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The Vampire Diaries -- Two Boring Villains For The Price Of One

Updated on October 13, 2013

Matt puts the Gilbert Ring to the test

The Originals are apparently tanking in the ratings. The Original episode on The Vampire Diaries tanked, but it got green lighted for a series. Normally, I'd be doing a happy dance and saying, "In your face," to the Original groupies who proclaimed that all the other characters on the vampire diaries were nothing and their precious Originals were what made the show. Unfortunately, if The Originals get cancelled that means the vermin will be slithering their way back to the show along with their vermin queen, Julie Plec, and having both off the show has vastly improved the quality of the show even though the stories aren't that gripping or interesting. I actually don't get sick to my stomach before watching an episode wondering what atrocity Plec will commit in this episode. The woman has no business writing the vampire genre because she's a total incompetent at it. The Original groupies are trying to say the ratings are bad because no one knows when the show is on. They'll never admit the Originals were only popular because they leeched off the popularity of the original Vampire Diaries characters.

Now if the show would stop pandering to Paul Wesley and his demands to play a villain. Silas was described as this ultimate villain but he's really a bad joke. This show has had two really great villains: season one Damon and Matt Davis as Klaus. I wouldn't mind Wesley wanting to play a villain if he was good at it, but like I said before he plays all his roles the same as Human Stefan. It's why I've never been a fan of his or his character. The Ripper had one good scene and that was when he made Andie jump to her death in front of Damon and that was it. So far Silas hasn't even had that much. The Ripper and Silas as villains are very pedestrian. There's not true sense of true danger from them. They're like pit bulls who had all their teeth removed. Not the least bit scary.

The sad thing is we should trade Joseph Morgan and Paul Wesley and let them play Stefan and Klaus instead. Morgan won't play his role as a villain and wants to play it like he's some tragic hero, when Klaus was supposed to be the ultimate evil until Silas came down the pike. And Wesley doesn't want to play the "tragic hero" and wants to play a villain.

Anyway Silas was still looking for Katherine. For some reason he wants to kill her. He drops in to visit Elena at college who has discovered one of the professors there may have a link to her father. Being a punk butt female dog Silas can't wait to rat Damon out on all the things he's been keeping from Elena. He also leaves her compelled to feel overwhelming anger when she sees Damon.

This is a thing that bugs me. Silas from the start has always acted like he has some personal grudge against Damon. The first time he pretended to be Stefan he dug Damon about being second-best to him in regards to Elena and how his relationship with Elena was deeper and better than Damon's. Now he programs Elena to kill Damon. Will this be something that's explored in the Silas story?

Damon, meanwhile, is having a scene with Liz. One of the highlights of the episode. A Plec-free Vampire Diaries has been good for Damon, so far. He's been shown to care about his brother and he's been having scenes with people other than Elena. Damon wants Liz to drag the lake for Stefan and when he reveals how bad he feels knowing Stefan's been suffering all summer long while he was having a good time with Elena she agrees to do it. Imagine that, a bit of the old Liz/Damon friendship. It was great to see. We haven't seen it since Plec began taking away all of Damon's friendships that had nothing to do with Elena.

When Damon hears that Silas is up at the college he rushes there and gets vervained by Elena and tied up as she tortures and tries to kill him. The only way he can get her to break the spell is by thinking of Stefan. And there in a nutshell is why Damon and Elena shouldn't be together. Even apart from Stefan her feelings for him are still stronger than her feelings for Damon. These two can't break-up permanently fast enough for me. They just feel wrong together. They make a lousy couple.

De-compelled Elena leaves college to go looking for Stefan with Damon.

Caroline may have met her potential new boyfriend in fellow student in the form of fellow student Jesse. He kind of reminds me of the actor that plays Marcel on The Originals. I also have a feeling he's the vampire who killed their former roommate.

Matt and Jeremy are on the road with Katherine and she's whining because she's got a cold. Yeah, that's the sum total of her experience of being human again. That's why I wanted it to be Damon. For him to be able to feel the sun on his skin without burning him and to taste food again after so long. And to have to deal as a human with all the horrible things he did and became as a vampire. I ultimately wanted him to decide of his own freewill to become a vampire, again.

Katherine's storyline as a human is pretty much the same as a vampire; someone is chasing her. I also haven't seen much change in her having human emotions.

Silas caught up the the threesome. He killed Matt and stabbed Jeremy. Katherine actually came and helped the boys by shooting Silas after she was told why people don't like her.

Killing Matt actually freed what every dark thing was put inside him, although Matt didn't seem to act any different from having an alien presence inside of him. He reunited with Bonnie and realized she was dead. It was actually the best touching moment of Bonnie's entire death. They really should done a Matt/Bonnie romance which would have made sense opposed to that dreck with the Original Sister. Matt also tells Bonnie she can't keep hiding her death from everyone, but she whines that she doesn't want to be dead. When Matt returns to the land of the living he forgets all about seeing Bonnie or that she's dead.

I really think the handwriting is on the wall and Bonnie will soon be back in the land of the living. And if that's the case, what was even the point of killing her to begin with. There wasn't even any emotional pay-off in killing her off briefly since no one but Jeremy ever found out she was dead.

After Silas recovers he goes to munch on a store clerk and the woman and man that put the dark presence in Matt meet up with him. Their gypsies. Unfortunately, the woman decides to betray her partner in their goal of putting down Silas and team up with him, instead.

Finally, Liz tells Damon she found the coffin Silas trapped Stefan in. Elena is with Damon when the coffin is open and a dead body is found instead. Yes, joy of joys, The Ripper is back. I can hardly contain my joy. Hence the title of two boring villains for the price of one.

Hopefully, Paul Wesley will get his fill of playing bad guy and they be reconciled to actually playing the part he was hired to play and stop making his demands for things that don't fit in with what he was hired to be on this show.


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