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The Walking Dead : Just Kill Carl and Lori Grimes Already!

Updated on June 19, 2013

I don’t know why I keep watching this show. It definitely isn't because the drama; the drama and the characters in the video game version of The Walking Dead are more interesting. I’ve never cared about the whole Shane / Lori / Rick love triangle since day one yet the show focused on that for all two seasons, and yet I still watched all the episodes because I’m a complete idiot. I tell myself that I watch for the zombies but it’s not about zombies, it’ about those people. There are other characters in the television series that I would like to rant about, but let’s focus on the Grimes family for this article.

The Grimes family with the exception of Rick is really unlikeable. It also bothering me that they are the only complete family in the group, plus they have a baby coming. That’s just not fair to everybody else who is alone or had an immediate family member get killed, which is everybody besides the Grimes family. This untouchable nuclear family needs to be destroyed.

Lori, the dislike for this character is pretty obvious. I really do believe that her intent was to get Shane and Rick to fight. She told Shane if it wasn’t for Rick existing then they would be together. Then she tells Rick that Shane is dangerous. She toyed not only with Rick, but with both of them throughout season two. Then she gets shocked and angry that Rick ends up killing Shane. Hormones during pregnancy must make you go insane.

The best death scenario for Lori is that her baby is intended to be a stillborn but becomes a fetus walker and eats her from the inside out. Yay! Make me happy AMC.

Lori is also a hypocrite, she bashes Andrea for not focusing on her womanly duties but Lori can’t keep an eye on her child half-NOPE- all the time!

This brings us to Carl. This might come as a surprise since Carl is still a child but I don’t care, he’s an annoying character. He just can’t stay in the house; with all the adults around Carl is practically a ninja, a stupid ninja that attracts trouble from outside and gets in others way. I know it creates conflict because if Carl were a well behaved boy then they wouldn’t have certain confrontations and scenes, but you would think that the writers would think of a better set up than recycling Carl escaping from the house over and over again getting into other people’s business. Get rid of Carl already.

My Real Problem With The Walking Dead

Okay I’ll admit, Lori is actually a complex character. She has major flaws and I don’t think as audience members we are supposed to like her. That’s the point. She isn’t an evil character and she’s starting to see that her way of doing things screws everything up.

The Walking Dead suffers from poor writing and character development. The more develop characters are a bunch of assholes and the actors with lower paychecks get pushed to the side. Yet, I’m still sticking with the series for now; I don’t know what it is. Just seeing a zombie in the background just makes my day, I guess.

But seriously, get rid of Carl.


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    • DChance2 profile image

      DChance 3 years ago

      I just can not seem to stand Rick. He is too bossy. Also, he seems to think about himself more then the group.

      I think that Lori was use to having Carl all to herself. When other people showed up. They must have told her what to do. When Rick comes back she is not sure what to do anymore.

    • profile image

      Hi 4 years ago

      Well now I'm happy they didn't kill carl. In season three I didn't mind him. And in season 4 he became badass

      However Lori didn't Change. Still it was good they didn't kill carl off

    • profile image

      zachL 4 years ago

      Damn do I love this post. The show is so frustrating and Lori and Carl Grimes are at the center of it. I dislike Lori not because of her sexual relationships with her husband and his best friend but because she is always so self-righteous and thinks that everybody has a duty to serve her needs. Absolutely hate it when she goes, "Glenn (Daryl, Shane, whoever) I NEED you to do this FOR ME" and gets furious when her "request" is turned down. Loved the scene where Maggie throws her abortion pills at her face.

    • pinkhub profile image

      pinkhub 5 years ago

      No problem kanizm. :)

    • kanizm profile image

      kanizm 5 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      "The best death scenario for Lori is that her baby is intended to be a stillborn but becomes a fetus walker and eats her from the inside out. Yay! Make me happy AMC."

      I really like that. I added this link on my blogger, I hope you do not mind.

    • pinkhub profile image

      pinkhub 5 years ago

      Thanks for commenting mpropp, I hope that new character Michonne can make the TV series more interesting.

    • mpropp profile image

      Melissa Propp 5 years ago from Minnesota

      I'm a loyal fan of the show, even though I haven't read any of the comics or graphic novels that this is based on. I don't think the tv series is following the original very closely, though. I even read that in the novels, Carl is the one that killed Shane--not Rick! At least that would give Carl a little bit less of an annoying factor. I totally agree with you though, it is really unrealistic that their whole family remains untouched while every single other character on the show has lost so much. I say take out both Lori and Carl--now that might make it interesting! Still, I'm sticking with the show and can't wait for the new season--guess I'm a sucker for zombies too....

    • pinkhub profile image

      pinkhub 5 years ago

      And worst wife, and least likely to get along with. She's not very good in any status she holds.

    • Jesterinchains profile image

      Jesterinchains 5 years ago from Virginia Beach, Virginia

      Seriously, I'd put Lori up for worst mom award.