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The Voice Of Music

Updated on December 26, 2016


What is music to you? How does it make you feel? Do you ever listen to songs when you are feeling a certain way?

All of these questions have answers. Reason being that music may mean different things to us. Lets say you are upset, then you may listen to a sad song. However, lets say you are feeling upbeat, then the song that you choose may be that of a specific genre. As in dubstep or rap, the choice is yours.

In all reality, songs that we listen to give off certain vibes that may make us feel a certain way. We also at times may dedicate songs to certain people because it explains the way we feel about them. Songs today are more so focused on drugs and sex. However, there are still plenty of good songs being made. When things do not seem to be going well in our life. We may revert to songs that can help us with a certain issue. Even possibly open our eyes to the reality around us. Songs are made due to how people feel about certain situations. They are often truth unless filled with pure randomness. The questions in the beginning of this blog are questions we should all ask ourselves. I know that at times I listen to songs when I am down or happy. They can truly help change a mood. It truly is amazing how just one song can make us feel a certain way.

Why Musicians make music

All the songs that you hear on the radio are from people that have a story to tell. Not just because they know how to sing or make music. However, it is due to the life they have lived. Maybe due to regret, happiness, joy or just because they enjoy it and want to help others through tough times in life.

Musicians write and sing one song over and over and over again until it is perfect. Perfection in the musical world is great. However, when we listen to Miley Cyrus, what do we think? I know a lot of people think that she is dirty of which I do as well. However, we do not know what she has been through or what she is feeling on the inside. Maybe we should pay more attention to the words, because those words have meaning. When I say meaning, I am saying that she is trying to tell us a story either about her life or how it can be. I get that some people out there just blurt out random words in singing, therefore it does not make any sense.

Just pay attention to the words and try and feel what they are singing about. There are plenty of great musicians in this world that deserve the spotlight. Lets stop judging and trying to figure out their life when they are basically telling us how they feel.

Favorite Genre

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