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The Wacky World of The Maxx

Updated on February 13, 2015

Those of you who watched MTV in the 90s will certainly know the story of The Maxx. The cartoon series - based on comic book series by Sam Kieth and William Messner-Loebs - which played on the MTV channel, is quite unique when compared to other superheroes.

The Maxx is a homeless who is stuck in two worlds: the real world and the imaginary world he called "The Outback." As a ‘superhero’, he always ready to save Julie Winters – a social worker who takes care of Maxx - and the world from the grip of Mr. Gone, Maxx’s worst enemy, and also the strange creatures called Isz.

The story revolves around Maxx’s struggle to cope with his life, also his fights against evil creatures who wants to hurt him. It’s also tells the story of other main characters, Julie and Sarah, struggle to overcome their personal issues.


The Maxx

He is the protagonist of the story. Maxx is an unlikely hero, trapped in his own confused mind. As a ‘superhero’, he fights against Mr. Gone, the Iszs and other enemies who wants to destroy him.

Julie Winters
Friend of Maxx who experienced severe trauma after being robbed and sexually harassed. Maxx helps her through these difficult times.

Jungle Queen
She is Julie’s personification in "The Outback." Together with Maxx, they are the queen and king of the “The Outback” reality.

A troubled teenage girl who wants to become a writer. Her father's suicide leads Sarah into obscurity. Fortunately, Maxx and Julie are presents and help her through difficulties.

Mr. Gone
Enemy of the Maxx and Julie, Mr. Gone uses the Iszs to carry out his evil deeds. He is the personification of the criminal who robbed and harassed Julie.

The Iszs are Mr. Gone’s subordinates. In the real world, these small creatures' color are black, while in the "The Outback," they are white. Iszs became a person when wearing clothes in the real world.

The Maxx’s Beginning

Two robbers pull their act on a woman in a narrow street. Seeing misconduct about to happen, The Maxx leaps out of the cardboard box where he lives to save the woman. However, before a fight occurred, policemen arrived at the scene and arrest them all. When the narrow street is quiet again, a mysterious cloaked figure suddenly appeared. This person, with odd speaking style, then carries out heinous act on the helpless woman that Maxx was trying to save.

In the police car, Maxx’s mind plunges into the "The Outback." When he tries to get on his feet, suddenly appeared small white hands which trying to pull him into the ground. As he struggles to free himself, he remembered the Leopard Queen. Excited because of this memory, the Maxx managed to free himself.

The story then switches to Julie. She receives a call from the police about Maxx, and then went to liberate him from the police station.

The next morning, the story turned to a pair of lovers who are washing their laundry in a laundromat. No one else is in that place. The woman told her boyfriend to buy her a soft drink. When alone, she was attacked by a man that look similar to the mysterious person in the beginning of the story.

The story then switch back to Maxx again. Maxx has just left Julie’s place when he realizes that one of the little creatures from “The Outback” is standing in the public telephone box. A chase then occurred.

After passing through narrow streets and climbing onto the roof through a water pipe, the chase ends on the roof of a petrol station. The small creature fell from the roof of a gas station, and Maxx unexpectedly collides with the mysterious person in that place!


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