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The Vampire Diaries -- Was Damon and Katherine Just An Accident?

Updated on July 22, 2012

There comes a time when you have to face facts and stop living in denial. I can't have it both ways. Either the writers constructed this brilliant Damon and Katherine story or they're just not very good writers. It can't be both. So I've come to the sad conclusion that Damon and Katherine was an accident that happened when the writers were going for something very different that just didn't play the way they planned it to.

It was a hard thing for me to admit, because admitting it, I have to face this show has no intention of ever doing a real Damon and Katherine story. That's why they left 75% of Damon and Katherine's back story untold is because they just don't care about them and they never did. They don't really care about Damon's back story either. It's all about Stefan and in relation to Stefan. If Stefan isn't involved they're just not interested in telling it. Look at the 1912 episode that they sold as a Damon flashback story, but which was really a Stefan flashback story of how Stefan became The Ripper.

When Kevin Williamson admitted at last week's Comic Con that they had Damon break Jeremy's neck as one of many attempts to make viewers hate Damon, it was a wake-up call. It wasn't done as some kind of parallel to Katherine murdering Caroline. It was just a coincidence it happened in the same episode. And all the parallels between Damon and Katherine, making it seem they're the same person and soul mates, was just sloppy repetitive writing. We saw an example of that when they came up with Klaus' back story and with was a mish-mash of Damon and Katherine's past stories. Like Damon, Klaus had an unloving and disapproving father. and the same way Katherine was being chased by Klaus, Klaus was being chased by Mikael.

What they showed of Damon and Katherine's past relationship wasn't to show that Katherine had a real relationship with Damon while using Stefan as her blood bag. They were trying to show Stefan as the innocent victim of Katherine, while Damon was bad. He abandoned the army for Katherine. He went along when Katherine murdered people and did nothing to save them. He even kissed Katherine and tasted her victims blood on her lips. Damon was also involved with the vampires against his own human kind. All equals Damon bad and Stefan good. Unfortunately, for them Damon and Katherine actually played out as romantic, and not as ugly as they intended.

Damon loving Katherine for 150 years and trying to find a way to rescue her they didn't intend to be romantic, they intended it to be viewed as being sick, wrong and obsessed to love someone like that. Never mind that most of us dream of having someone love us like that. The love were supposed to view as romantic is the Stefan and Elena stalker romance. Stefan stalking a woman that looks like his ex-girlfriend is also supposed to be considered the healthy way to love someone. To drive home the point of how wrong Damon was to love Katherine like that, first he discovered she was never in the tomb and then she told him she never loved him. And to further drive home their belief we should all love Stefan, they had Damon told by both Katherine and Elena that they didn't love him, they loved Stefan. Then Damon snapped Jeremy's neck and Elena was screaming how she hated Damon. It was Plec and Williamson delivering their message to viewers telling them you should love Stefan and hate Damon like Julie Plec said back in season one.

And the last episode Katherine appeared in wasn't a major milestone for Damon and Katherine, where Katherine finally showed that she loved Damon. Plec needed a way to ruin the plan to kill Klaus. Since she's got this idea in her head that Stefan and Klaus are some great bromance, she couldn't have Klaus threaten to kill Stefan, so she picked Damon. It was also a great way for Katherine to betray Damon, again. And Katherine didn't get Stefan to steal Klaus' coffins as a way to protect Damon from Klaus coming after him for trying to kill him. It was so it was Katherine's fault that Stefan stole the coffins.

It's not pleasant to admit the best love story on the show [in some way the only real one] was a the result of the writers trying to present something negative that viewers viewed in a positive way. But on the bright side, seeing the mess Plec has made out of most of the couples she's pushing, it may be for the best she has no intention of ever doing Damon and Katherine. That way she can't ruin them.

I also doubt we'll ever seen Katherine in Mystic Falls, again. The same problem Plec and company have had with Damon and Stefan: she wants everyone to love Stefan and hate Damon, when more people love Damon than they do Stefan, exists with Elena and Katherine. More people love Katherine than they do Elena. Plec is using the excuse that as long as Klaus is around Katherine can't come back. And I can't help think the real reason she turned Elena into a vampire is she thinks with Elena a vampire everyone will forget all about Katherine.

It's sad that this show is so determined to try and make you think the way they want you to think that they're throwing away a good couple and good character. But in the end it is what it is.


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