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The Vampire Diaries -- Who Is The Council KIller?

Updated on March 11, 2012



In 3.16 Damon realizes the killing of The Council members is similar to killings that took place back in 1912.

Stefan is supposed to do something so horrible in 3.16 you won't believe your eyes.

In the final moments of the episode The Council Killer will be revealed.

It's supposed to be a shocking twist and a game changer.

The killer is supposed to be connected to the 1912 flashbacks.

Characters not in 3.16: Tyler, Jeremy, Klaus, Caroline and Bonnie, so that lets them off the suspect list.

There was also a nebulous remark about how could the Gilbert family have such crappy things happen or something like that. So the unveiling of the killer could be in a 1912 flashback. Samantha Gilbert is supposed to make an appearance in the flashbacks.

So, who could the killer be?

Three people come to mind: Damon, Stefan and Alaric [since Katherine is apparently not coming back anymore this season].

Brian, the medical examiner -- he was at The Council's party and so was Stefan, Damon and Alaric. Alaric made Meredith's acquaintance again and witnessed her fight with her ex-boyfriend. Damon found Stefan upstairs ready to do murder and Damon was upset that Carol Lockwood was welcoming Klaus. Afterwards, Stefan shoved blood down Elena's throat and threatened to kill her on the same spot her parents died on. He didn't go through with it, but left Elena stranded on the Wickery Bridge and Damon had to come pick her up. The next morning Liz called Damon in when Brian's body was found with a stake in it.

Bill Forbes -- Bill Forbes was taken to the hospital after he got attacked by Tyler when he was trying to help Tyler free himself from his sire bond to Klaus. Meredith used the vampire blood she stole from Damon to save Bill and told Alaric about it. Damon and Stefan seem to have been together when Bill was killed; it's hard to say since we not exactly sure when someone attacked Bill. But did Damon, who previously tried to kill Bill, even know he was back in town? And does Stefan even know who Bill Forbes is?

Alaric Saltzman -- Matt and Elena came home to find the power out, a pool of blood on the kitchen floor and bloody hand and footprints on the stairs and wall leading upstairs. Stefan never left Klaus' dinner party and while Damon went outside, he left just as Matt and Elena were arriving home, so neither could be the killer.

And the killer is: Alaric. Since my original theory got shot down that it was Katherine by the media saying Katherine wasn't coming back anytime soon, that has to mean she isn't the killer. Anyway, when Alaric is attacked there's a pool of blood on the kitchen floor, presumably where he was stabbed. Yet, Alaric's bloody hand prints and footprints are all over the walls and stairs. If he got stabbed in the kitchen, why wouldn't he try to get outside to yell for a neighbor to help him? Why go upstairs and then supposedly collapse in the hall. He left quite the blood trail so he could be found, if he stabbed himself then posed himself in the hall waiting for Elena to come home and find him.

Alaric also knew about Bill Forbes being in the hospital and saw Meredith have a fight with Brian the medical examiner. Of course the question remains, why would he do this? I guess it depends on exactly what he hopes to accomplish by these killings.

Earlier, in the season, Alaric forced his way on to the council because he didn't like the way they were doing things. So that could be part of the reason he's targeting them. However, since he would presumably be copying murders from 1912 when Damon and Stefan were back in Mystic Falls, they may be Alaric's true targets. Perhaps he plans Damon to be the final victim of The Council killer, since Damon's a member of The Council and frame Stefan for the crime or maybe he just plans to frame Damon for the crimes.

Earlier this year, Alaric got some weirdly possessive thing about Elena. Damon wasn't even doing anything and he was accusing Damon of being after Elena and warned him off her. Damon got so pissed off at him, he snapped his neck. And the Damon and Alaric friendship has really never been the same after that. So could Alaric be doing this to get one or both of the Salvatore brothers out of Elena's life for good?

Or does it go deeper than that? Damon killed Alaric's wife, Isobel, at her request, and turned her into a vampire. Then Damon told it's his fault Klaus killed his girlfriend, Jenna, and turned her into a vampire. When Alaric first came to town he was planning to kill Damon, but they seemed to develop a bizarre friendship. Has he just been biding his time to make Damon pay?

We'll know one way or another who the killer is at the end of Thursday's show, but with all the evidence it seems like the killer could only be Alaric.


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