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The Voice 2 Finale Performance of Juliet Simms - "Free Bird"

Updated on May 7, 2012

Juliet Simms is a rocker who has taken her hard-edge style all the way to the finale week of The Voice 2. In fact, she has emerged as the odds-on favorite to win, catching and surpassing Tony Lucca, who started out as the wagering favorite. Juliet's "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" was one of the best performances I have seen on a reality TV singing contest.

However, like all of these contestants, Juliet has had inconsistent iTunes results. She may be peaking at the right time, as she reached # on the iTunes chart for her semifinals performance. Nonetheless, a bad song choice or performance could open the door for Tony Lucca to still win.

According to Bovada, Juliet is at 1.50, Tony is at 3.50, and Jermaine Paul and Chris Mann are at 8.50 and 11.0, respectively. Of course, this makes Juliet a large favorite.

But there are still demographics, which are separate and apart from and seem to provide much greater weight to getting a win on The Voice. Juliet soundly beat an excellent Jamar Rogers by about 60 to 40 percent. Tony Lucca is coming off a huge stroke of luck, but his 52-to-48 loss in the public vote to Katrina Parker was still enough to advance to the finale after Coach Adam Levine gave a 60/40 point advantage to Lucca. How the votes will come out now that Juliet and Tony are head to head remains to be seen. I'd say if Juliet delivers a great performance with a great song choice, she will probably win. But if she falters even a bit, it will come down to her and Tony.

Juliet is lucky tonight cause she is singing last, which is traditionally the best place to perform in the singing order on reality TV singing contests with public voting.

She sang "Free Bird." I thought this was a horrible song choice at first because it is not edgy enough. But Juliet really ripped it once she got into the power parts near the end. I'd say it was the best performance of the night. And having gone last, Simms has a very good chance of winning tomorrow night.


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