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The Voice 2 Premiere Episode Recap (After the Super Bowl)

Updated on February 5, 2012

The Voice's 2nd season debuts after the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 5, 2012. Both shows are on NBC. Of course, this will be a nice bounce in ratings due to this prime spot. One would expect a minimum of 20 million to stick around after the Super Bowl, but anything less than 25 to 30 million would be a big disappointment. It should also be noted that The Voice is now being aired the same time of year as American Idol, so a more direct comparison can be made in terms of the ratings. Javier Colon was the first winner of this TV singing competition, and the road to a new champion begins after the Super Bowl.

The Voice 2 has all the major players back. Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5's Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green are back as judges. All the judges are in a new commercial with Betty White to promote the 2nd season. Carson Daly is back as host, and Christina Milian handles backstage duties with Twitter and other happenings.

The premiere episode marks the beginning of this season's blind auditions. In a blind audition, the judges have their backs turned to the singer and only hear the actual singing voice. If they like what they hear, then they can turn around. Out of those who turn around, the singer gets to choose whom he or she wants as the singer's mentor. This is pretty gimmicky, as it is obvious judges are instructed not to turn around for certain auditions to help even out the teams. Otherwise, Adam and Blake would likely get too many people trying to pick them. Check back here after the Super Bowl and The Voice 2 premiere for a recap of all the blind auditions.

The first contestant is Texan RaeLynn, who is 17 years old. She appears to be focused on country music. RaeLynn sings "Hell on Heels," a Miranda Lambert song (judge Blake Shelton's wife). RaeLynn has a pretty strong country voice with a nice twang. Blake turned around, so she will certainly pick him. RaeLynn likely won't win this, as she is not that unique and has nothing special in her vocal tone or style. She pretends to have a hard time picking, but of course she picks Blake as her coach.

Next up is a single dad who has been homeless before. He is a church and wedding singer. Jesse Campbell sings "A Song For You." All 4 judges turn their chairs, but this is not really that special until the last 20 seconds or so, where he throws in more power and some good runs. Odds are he will pick Christina, who is closest to his style. The judges are totally exaggerating here. This guy can't be the favorite. He acts like he can't decide. This kind of acting by the contestants is kind of a lame part of the show. It doesn't matter one bit whom they pick. The judge is not going to win them the competition. As expected, Jesse finally picks Christina.

Daniel Rosa, age 20, is the next auditioner for The Voice Season 2's premiere episode. He is from Riverside, CA. Rosa sings "Animal." His vocal control is not very consistent. Daniel certainly has a good voice, but it is just too inconsistent. No judges are turning around, so he did not make it.

Juliet Sims is a 25-year-old rocker. She has been touring since she was 16, but she has struggled to make a career in music. She sings "Oh! Darling." She has a raspy voice. I don't think this one can win, either. The voice gets too raspy when she goes for the power notes, making it seem like she is losing control. Nonetheless, Juliet is still a solid singer with a fair amount of soul. But the vocal tone is nothing special. Juliet picks Cee Lo Green as her coach.

Chris Mann is a classical singer. He majored in opera at Vanderbilt University. His mom has pancreatic cancer. Chris sings "Because We Believe." He has a nice opera voice. Cee Lo turns his chair, and Christina turns hers, too. The obvious question here is how he will deal with the battle round, which certainly won't be an opera song. Chris picks Christina.

Gonul Aksoy did not make it to the next round. Ben Baxter also failed to make it. Mark Trussell was another contestant who did not make it.

Tony Lucca shows up. He is a former Mouseketeer who worked with Christina Aguilera. Tony sings "Trouble." This is a great singer if he can keep up the soul he displayed in this performance. Lucca could be a favorite if he is treated fairly by the producers and his coach. He picks Adam. This was the last audition of the premiere episode of The Voice Season 2.


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