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The Voice -- Elimination Round 1

Updated on May 13, 2011

I've been wanting to watch this show, but it's usually on the same time as the Dancing With The Stars results show. Since they've moved it to ten, I was finally able to watch it. And I really liked what I saw. They do something I wish DWTS's would do. They make the two contestants competing against each other sing the same song. I think the celebs on DWTS should all have to dance the same dance, because some dances are harder than others. It might make that competition more fair.

How they handle the singing face-offs is pretty cool. They have this boxing ring that the singers get into as they both have to sing the same song together at the same time to see who knocks the other singer out of the ring. An advisor from the music business also gives the contestants advice as they rehearse the song.

Christina A or Xtina as she's called went first. Of her group of 8, she picked two singers to compete against each other. She picked Frenchie and Tarralyn to face-off against each other singing Beyonce's Should Have Put A Ring On It.

I was rooting for Frenchie because I didn't like the way Tarralyn was holding back in rehearsal, which I didn't think was fair to Frenchie. I thought Frenchie sang better and so did Xtina, as Frenchie won the round and got to stay, while little Miss I'm Gonna Hold Back got the boot.

Blake was up next and he chose Patrick and Taylor to since Burning Love. He brought in Reba McIntyre as the advisor. Both CeeLo and Adam would have picked Tyler. Me, too. Blake, however, picked Patrick.

Adam picks Casey and Tim to sing Leather and Lace. Tim is the guy Adam thought was a woman singing when he first heard him and Casey got picked on the second go round to fill all four judges rosters of eight singers each.

Personally, I couldn't really decide which was the better singer. Casey sounded a lot like Stevie Nicks as she sang the song. Blake would have picked Casey and CeeLo would have picked Tim. Adam decides to pick Casey and send Tim home.

CeeLo is the last two pick two singers to face off in the ring. He picks Vicky Martinez and Nicky Dawson They sing Perfect. Again, can't really tell which is the better. Their pretty evenly matched. Adam says it was the best duet of the night. CeeLo decides to pick Vicky and sends Nicky on her way.

I really liked this show. It doesn't have a lot of the negatives that American Idol has. In particular Ryan Seacrustacean as I like to call him. No torturing of the contestants for an hour to find out if their safe or not.


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