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The Vampire Diaries -- Why So Many Parallels Between Damon and Katherine

Updated on June 26, 2011

This Has Got To Be More Than A Coincidence

One weird talent I have is spotting patterns, and one pattern I started noticing repeating was the show seemed to be making a lot of parallels between Damon and Katherine. Anyway, the following is a list of all the parallels and there are a lot of them.

1. Damon tried to kill John; Katherine tried to kill John.

2. Damon used Isobel to send a message to Katherine; Katherine used Caroline to send a message to Damon.

3. Damon has been obsessed with Katherine for 145 years; Katherine has been obsessed with Stefan for 145 years.

4. After things ended badly with them; Damon went and killed Jeremy and Katherine went and killed Caroline.

5. Damon tried to stake Katherine, but Stefan pulled him off her; Katherine tried to stake Damon, but Stefan pulled her off of him.

6. They both read Stefan’s diary.

7. Damon was drinking and dancing in season one; Katherine was drinking and dancing in season two.

8. Damon brought Katherine a vial of blood in the tomb; Katherine brought Damon a vial of blood to save him.

9. Klaus forced Katherine to take off her bracelet and stand in the sunshine; Damon took off his ring and stood in the sunshine.

10. Damon got bitten by a wolf and Klaus’ blood cured him; Katherine got bitten by a wolf and Klaus’ blood cured her.

11. Both played with Stefan’s head in his dreams.

12. Bonnie used her powers to try and cause pain to both Damon and Katherine at Mayor Lockwood’s wake.

13. Damon compelled Caroline to do his dirty work; Katherine threatened Caroline to get her to do her dirty work.

14. Damon staked Stefan after he fed Elena his blood; Katherine staked Stefan when he said he didn’t love her.

15. Stefan described Katherine as impulsive, Klaus described Damon as impulsive.

16. Damon fed off Caroline while they carried on a relationship; Katherine fed off Stefan while they carried on a relationship.

17. When Caroline was terrified of Damon the morning after he’d fed on her, Damon compelled her to not be afraid of him; when Stefan was terrified of Katherine the morning after she fed on him, she compelled him not to be afraid of her.

18. Katherine was taken down while feeding on Stefan when his father drugged his drink with vervain; Damon was taken down while feeding on Caroline when Stefan drugged her drink with vervain.

19. Stefan trapped Damon in the dungeon and starved him; Damon trapped Katherine in the tomb and starved her.

20. Stefan staked Damon when he was mad at him for killing Lexie; Damon staked Katherine when he was made at her for telling him she chose for him to die and for Stefan to live.

21. Damon compelled a guy at the carnival to keep picking a fight with Tyler to try and figure out what he was; Katherine compelled a guy to keep picking a fight with Mason until Mason knocked to the ground, causing his death, so he'd activate his werewolf gene.

22. Both Damon and Katherine had fathers that didn't approve of them.

23. Damon disgraced his family by deserting the army, Katherine disgraced her family by having a baby out of wedlock.

24. Stefan put vervain in Caroline's drink to poison Damon; Guiseppe put vervain in Stefan's drink to poison Katherine.

That's a lot of parallels to put between these two characters.


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      neno 6 years ago

      too true