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The Vampire Diaries -- What Type Of Vampire Will Elena Be?

Updated on July 6, 2012

In my opinion a sucky one, which is why it made me sick to my stomach when I realized that's where they were going with this story. I prayed they wouldn't go there ever. The last thing this show needs is stereo Stefan.

Since the beginning of this show Stefan and Elena have been written as a male and female version of each other to show just how epic a couple they make. So I expect she'll be as big of a pious mope as Stefan is as a vampire. Since Julie Plec likes to write the same story over and over again, I also wouldn't be surprised if Elena becomes The Ripperette. It'll show how simpatico Stefan and Elena are that they both can't control their blood lust. I'm probably going to start rolling on the floor laughing if Stefan suggests Ripperette Elena writes the names of her victims on a wall of a secret room since that will make it okay for all the people she's slaughtered and will slaughter in the future. As long as you record their names for prosperity, it's okay if you rip them apart.

Plec has promised we'll get to see every minute detail of Elena's transformation. Oh, joy! Translation: yet another season with boring Elena as the be-all and end-all of the show. In short, she won't have the insta-adjustment that Vampire Barbie did because VB is a control freak and perfectionist. Yeah, I bought that rubbish as much as I do the "Stefan is respecting her choice" nonsense. More likely Plec didn't want to waste time on it so after Magic Man Stefan took Caroline under his wing she immediately mastered the ways of being a vampire.

I don't think it's going to be pretty or enjoyable to watch every minute moment of Vampire Elena, while those that were gagging for this to happen for over two seasons seem to think they'll be this incredible transformation for Elena. She'll no longer need to be saved. She'll be this bad @ss vampiress. In short, she'll be Katherine 2.0. And maybe they're right. Look at the ridiculous heroics Plec had Vampire Barbie pulling off. Maybe Vampire Barbie will be demoted to ordinary vampiress who can't beat up older vamps because she's mad and Elena will take over the role of vampire super star. Still, I highly doubt she's going to be this bad-@ass vampiress anymore than Stefan is. You can't be bad @ss then whine about what you've done. Damon and Katherine are bad @ss because they own it. It's what a vampire does. Besides, Plec will only let so much dirt be smeared on her two golden characters.

Plec had enough justification to tell Stefan's becoming the Ripper again. He did it to save his brother's life. But that wasn't enough for her. Stefan only really became bad when Klaus forced him to by compelling him to turn off his emotions. The only time we ever saw The Ripper in season three was in Stefan's Chicago flashback, otherwise we never really saw The Ripper. The Ripper is about Stefan being this out-of-control blood addict and Stefan was in complete control over himself. The Ripper is supposed to be the antithesis of normal Stefan who keeps rigid control over himself. But I guess Plec couldn't and wouldn't let her beloved Stefan be seen in that light and because of that the story was a giant bomb. It's why I doubt she'll ever let Vampire Elena approach the Katherine level of bad @ss vampire. Whatever bad thing Elena does will either be treated like no big deal or justified til the cow's come home the way Plec does for Stefan.

Speaking of Katherine, I understand Plec has been spewing her usual BS about Katherine can't come back as long as Klaus is around. Hello, Julie, Katherine was back for the first-half of season three and Klaus was around. Have you forgotten you had her stalking Klaus? Apparently. I've told people that if Plec made Elena a vampire, you wouldn't be seeing Katherine around anymore, and so far I've been right. To be honest, I think Katherine's fate was sealed in 3.09 when she committed the most unpardonable sin of all in Plec's eyes. She put Damon before Stefan. Not only did she save Damon's life and admit she loved Damon, she sicced Stefan on Klaus so he'd be a target so Kiaus would forget about getting revenge on Damon for trying to kill him. Ever since then Plec has been yammering on about how Katherine cares about no one but herself and as long as Klaus is alive Katherine won't be back. It's the usual BS answer Plec gives out to explain her writing away.

Why was Caroline able to adjust to becoming a vampire so easily? She's a control freak so she made sure she was the perfect vampire. If Stefan loves Elena so much how could he just let her die like that? Because he was respecting Elena's choices. We want Katherine back, when will we see her, again? Katherine can't come back until Klaus is dead.

Plec doesn't like characters that like Damon better than Stefan. She has a long history of getting rid of them quick if they put Damon before Stefan. Rose showed a clear favoritism for Damon over Stefan and not after that Rose was dead. Andy didn't seem to like Stefan much and she ultimately ended up dead thanks to Stefan who compelled her to kill herself. Alaric was Damon's friend and after destroying the relationship all season long, she finally turned him into a vampire hating vampire who despised Damon and now Alaric is dead. So Katherine being off somewhere is actually a good thing, because it probably won't be long after Katherine tells Damon she loves him that Plec kills her off, too.

Back to our beloved Mary Sue of The Vampire Diaries. I expect Elena to be just as lame a vampire as she was a human being. And I predict by season's end Plec will use that spell Esther wanted to use to turn her kids human and reverse Elena being a vampire courtesy of her deus ex machina, Bonnie. I think Plec may even go so far as to revert all the Mystic Falls vampires back into humans. Then we'll have a season of Stefan human and having a relationship with Elena, but him missing being a vampire and ultimately turning back into one.

Basically Elena loathes being a vampire to be with Stefan and Stefan loathes being a human to be with Elena, so the final season will be about how they can make a relationship work when neither wants to live the other's lifestyle.


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