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The Walking Dead Episode Review: "Home"

Updated on February 21, 2013
Lori?  Is Shane with you?  We could really use him now.
Lori? Is Shane with you? We could really use him now. | Source

The episode "Home" had it's ups and downs. While much stronger than last week's mid-season premiere, some things still strike me as odd.

What I don't understand, is when Herschel went out to try and bring Rick back, he mentioned nothing of his kids. How about a "Hey Rick, you have a son and a baby in there that you are just ignoring. Maybe Lori is trying to tell you to stop being a deadbeat and go take care of her children."

The Governor once again proves Andrea is the most gullible person alive, and takes his mini-force to the prison. The van of zombies was cool, but why did the Governor quit firing? He is the type of villain that wants to get his revenge himself, not let others do it for him. I know there is more coming, but it seemed strange that he just stopped the attack. If he was going to do a pre-invasion warning, there were probably better ways to do it than show up yourself and kill Axel, who wasn't even at the Woodbury raid.

Daryl and Merle returning to the prison, while predictable, was still cool. I would have prefered Michonne to be the one to save Rick, building up a trust there. Daryl could have then made his entrance and saved Carol, which I think would have been more entertaining.

The best part of the episode for me was Daryl showing Merle how he has changed by saving the group of survivors. I think the baby was the fact that drove him back to the prison, because he wants to be there to protect Judith.

Looking forward to the next episode. Hopefully everything doesn't just go back to normal. This war has to continue.

And where was Tyrese?

7 out of 10


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