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The Vampire Diaries -- Who Will Be The New Mayor And Sheriff Of Mystic Falls?

Updated on June 19, 2013

Before Alaric met his demise he outted Carol Lockwood and Liz Forbes for having supernatural kids, and I believe they both lost their positions as mayor and sheriff. That being the case, who will replace them in their jobs?

Let's be honest, both these women deserved to be fired. They were both horrible at doing their jobs, especially this season. Mayor Lockwood was rolling out the red carpet for Klaus because he made Tyler a hybrid and he no longer was cursed by the full moon to turn into a werewolf. But did she understand Klaus murdered her son and had enslaved him? Or did she even ask? And Liz agreed not to harass Klaus if he saved Caroline's life, after Klaus was the one who put it in danger by ordering Tyler to bite Caroline. And she didn't do much better investigation the serial killer that was killing the members of The Council. So it was kind of no great loss that these two lost their jobs. Of course, the question is, who will take their place.

Unless Alaric did further outting of people that happened off camera, The Council doesn't know that Damon is a vampire. For some reason I've always thought Damon should be made sheriff if anything were to happen to Liz. Damon as sheriff is actually a good idea.

Whenever something is up in town, Damon is usually the first one to figure it out. Take sussing out that the Lockwoods were werewolves. Damon knew something was up with them and he set to finding it out. That's what a good sheriff should do. He has the natural instinct to make a good sheriff.

Damon has had military training even though he did desert the war. He's also the one whose always coming up with the plans to take down the bad guys in town. He's actually a natural to be sheriff. Not to mention he'd be in the position to protect the local vampires from being outted to The Council.

I think Damon would love to be in a position of power, which being Damon, he would no doubt abuse. He'd also rock the uniform. But most importantly Damon needs something of his own outside of the triangle of doom. He didn't really have that last season, like he did in season one and season two. It might be interesting to have a sheriff that actually solves crimes. Damon definitely gets my vote for new sheriff.

However, to keep the balance and to put some much needed tension in the show, I think the new mayor should be more of the Bill Forbes or John Gilbert type of person. Someone who is anti-vampire and werewolf. Someone who is also anti-witch. It would have to be a new character, since no one on the show currently fits that description. Maybe they could bring Mason's father to town, if he's still alive, and he could come back determined to discover what happened to his son. That would add plenty of tension between him and Mason's killer, Damon.

Of course, this is all speculation that based on the hope Julie Plec doesn't just write away what happened in The Council meeting and having Carol Lockwood and Liz Forbes still as mayor and sheriff.


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