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The Vampire Diaries -- Who Is Killing The Council Members?

Updated on February 6, 2012

Three people seem to be connected to the victims more than anyone else: Damon, Alaric and Meredith and all three are members of The Council.

Dr. Meredith Fell became intrigued by Alaric when he almost died but walked out of the hospital fine. She wanted to know why. She was seen having a vicious argument with the medical examiner, her ex-boyfriend, hours before he was found murdered. When Damon went to question her about it, Meredith attacked him and injected him with vervain, then stole Damon's blood. Which she then used to save Bill Forbes life. Alaric told her about his protecto ring and she told him she uses vampire blood to save patients lives.

There's a lot of unanswered questions about Dr. Fell, like just how did she figure out Damon was a vampire. She claims she makes it her business to know all the vampires in the area, but just how would she know someone was a vampire? They don't wear signs on them declaring themselves vampires. And who has been supplying her with vampire blood before she stole some from Damon? Was it the same vampire who told her Damon was a vampire? Whatever the case Dr. Fell knows a lot more than she's telling.

The weapon used to kill the medical examiner came from the trunk of Damon's car. Damon's blood was used to save Bill Forbes and Damon excused himself from Klaus' dinner party for quite some time, so is it possible he went over and stabbed Alaric. In the past Damon had tried to kill both Bill Forbes and Alaric? Whatever the case Damon seems to be connected to all the victims in some way.

However, the night the medical examiner was killed, Damon didn't appear to meet the man. He also had a lot of his plate. Like the fact Stefan kidnapped Elena, shoved blood down her throat and threatened to murder her on the same spot. So Damon going and killing the medical examiner like he was a vampire when he wasn't doesn't make much sense. The same goes for Bill Forbes. Damon was busy with the coffin mess and dealing with Stefan. Did he even know Forbes was back in town or in the hospital? As for Damon leaving the dinner party for a time, Bonnie said she was going to call Damon, so odds are he left the party to take the call.

The big question has to be who would know Damon had Alaric's vampire slaying weapons in the trunk of his car and the answer seems to be Alaric, as he figured out that's where the weapon that killed the medical examiner came from. Alaric was also with Meredith when she Bill Forbes was brought in and she gave him Damon's blood to save his life.

Alaric was the latest victim, but unlike the two previous victims he wasn't stabbed fatally, he was just losing a lot of blood. So could he have stabbed himself to make sure he wouldn't be on the suspect list? Elena, believing he would die, unless he'd was killed by a supernatural being, restabbed Alaric and the protecto ring healed him. Elena's fingerprints were on the stake that killed the medical examiner. We don't know if they would have been found on the weapon that stabbed Alaric before she touched it and restabbed him. But her fingerprints will definitely be on it now.

It seems pretty unlikely that Elena is going around killing people, but do doppelgangers have the same fingerprints, since they're supposed to be the same person? If so, could Katherine or Tatia [who was just revealed to be a vampire] have done it?

Points in Katherine's favor is she has a tendency to strike out violently in regards to Damon. Not long before the first killing started, Damon kissed Elena on the same spot he kissed Katherine, which had trigger her to go inside the house and cut-off John's fingers and stab him. If Katherine is around and watching Damon; did she see the kiss? If so, did she then decide to take a stake out of Damon's car and kill the medical examiner?

In the past, Katherine killed Caroline when she had Damon's blood in her, and someone killed Bill Forbes after he had Damon's blood in him. The person who attacked Alaric seemed to know the lay-out of the Gilbert house pretty well and Katherine has been inside there and would know it. Since she'd been invited in previously, she have no problem entering the house.

Of course, one has to wonder why The Council members are being targeted. The first killing happened after The Council welcomed Klaus in their midst. Damon was particularly incensed by that. Was someone else incensed by that, as well? Why use a weapon from Damon's car? Why kill someone vampire-style who wasn't a vampire? Then kill someone who had vampire blood in him so he'd become a vampire? Followed by trying to kill a vampire slayer. And why were the attacks on Bill Forbes and Alaric so close together?

Does the victims actions before the attacks hold any significance? The medical examiner had a vicious fight with Meredith before being killed. Bill Forbes was trying to break Tyler's sire bond to Klaus. And Damon had put doubts in Alaric's head about Meredith's guilt. There really doesn't seem to be any connection.

One thing that seems to possibly clear Meredith is if she went to the trouble of saving Bill, why turn around and kill him? However, she knew he had Damon's vampire blood in him, so maybe she hoped Bill Forbes would become her new source for vampire blood. It seems by her stealing Damon's blood, whomever was supplying her with vampire blood before had cut her off, and there was no way Damon would give her another chance to steal his blood. She may have killed the medical examiner and attacked Alaric because she thought they were both a threat to her and could expose what she was doing. Alaric was stabbed in a non-fatal fashion, as if someone knew his ring might resurrect him, so they just wounded in a way he would bleed to death and die.

Still, I can't help but wonder if it isn't the vampire who had been supplying Meredith with blood and possibly told her Damon was a vampire. Whatever the case, it seems the killer wanted to connect Damon to the crimes, since the weapons seem to be coming from the trunk of Damon's car.

I guess only time and the next victim will reveal who the killer is and why they're doing this.


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