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The Vampires Diaries -- Katherine Or Elena: Who Really Holds The Key To Damon's Heart?

Updated on March 20, 2013

Everyone seems to think the big question is are Elena’s feelings for Damon genuine or are they a product of the sire bond. But a bigger question is who does Damon really love? We’ve had a couple of issues this season that brings up Katherine vs. Elena in regards to Damon’s feelings and who he really loves.

Back before everyone discovered there was only enough cure for one person, Elena asked Damon to take the cure with her and become human and he flat-out refused. Which makes you harken back to the past when Damon was human and was willing to die and become a vampire just so he could be with Katherine forever. So the question is why was he willing to do it with Katherine and not Elena?

Well, everyone has been yammering at Damon that Elena’s feelings for him aren’t real and the result of him feeling is both he and Stefan were to become human, Elena would want Stefan instead of him. So he doesn’t feel becoming human for Elena is worth the risk. And this kind of thinking is diametrically opposed to how Damon felt about Katherine. It suggests he believed down to his bones that Katherine loved him, despite evidence to the contrary. He only finally stopped believing Katherine loved him when she lied to him that she’d never loved him. Whatever the case it suggests a faith in Katherine’s feelings for him that he doesn’t have for Elena’s feelings for him, And Damon had just as many people whispering in his ear that Katherine never loved him as he does that Elena doesn’t love him. He found out she’d let him believe for 150 years that she was trapped in that tomb.

Of course, DE could argue Damon wanted to become a vampire to be with Katherine thinking that would give him the edge over Stefan because he believed Katherine was only going to make him a vampire. Of course, the con of that is if Damon had agreed to become human with Elena that would have scored points with her and when she was human again she’d have the knowledge Damon became human for her. And a lot of the issues Elena had with Damon when she was human all stem from him being a vampire, and if he was human, again, those issues would disappear and give him a better chance with Elena.

So bottom line seems to be Damon doesn’t love or want Elena enough to become human for her, while he loved and wanted Katherine enough to die and become a vampire for her. Maybe like Caroline, he feels he came into his own as a vampire in a way he was never able to do as a human and he doesn’t want to give it up.

Another question is why Damon killed his friend Will. Rebekah claimed it was so she couldn’t find Katherine. Rebekah also said she had Klaus’ blood so Damon knew his friend Will could have been saved before it was too late and killing him wasn’t the act of mercy that Damon claimed it to be. Damon was letting Rebekah come along with him as he tracked the vampire Katherine had sent to kill Hayley, so why learning it was Will did it suddenly change everything for Damon?

The pro-DE argument would be he didn’t want Rebekah to know where Katherine was because he was making sure Rebekah didn’t get her hands on the cure so Elena would get it. It could be backed up by a later scene with Damon trying to convince Rebekah she won’t be happy if she takes the cure. However, it could also be argued Damon was voicing his own feelings on what it would be like to be human and why he doesn’t want to become human again.

That Will was the vampire Katherine used to try to kill Hayley seemed almost to be sending Damon a message from Katherine on where he could find her. Right after that he decided to take Elena to New York, since that seems to be the place he expects to find Katherine. It’s kind of like when Katherine killed Caroline and turned her into a vampire Damon got the message Katherine was trying to send him.

So, did Damon just kill Will to stop him from revealing to Rebekah where Katherine was to keep her from finding the cure, first? Or was it because a friend of his was working for Katherine as one of her minions?

Maybe the next episode of the show will reveal more. One thing seems obvious, though. Katherine could have picked anyone to kill Hayley for her. She could have turned some Average Joe off the street into a vampire and sent him to kill Hayley for her. The fact that she picked someone who is connected to Damon seems to suggest that she’s trying to draw Damon to her for some reason.


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