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The Vampires Diaries Rewatch -- As I Lay Dying

Updated on September 11, 2011

We Finally Made It!

A new episode of The Vampire Diaries airs this Thursday. For some of us, we even had to survive a hurricane to get to this moment. This was an interesting episode with a lot of unanswered questions:

Why does Emily the bwitch have such a hate on for Damon. She's the betrayer, the traitor, the double-crosser, yet she acts like he's the villain of the piece. The show really needs to explain it. Sorry, I don't accept that it's all because he's Damon. Give me a reason.

I'm kind of in a different place then when I first watched this episode. The first time I watched it, I was a Damon/Elena fan, now I'm a Damon/Katherine fan and hope this D/E thing is puts to bed but fast. I came by that feeling after mass-watching the last two seasons and coming to the conclusion their is no real love story being written for Damon/Elena. The love story that's been written is Damon and Katherine.

Even first time I watched it I had no idea why Elena kissed Damon. Having rewatched it all, that's because there was no build-up to the moment. Also, if you take into consideration the first D/E scene, what follows seemed to be based solely on Damon dying and Stefan asking Elena to make sure Damon doesn't give up hope. She told Damon at the start of the show that it would be a long time before she could forgive him, so her forgiveness wasn't genuine. She just didn't want Damon to die without forgiving him. And her line to Damon about accepting him just as he is and liking him was totally bogus. As for why she kissed Damon, I'm leaning toward her doing it because she thought that's what Damon wanted. She gave him the forgiveness he wanted, she told him she liked him just as he is thinking that's what he wanted to hear, and she gave him a kiss because she told him she'd never willingly kiss him. And that's why I got off the D/E train. This couple is not romantic in the least. Their not a couple, at all. The real pairing for Damon should be with Katherine, the woman he's been in love with for over 145 years.

I mean, Elena didn't exactly rush over to see Damon when she heard he was dying. She was told when the sun was shining bright and didn't go to see him until it was pitch dark. So much for her deep feelings for Damon. If you really cared for someone and learned they were dying, you would have rushed over to them right away, not waited a few hours to go and see them. The only one we've seen really care about Damon is Alaric. He rushed right over; he didn't wait a few hours like Elena did.

As for Damon, I don't really believe he's in love with Elena; I think he's been brainwashed into believing he loves her. Strangers he's never met before come up to him and tell him he loves Elena. It's gotten to the point of ridiculousness. If I think back to all the D/E scenes I can't find one where Damon supposedly fell in love with her. I think it's obvious the person he's really in love with is Katherine, hence all the dreams and visions he had of Katherine while he was sick. He seemed to try to use Elena to chase visions of Katherine away from him.

The two dreams/flashbacks provided some new information on Damon's past and on his relationship with Katherine. Damon apparently deserted the army not because he didn't believe in the cause, but because of Katherine. He promised her he would hurry back from the war. And adding another page to Damon's relationship with Katherine, instead of feeding him her blood, she got him to bite and suck it out of her neck like he was the vampire.

I don't watch South Park much, but isn't the character of Kenny always getting killed. I've seen a scene where one of the kids is saying, "They killed Kenny." Well, Jeremy seems to be the Kenny of The Vampire Diaries. How many times has he been killed and been brought back? Only this time, he brought some ghosties back with him.

So as we left The Vampire Diaries last May, Jeremy was being haunted by his two ex-girlfriends, Vicky and Anna. Matt broke-up with Caroline, but Caroline and Liz seemed to reach an understanding. Damon had been cured of the wolf bite when Katherine delivered and hand fed the cure to him. Katherine seemed to be encouraging Elena to shag Damon while Stefan was off with Klaus. And Stefan was off the wagon thanks to Klaus.

About that cure; the parallels to Damon being turned into a vampire are a bit eerie. You could say it was a group effort by Stefan and Katherine. Katherine fed Damon her blood and then after Damon died, Stefan got Damon to drink blood to complete his transformation. Now you have Stefan making a deal with Klaus for the cure and Katherine feeding Damon Klaus' blood. The big question is will Damon now be transformed into something more than a vampire? Will he be transformed into a hybrid like Klaus?


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    • huba90 profile image

      huba90 6 years ago from Egypt

      What a great timing,i almost forgot the new episode of Vampire diaries,since they took a long break.

      Thanks for the nice hub