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The Vultures, John & Jett Travolta

Updated on June 4, 2009

Does the press go too far?

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What Is Wrong With Our Society?

When I heard that Jett Travolta, the sixteen year old son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, had passed away, my jaw dropped. I was checking the news on my cell phone and everything seemed to stop around me. At first, I thought it was a rumor. The press will publish anything because people will read what they publish. Poor Miley Cyrus keeps getting killed in car accidents, after all. I didn't actually believe it until I got home and saw it on the news. A helicopter was hovering over the resort the Travolta family was staying at. On the ground, there were police cars and other "essential personnel." I guess he really was dead.

Apparently, there are two foul beings who are trying to extort money from Mr. Travolta. These people claim to have a photo of a dying/dead Jett. As if that wasn't enough for the news people to jump on, these people, too cowardly to openly face the family, but  rumored to be a politician and an ambulance worker, claim to have information about "circumstances surrounding the death." America's interests are peaked. What could this information be? Let's hear every gory detail. Let's talk about it nonstop on television. Let's print pictures. Let's put pictures on billboards. As Americans, it is our right to know what this poor child looked like as he was breathing his last breath. Did he call for his Mom? His Dad? His sister? Did he know what was happening? These two men seem to know something. I wonder what juicy tale they've made up that deserves a several million dollar paycheck? I'm sure the news people will find out. Are you as disgusted with society as I am?

Through all of this, I've wondered about his little sister, Ella. They seemed to be very close. However, even if they hated each other, she still lost her big brother. As a little sister myself, my heart is broken for her. I could never imagine nor do I want to imagine having to bury one or both of my brothers. The only times when I got into fist fights as a child /young adult were when people would have the nerve to say something about my brothers. I deeply hope that Ella doesn't know what is going on now. Yet, I know she must know. Were I she, I'd want to meet these men face to face and deal with them myself. To lose someone so special to you and then to have to deal with their name being slandered is unbearable. While these men only see a dollar sign, she sees the space that her brother used to occupy. These men are beasts.

Our society will say that because of the Travolta's religion, there must've been something more to Jett's death. Did the leaders of Scientology order things to be done a certain way? Is Scientology to blame for this tragedy? There is far too much mystery surrounding this religion. People have many questions and don't want to take the steps to have them answered. From a young age, we are taught to fear the unknown. Though I know nothing about this religion, anyone could clearly see how much Jett's Dad loved him. I am positive that he would've done anything to save his son's life even if it meant that he was going against his religion. If John Travolta could've saved him, he would've.

Regardless of how Jett died, he is gone. The Travoltas deserve to mourn in peace. These men would be wrong to do this to the family at any time, but, right now, it's evil. They aren't offering information to help Jett's death be solved, but to make dirty money. I have always firmly believed that we get back what we put out into the world three-fold. As these two men will undoubtedly fade back into the shadows after they get what they want, I will never get to see what karma does to them. All I can do is hope that they get what they really deserve in the end and that it's painful and humiliating.

However, if we weren't a society of gossip mongers who need to know anything and everything about this and that, perhaps these men wouldn't be doing this. If we didn't put a price tag on dirt, people would leave it where it belongs. As I've read more than a few celebrity rags, I know I've helped to make this news genre popular. I wonder what it will take to end it. People say they will boycott these magazines, but money talks louder than a group of mothers with pickett signs. My fear is that we are so far into this hole of gossip that we'll never be able to get out. Thanks to freedom of speech, we are allowed to say what we want about anyone we want as long as our lies can't be proven false.  Since these magazines first began to be published, the first amendment has been hacked and repasted to fit our modern day view of freedom of speech countless times. How can we have faith in our society if our society is going to turn around and slap us across the face? How we can ask for peace in the Middle East if we can't even find peace in our papers? We may have freedom here, but our moral backbone is shattered.


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