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The Voice v American Idol

Updated on May 23, 2015

Do you think the right people won?

Ok. I'm going to veer off sharply from my usual political rant on this Hub to take a look at our pop culture.

Recently, two Blue Eyed Soul Singers, ( both from Nashville no less) came in second to the eventual winners of both the Voice and American Idol. The winners were a couple of singer/songwriters. One of them, (Nick Fradiani) a classic rock singer, and the other a 16 year old; (Sawyer Fredericks) with a limited vocal range, and an Americana sound deeply rooted in Folk and acoustic music like that of Ray Ray LaMontagne.

Nashville singers Clark Beckham, and Meghan Linsey demonstrated overwhelming vocal "chops" and eventually both took second place. Neither Fradiani, nor Fredericks had the vocal range of either Beckham or Linsey, so what gives?

I think that what happens is that the winners tend to be those whose persona is most consistent with the sound of their voice. Sawyer simply does not have the vocal range or flexibility of Meghan Linsey. She seems to be blessed with unlimited vocal ability. She can sing country, soul, blues. Anything. Sawyer on the other hand is far more limited in that regard, BUT his style of singing and the songs that he chose represented who he is as a person with more definition and clarity. If Sawyer were a dog, he'd be a Golden Retriever, and everybody loves a Golden Retriever. If Meghan were a dog; what dog would she be?

We can see when America votes, that what they seem to want is authenticity. That's not to say that Clark and Meghan aren't authentic. Meghan is actually from Louisiana which seems to breed soul singers as their main product. Kansas has wheat. Louisiana has soul singers. And Clark came out of the Church and his soulful style has that Gospel edge to it.

With Nick and Sawyer, there is a simplicity in their style and delivery that has enormous appeal. Nick can deliver a rock song with conviction. And Sawyer; a kid with a one octave range, has the purity of his rough around the edges voice that s simply captivating.

So what's your view on this? What's your take on the two different shows? Which one presents the better talent? Do you even care?

And the winner is...

Who deserved to win?

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Who deserved to win?

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Which show has the better talent?

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