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The Breaking Dead?

Updated on September 25, 2017


For a while now, it has been believed that The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad took place in the same universe.

With that being said, if there is truth to this than we have to consider the connection.

Assuming that this is truth, The Breaking Bad is about a high school chemistry teacher who is dignosed with cancer and to provide for his family, starts cooking Meth with a former student.

Because of his scientific background, the two of them produce the purest Meth ever found with a ptency of 99.1%.

How could a mind altering drug be connected to a zombie apocolypse?

Well, it does alter the brain, and there are many people addicted on this drug, not to mention the fact that people are known to overdose on this drug.

Then there is the fact that Blue Sky was said to be 99.1% pure, which one could probably assume would kill more people quicker than other drugs.

It's not like we haven't seen that in real life.

Yet, how did a drug cause people to come back from the dead? The CDC clearly told Rick that everyone was infected, and all that needed to trigger it was death.

Well, maybe that's the answer. Maybe Blue Sky did not infect people. Maybe it just helped spread the epedemic to proportions that the world could not come back from.

Think about it, a few druggies overdose, die and turn. They start killing and infecting the people they come in contact with, and the virus spreads spiraling completely out of control.

Next thing we know, the world's nothing but The Walking Dead, fighting to stay alive.

Yes, I used the term correctly.

Where's The Proof?

It's just a theory unless proof to this can be provided.

However, that's the thing. Hints that the shows are in fact connected had started back in the first Season of The Walking Dead, from there it has continued through to the Walking Dead's Prequel, Fear The Walking Dead.

#1 Blue Sky

In Season One Episode Two of The Walking Dead, Daryl searches through his brothers stash, attempting to find something that might help T-Dog.

When the camera zoomed in you can clearly see a baggy of Breaking Bad's Blue Sky sitting on the bottom of the bag.

Of course this could just be a wink to AMCs other hit show right?

That would be more believable, if it didn't keep happening.

#2 Jesse Pinkman

That unforgettable sidekick, who helped his chemistry teacher out, and got dragged down the road so far there was nothing left. Walter White really screwed up this kids life, and didn't even flinch about it.

There was things about Pinkman a person could never forget.

His love of the word bitch, and after he got sober, he met a woman with a kid that he'd basically thought of as his own.

But, his good pal Walter screwed that up too.

Regardless, Pinkman was the character we'd never forget.

So, how does Pinkman connect to The Walking Dead?

Season Four, Episode Seven, Daryl Dixon is telling Beth an interesting story about something Merle told him, before the Apocoplypse.

Fear The Walking Dead

The show started out, with a addicts, and it was even an addict we seenfirst eat another person.

In the first episode of Fear The Walking Dead, Nick even asks his dealer what it was that he gave them that night.

But, this wasn't the only nod to Breaking Bad, on the show. In fact the next easter egg, is a complete confirmation that the shows are taking place in the same universe.

This song, has appeared in Fear The Walking Dead recently.

Here's the clip:

Is The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad Connected?

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    • Clara Cook profile image

      Clara Cook 6 months ago from New Brunswick, Canada

      If you ever watched the prequel Fear the Walking Dead, the pilot does pinpoint a timeline. By what cell phones, cars and internet sharing is being used. Its been a while but I believe late 90's to mid-2000s is when the timeline is believed to have started.

    • Joey Paranormal profile image

      Joey Paranormal 6 months ago

      I really enjoy reading fan theories.

      It's pretty common for writers to pay homage to another show from the same network.

      It's also just as common for multiple shows to exist in the same universe.

      The thing with TWD is the lack of past pop culture reference in order to pinpoint exactly what year the story is taking place in and how this storyline would coincide with the Breaking Bad storyline.

      It would be impossible to tell if both shows exist in the same universe unless the network blatently says, "yes," or gives a definitive timeline in which these events take place.

      It's definitely interesting to think about, but I believe that TWD just included a couple of "nods" to a show the writers respected.