human race has become an endangered species.

Anyway, after the vampires triumph once again and escape, Pastor Young turns on the gas during a meeting of The Council and lights his lighter and blows The Council up. He claims this is only the beginning. Either he made some kind of deal [possibly with Esther] to become zombie vampire hunters, which kind of violates The Council's anti-supernatural stance or he killed them all to prevent them all being vampirized when the vampires came back wanting revenge. With Plec, who can't stay consistent to any story, it could be the zombie vampire hunter thing.

Anyway, back to special little Elena's special little transition. She never really struggled with the should she or shouldn't she become a vampire. She was counting on Bonnie to come up with some magical cure for her. But when that didn't happen she wanted blood like Audrey II in Little Shop Of Horrors. I guess the really hilarious thing is even in that she couldn't do it on her own. Rebekah either still has a thing for Stefan or she was moved by the great epic love of Stefan and Elena, but she helped Stefan feed some blood to her so she could complete her transition.

Then newly-minted Vampire Elena knocked Damon away from Matt when he was about to kill him because Matt lived and Dimwit died. We got to hear said Dimwit go on about honoring her choices when she asked what Damon would have done if he'd been there. It really kills me how she thinks her choices must be honored, when she never honors or respects anyone else's choices.

She didn't honor or respect Jeremy's choices when she had him compelled. She didn't honor or respect Damon's choices to feed on humans, demanding he be like Stefan. She didn't honor or respect Bonnie's choices when Bonnie was willing to die to stop Klaus. But you're selfish if you don't honor her choices. Yeah, whatever.

She also went on about how she'd be feeling if Matt had died and she had lived. But it's okay the way Matt is feeling, because only Elena's feelings matter. Frankly, she would have gotten over it in two seconds. She doesn't have deep feelings except for Stefan. Look at when Isobel spontaneously combusted before her eyes? Five minutes later and she was all over it.

Damon had to say he was selfish because he would save the life of someone he loved and not be selfless like Saint Stefan who didn't want to make her mad by not doing what she said. And Matt also was told his feeling didn't matter and he was being selfish for not being honored for the great gift Vampire Elena gave him. Matt and Damon were acting like real people would act. The way normal people would react. Yet they were treated like what they were feeling was wrong or bad.

The reason I say Damon's transition was better is he made a choice to not become a vampire and had to be tempted by Stefan opening someone's vein in front of him to complete the transition. And afterward, Damon was completely different. You could see he'd been changed by the transition. With Elena she never was struggling whether or not to not go through with it. She was waiting for some magic fix to fix the mess someone honoring one of her stupid choices had caused. When that didn't happen, she had no misgivings about feeding on blood and becoming a vampire. And afterwards, she was just the same old Elena but with fangs. And that's why Damon's transition is better. We saw what Damon was like as a human and there isn't a trace of that Damon left in him because he became a vampire.

As for the the fans who have been pushing for Elena to become a vampire, they can't seem to understand why people like me loathe this story or find it ridiculous. For me, it's because the way it happened was so badly written and lame it makes the story lame and ridiculous. Elena bumps her head and seems fine then she passes out and is secretly given vampire blood and when she gets in an accident just like her parents accident she decides she's supposed to die and has her boyfriend [who supposedly loves her so much] leave her to die while rescuing someone he doesn't even care about because he's too much of a wimp to stand up to her and make her mad. The stupid ninny was awake and just sat there like a lump not even trying to save herself. There was no reason she couldn't have swam out of that car with Matt and Stefan. No she just sat there and drowned like the stupid moron she is. And now all of us who didn't want this story get to be subjected to every burp and fart of Elena getting accustomed to being a vampire. Oh, joy!

And to the Bonnie fans still yapping about wanting Bonnie to morph into Dark Willow. This is the Vampire Diaries not Buffy The Vampire Slayer. You want to see Dark Willow, go watch reruns of Buffy. I think you've seen all the Dark Bonnie you're going to get. She knows what it cost her Grams because she embraced the dark. I highly doubt that's going to make her go dark. You got your way with Elena becoming a vampire. Cut your losses and forget about the Dark Bonnie stuff.


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