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The Voice 2, Episode 2 Recap (February 6, 2012)

Updated on February 6, 2012

The premiere of The Voice Season 2 did great in the ratings. It got about 30 million viewers. However, the premiere aired right after the Super Bowl, so that was to be expected.

This second episode will obviously go down in the ratings. But how much remains to be seen. Surely, the producers are hoping for at least 20 million viewers. However, it is likely that the total viewers will be somewhere south of 20 million viewers when looking at the first season's ratings (around 12 million or so on the whole season).

Even American Idol is showing a pretty big drop in the ratings so far this year in terms of viewer totals. However, this could be an opportunity for The Voice to try to take over that lead role among singing reality TV shows.

The judges do a medley of Prince songs. Unlike last season, this was kind of weak. Except for Christina, these judges just didn't have the right kind of voice for these songs. And Christina mostly took a back seat to the other judges this time.

The Line, a male/female duo, is the first act up for blind auditions. They sing "American Girl" in an upbeat country style. The guy seems much better than the girl. There doesn't seem to be a balance of talent here, which is more important with a duo unless the lesser singer focuses on instrument play. They definitely have chemistry, though. Surprisingly, they pick Christina. Hilariously, Blake says they picked her because of flash and boobs. LOL.

Jamar Rogers is Danny Gokey's buddy from American Idol Season 8. He did not make it to the voting rounds, but Danny went on to finish third. Jamar was on meth before, which was never mentioned on Idol. He seems to have a more powerful voice than his Idol days. There's more of a rock edge here this time. This is one of the best auditions yet, but only Cee Lo turned his chair. Thus, the rules state he is automatically on Cee Lo's team. It's ridiculous that only one judge turned his chair, but that seemed to be on purpose.

Neal Middleton is a 33-year-old rocker and family man. He fell 35 or 40 feet 8 years ago onto concrete and survived. Neal does a rockified version of "I Heard It Through the Grapevine." He is a good singer, but it could be more original. This is kind of like Nakia from last year, but I believe Neal has better vocal control and consistency. The judges are not turning their chairs. This was kind of dumb. He deserved a shot.

TJ Gibson did not make it to the next round, and Aly Jados was cut. Sam James was another casualty of the blind auditions.

Gwen Sebastian is 37 years old. She is in a relationship with her drummer and is putting off starting a family for music. She sings "Stay." Gwen has a pretty good country voice, but it's certainly not unique. Blake turns his chair, and Cee Lo and Adam follow. She will certainly pick Blake, and she does.

Pamela Rose has some long-winded backstory that she cries through. She sings "Already Gone." This is weak. Her control is bad. Pamela has no chance to win The Voice. No one picks her.

Kim Yarbrough is the oldest contestant so far. She has a good range and good stage presence. The song choice is kind of bad, but she deserves a shot in the next round based on performance. The obvious choice would have been Christina, but she picks Adam.

Angie Johnson is in the Air Force. She is now in a military band. Angie rocks out pretty well with "Heartbreaker." She definitely deserves to make it to the next round. Cee Lo was the only one to turn his chair, so Angie is on his team.

Dez Duron is a Yale football player (in other words, he sucks). He took a semester off to try music. Dez is very average, and he chooses a silly song choice of "I Want It That Way." Thankfully, no one picks him.

Lindsey Pavao has performed for only about 40 people max before. She is afraid of choking on stage. Her voice is fairly unique. This is a stylized singer that will lilkely get old after a couple of rounds. It's the Xenia of Season 2. She can't win, but she has a decent chance of going a couple of rounds. Lindsey chooses Christina as her coach.

Hoja Lopez sings "Teenage Dream." Some of the notes were okay, but it was just too inconsistent. No one picks her.

Jermaine Paul is an Alicia Keys backup singer. He says it's his time to become a solo act. This isn't that good. He's grunting in too many spots, and his voice cracks many times. Cee Lo and Blake turn their chairs. This guy has no chance. It's another Brandon Rogers. He picks Blake.

Angel Taylor is last to go on Episode 2. This is not very good. It is very overrated and not even close to either Adele or other good covers of "Someone Like You." She picks Adam to be her coach.


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