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The Vampire Diaries Top 10 Episodes Of Season 2

Updated on July 30, 2011

In My Opinion, Of Course

10. The Last Dance -- Alaric is being possessed by Klaus and he's on a witch hunt. He wants to kill Bonnie so she doesn't interfere with his ritual. Of course, Damon comes up with a plan to fake out Klaus by faking Bonnie's death. He doesn't let Stefan or Elena in on it, and gets a slap for it. In turn, Elena makes one of the dumbest moves she made all season, and resurrects Elijah.

9. Katerina -- We learn a little about Katherine. She had a baby out of wedlock and was banished from her home. She met up with Klaus, learned he wanted to use her as the doppelganger sacrifice, ran away, met up with Rose and tricked her into turning her into a vampire, then returned home to discover Klaus had slaughtered her entire family in revenge.

8. The Last Day -- The episode begins with Damon force-feeding Elena his blood and ends with him getting bitten by Tyler, when Tyler turned into a wolf while Damon was freeing him and Caroline from captivity so they won't be used as the wolf and vampire sacrifices in Klaus' ritual. Meanwhile Elena walked off with Klaus and discovered her Aunt Jenna would be playing a part in the ritual no one ever dreamed would happen.

7. The Return -- Damon feeds Caroline his blood so she won't die, never dreaming Katherine will kill Caroline, turning her into a vampire. Stefan force feeds John his blood and threatens to turn him into a vampire unless he leaves town, something Stefan didn't reveal to Elena. Katherine visited Damon and nearly seduced him until he wanted to know the truth, and she claimed she never loved him. In response, Damon ended up snapping Jeremy's neck and would have killed him if he hadn't been wearing John's resurrecto ring.

6. The Dinner Party -- John gave Damon a dagger, and what Damon doesn't know is if he uses it to kill Elijah, it will kill him, too. Alaric is tipped to the fact and kills Elijah instead. This enables Katherine to get out of the tomb and when Damon comes back to his room he finds a naked Katherine showering and flaunting her body for his eye view.

5. As I Lay Dying -- Damon is having some fevered dreams of Katherine as the wolf bite really begins to affect him. Meanwhile, Stefan is making a deal with the devil, to save Damon's life. And Katherine shows her first unselfish moment when she gets free of Klaus' house and comes to Damon and hand feeds him the cure.

4. Kill or Be Killed -- Mason outs Damon and Stefan to Liz as vampires, and to save them Caroline ends up outting herself as a vampire to her mother. It also turns out that Mason and Katherine are loves, and that she's responsible for activating his werewolf curse.

3. The House Guest -- The highlight of the episode is Damon and Katherine's interaction. From the hand-slapping scene, to Katherine calling for Damon when she was in danger, to Damon rejecting her when she tried to seduce him, they were great. Caroline singing Eternal Flame to Matt was also a great moment.

2. Masquerade -- Katherine was at her most nastiest as she wanted that moonstone back. Damon and Stefan with the help of Bonnie and Jeremy devised a plan to kill Katherine. Unfortunately, Katherine was two steps ahead of them. She had her own witch, Lucy, bind her to Elena so if she got hurt Elena would feel the pain. There was also a great fight between Katherine and the Salvatore brother. Her witch Lucy turned on her and when Katherine had that moonstone in her hot little hands, she collapsed to the floor. When she woke up, she found herself in the tomb, and Damon imprisoned her there in the place he believed she'd been imprisoned for 145 years.

1. The Descent -- This is the only episode of The Vampire Diaries that has made me cry. Rose got bitten by a wolf in a bite that was meant for Damon. Damon tried everything he could to find a cure to save her. When he couldn't find one, he put a beautiful dream in Rose's head, as he staked her and put her out of her misery.


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    • profile image

      Lybrah 4 years ago

      Great hub! I have yet to check out those episodes, as I just started watching the show. Check out my Vampire Diaries hub!

    • darlynn86 profile image

      darlynn86 6 years ago from Indianapolis

      love, Love, LOVE this show! Great hub! I love the episodes where they go to the past! Very true about your first choice, such a softer side to Damon!